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#27 Ryan Len, Founder & Design Director at The Workbench [Sunday Interviews]

Ryan Len is the Founder and Design Director of The Workbench, a Singapore-based graphic design studio, whose purpose is not to create the most beautiful designs, but to create solutions that enable their clients to become better versions of themselves. All the books mentioned in this episode can be found here:


#26 Armina Sîrbu's Journey: Building Successful Businesses by Learning how to Talk to People

Armina Sîrbu is a Romanian serial entrepreneur who started her first business when she was 18, and has 15 years of experience as a trainer. Listen to Theo interviewing Armina and you'll learn more about her entrepreneurial journey, how she sold her first company, how she hires and manages a remote team, fear of public speaking, and, of course, the books she'd recommend. For all the resources mentioned in the...


#25 Bogdan Lucaciu, Adore Me's CTO [Sunday Interviews]

Bogdan Lucaciu has been an entrepreneur for his entire adult life, a journey that started back in 2003 at System & Network Solutions (SNS) – a company specialized in programming and system / network administration. Five years later, Bogdan started a software development company, Sinapticode. In 2013, he merged Sinapticode into Adore Me, a company that challenges the status-quo of the lingerie market. For all the links mentioned in this...


#24 What Stuck With Us From “Made to Stick” [Book Club Talk]

In our new book-club talk we cover "Made to Stick", a book released more than 10 years ago and highly recommended by business leaders across various fields. Chip and Dan Heath analyze what makes certain ideas stick, and explain how we can use apply those lessons to make our own stories memorable. Here's what we learned from it...


#23 Stephen Lew, Director of The School of Positive Psychology [Sunday Interviews]

Stephen Lew is the Director of Training and Development of The School of Positive Psychology, a leading higher education and training facility based in Singapore. Find out more about the books that pivoted his journey towards personal development and human excellence, but also the ones he’d recommend to those who want to become better leaders. For all the links mentioned in this interview:


#22 Tudor Mihăilescu, Finance and Business Enablement Manager [Sunday Interviews]

This interview is a must-read for anyone interested in working and performing better in the finance field. We had the chance to talk to Tudor Mihăilescu, Finance and Business Enablement Manager at a top multinational corporation, over South East Europe Operations. Find out what books had an impact on his professional and personal life and the ones that would support every key role of a finance manager. For all the books mentioned in this interview:...


#21 Fabrice Grinda, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor [Sunday Interviews]

With over $300 million in exits and 300 angel investments, Fabrice Grinda is one of the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs and investors. He has served as CEO for three multinational companies and was as an early investor in Alibaba, Delivery Hero, BrightRoll and many others. Fabrice is currently investing in startups and building companies through FJ Labs, which he co-founded with Jose Martin. For all the links mentioned in this...


#20 From Paper to Screen: Are Movies as Good as the Books They're Based on?

Kings, Lords, Counts & Alchemists... can you guess our favorite fiction books? In today's episode you get to listen to us (Cristina, Theo, Vlad) talk about the fiction books that marked us at different moments in life, the movies that trump books they are based on, how you can apply in life & business what you learn from fiction, and many other related matters (we'll probably record a sequel). All the books mentioned in this...


#19 Andi Dumitrescu, Musician & Visual Artist [Sunday Interviews]

Andi Dumitrescu is a Romanian visual artist and musician, leader and co-founder of the folk-rock band Bucium. When he’s not busy creating music, Andi is working as a video producer, director and editor for ads, documentaries or music videos. Find out more about the books that left deep marks on Andi, helped him along his career path, and in what way are books similar to movies. All books mentioned in this episode:


#18 Can a 1936 Book Help You Win Friends and Influence People in 2018?

Can a 1936 book help you win friends and influence people in 2018? Of course, we’re talking about Dale Carnegie’s classic. What could we possibly dislike about a book that’s highly recommended by almost everyone and has been in the top best-selling nonfiction books of all time? You’ll just have to listen to our book-club talk / turned podcast episode and find out. All the links mentioned in this...


