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Ep37 - Ric Ptak - Lets Talk about the Foreman

If you're an owner who finds yourself interacting with the floor what you think is too much and, because you're interacting with the floor too much it's pulling you away from office operations, it's pulling you away from focusing on new sales, new deals, profitability, all the things in operations, doing the right kind of purchases, if you find yourself in that situation, I think this podcast episode is going to be one you find very interesting.


Ep36 - Peter Mate - Software is Expensive- Why use it

Software isn’t just for a certain type of business; it can help any business. Today, we sit down with Peter Mate, software expert, who tells us just how we can find the right software for our business.


Ep35 - Spencer Powell - How to use inbound marketing to double your website conversion rates

Inbound sales marketing. Website design. Professional photography. You may be wondering how these things have anything to do with your woodworking business, but it’s really straightforward. You need a website. Not just a website, a good website that is a showcase for your work as well as somewhere for people to learn about you and what you do. In this episode, we talk about what makes a good website and how you can get others interested in your business and what you have to offer through...


Ep34 - Markus Raves - Green Innovations in Cabinet Making

This week we have Markus Raves, he worked on the supply side of the woodworking industry, making things like edge banding, and things on the plastic extrusion side. But, we're gonna be talking about green innovations in woodworking with Markus Raves. So stay tuned. Let's see what he's got to say. And I know one of the questions I'm gonna ask him is what is the difference between European style craftsmen and North American. See where he takes that question.


Ep33 - Finally! How to Win the bids you want as a commercial sub-trade

Bidding is the most important game you’ll ever play as the owner of a trades business. It’s one of the biggest impacts you can have on your business. Making the right bids and winning the right jobs will give you more time and less headache as you work with the things you love. In this episode, you will finally be getting the inside scoop on how you can win the bids you want.


Ep32 - Devon Tilly - The Art of Construction

Devon Tilley, host of Art of Construction, joins us today to talk about just how important a sense of community is to making those massive moves that take your business from an idea to a reality. Devon is full of personality and loves what he does, as he speaks about just how he created an environment in which he could thrive.


Ep31 - Mark Raffan - How to Win Commercial Bids

We all know how bidding works...or do we? This week’s episode we talk to Mark Raffan, the Negotiation Ninja, who will break down the bidding process from both sides to help you understand how to place a bid and get better results when it comes down to the jobs you want.


Ep30 - Ankit Sharma - How Huddle works in a high performing company

If you could have a meeting that was to the point, full of empathy, company culture, involved your whole team entirely, and only lasted about 15 minutes, you would think I’m crazy, right? Wrong! Ankit Sharma has it figured out with his meeting strategy called “the huddle” where he accomplishes all that and more.


Ep29 - Dominic Rubino - 8 mistakes for selling to homeowners

There are 8 common mistakes that may be keeping you from making that sale. Whether it’s showing up late or not asking for the sale, mistakes big or small can be fixed as soon as you’re aware of them. This episode, we’ll be talking about these mistakes and just how you can fix them ASAP.


Ep28 - Spencer Sheinin - 3 Reasons our finances are in crisis

As woodworkers, we take raw products and create a finished one. Spencer Sheinin manufactured skincare products. How does this relate? Manufacturing and money. Spencer, as an accountant, knows some things about the financial side of manufacturing that you don’t want to miss out on.


Ep27 - Patrick Ellis - How Gretzky launched my business

Patrick Ellis is super passionate about sake. He’s no craftsman, but he is a businessman who know just how to take things to the next level through listening and implementing. You're gonna be entertained just as much as you're gonna be informed and educated in this episode where we sit down and talk about everything from lean to your family business and most importantly, how to take your business further.


Ep26 - KWAME Christian - How to Negotiate Anything

KWAME Christian from Negotiate Anything Podcast joins us to share some valuable information on how to give and get what we need from a negotiation. When it comes down to it, negotiation is all about knowing when to talk and what to say. With the right questions and the right respect, you may just find the right answers and the deal you’re looking for.


Ep25 - Jeremy Reinbolt - How to have the tough convos about Wills and Estates

Prepare your business for tomorrow today. “The future” isn’t as far away as it may seem which may be tough to think or talk about. This is why it’s important for you to face the facts and start thinking, planning, and talking about the steps you’ll take to keep your business in the best shape for the days to come. Come sit down with Jeremy Reinbolt and myself as he gives you the tips you need to profit from tomorrow.


Ep23 - Mark Graban - Lean Manufacturing put me in the Hospital

Today, we’re learning things from a new angle. I spoke with Mark Graban, an expert in lean manufacturing. As a hospital specialist, Mark has always been focused on culture change, leadership, and getting everyone to participate in continuous improvement.


Ep22 - Evan Dunstone - WOODDUST Australia Show

WoodDust was created for people like you, and me, and everyone for that matter. I talked to Evan Dunstone about his event down in Australia, WoodDust, where people of all sorts come together to enjoy woodworking, from technical to art to everything in between. This truly is showing woodworking as an experience. Did I mention the wonderful guests that will be there? There will be a lot. There is so much happening that it would be a shame to miss. For more information, visit...


Ep21- Simple agenda for Finance and Forecast Meetings

We all have to deal with the numbers sometime or another. It’s best for everyone, including your business, that there’s a rhyme and reason for everything that happens behind the closed doors of your finance and forecast meetings. I’ve made it simple and explain everything you need to know about getting straight to the point and holding the attention of the small circle in your room to always stay focused on the numbers.


Ep20 - Paul Akers - How this CabinetMaker makes LEAN his life

The work is getting done, but how much time, money, and resources are we spending on the work that isn’t getting done? In this episode, Paul Akers talks to us about Lean. Lean is a simple concept about finding better ways to do things. This will help reduce waste in your business. Reduced waste equals more energy spent on the things that matter. The things that are making you, your business, and your guys money. All it takes is re-assessing and re-thinking the way you do things.


Ep19 - Buck Joffrey - How to Create Repeat Wealth as a Business Owner

We make money, we spend money. That’s the way things go. The real question is how do we spend money wisely? And how do we get our money to make us more money? I sit down with Buck Joffrey in this episode to talk about who, what, and where to invest your hard-earned money.


Ep18 - Evan Dunstone - Running a Fine Woodwork Business

Evan Dunstone, a custom chairmaker from Australia, believes that woodworking is an experience from creation all the way to the end of his piece’s life. Every chair Evan makes, he knows will bring an extra special piece into someone’s life that will be a part of making memories, providing comfort, and simply being a beautiful part of someone’s home. We talk about everything from the art of woodworking to the importance of bookkeeping when running a successful business. For more stories...


Ep17 - Ryan Yurek - The Blueprint of a Family Business

I sit down with Ryan Yurek, owner of First Choice Millwork to talk about working in a family business, succession planning and the different methods he implements from self-help books to creating systems to keep his business running perfectly.