#17 Antonio Eram, CEO of NETOPIA mobilPay [Sunday Interviews]

Antonio Éram is a Romanian entrepreneur and angel investor, CEO and co-founder of NETOPIA mobilPay, always seeking new projects that can take the world by storm. Learn more about the books that helped him grow on both personal and professional levels, how he looks at past business failures and red flags he pays attention to when investing. All the books mentioned in this episode:


#16 The Amazing Journey of a Marketer: Irina Nica [Podcast Interview]

Podcast interview with Irina Nica - a driven marketer, specialized in influencer campaigns, content and SEO. Irina's currently living in Dublin, where she works as a Senior Marketing Manager at Hubspot. Listen to our talk and you'll find out more about her amazing journey as a marketer & the books that impacted her.


#15 Sunday Interviews - Marvin Liao, Partner at 500 Startups

Marvin is a Partner at the micro venture capital fund 500 Startups, running the accelerator program based in San Francisco, and investing in seed stage startups. Find out more about his passion for reading, the books that helped him, what red flags he’s looking out in entrepreneurs’ pitching process, and common bad advice in the startup industry. For all the links mentioned in this podcast:


#14 Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Read Business Biographies & Memoirs

A talk about the biographies and memoirs that influenced us, the team behind The CEO Library. Find out what books we read and recommend, what we learned from them, why we were disappointed by some, and how sports memoirs helped us (and our mental health) more than business literature.


#13 Interview with Stephen Lew, Director of The School of Positive Psychology

Stephen Lew is the Director of Training and Development of The School of Positive Psychology, a leading higher education and training facility based in Singapore. Find out more about the books that pivoted his journey towards personal development and human excellence, but also the ones he’d recommend to those who want to become better leaders. For all the links mentioned in this interview:


#12 Interview with Steve Benjamins: Confessions of an Entrepreneur & Musician

Steve Benjamins is a designer, software developer and musician living in Toronto. Steve runs Site Builder Report, the ultimate resource for choosing the best website builder. Listen to Cristina’s talk with Steve about his entrepreneurial journey, ethical challenges of monetizing through affiliate marketing, daily routines, how journaling brought clarity in his decision-making process, reasons why he didn’t want to make his music public - and how he overcame them. Links and info mentioned...


#11 WHY you should always start with WHY? [Book Club Talk]

Lots of entrepreneurs recommend the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek, so we were curious to understand why. We all read it and debated it in our book-club - turned into this podcast episode. Besides debating the ideas from this book, we also talked about our own WHYs: both personal and The CEO Library's WHY.


#10 The CEO Library Podcast in Review: What we Learned so far & Future plans

This week we have a special edition episode. Cristina and Vlad dissect all 9 episodes released every week for The CEO Library podcast. We're looking at how we improved, what feedback we received, and what were the most appreciated episodes. You'll also find out what to expect from now on: in what ways will the podcast change (or not) and what we're planning to focus on. We're continuously trying to improve this podcast, so we appreciate any feedback we receive!


#8 Just Launched: The 12-Month Reading Plan for Early Entrepreneurs

Bobby Voicu, our CEO and co-founder, created a 12-month reading plan for any early entrepreneur. In our new podcast episode we cover the reasons why he made it, what you can learn from it, and how to access it (spoiler alert: subscribe here: We also talked about The CEO Library newsletter - what we experimented with until now and what's our future strategy.


#7 Lessons Learned from The Lean Startup & How we Put them into Practice (Book Club Talk)

The Lean Startup, one of the most recommended books by entrepreneurs, is the subject of our latest book club talk. We believe that not sharing knowledge is a cardinal sin, and you’ll see this reflected in this episode. We (the four members of The CEO Library team) openly discuss what we learned from Eric Ries’ book, our experience of how we applied The Lean Startup methodology to our previous businesses, but also our thinking process for putting it into action at The CEO Library.


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