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Carmen Murray is the founder of Carmen Murray Communications - a leading Modern Marketing Business that provides a number of initiatives to ensure businesses become Future Fit™. She is a marketing activist and torchbearer for Diversity and Inclusion and was recently recognised by Meltwater as the top Women in Tech, Africa, 2019. She received the most prestigious award, a Black Pixel, IAB Bookmarks 2019 for her best individual contribution to Digital, Africa 2019.


Johannesburg, South Africa


Carmen Murray is the founder of Carmen Murray Communications - a leading Modern Marketing Business that provides a number of initiatives to ensure businesses become Future Fit™. She is a marketing activist and torchbearer for Diversity and Inclusion and was recently recognised by Meltwater as the top Women in Tech, Africa, 2019. She received the most prestigious award, a Black Pixel, IAB Bookmarks 2019 for her best individual contribution to Digital, Africa 2019.






Carmen on Carte Blanche

Carmen talks Kids Online Whether your child wants to become an online star or simply wishes to share content with close family and friends - the risks of an online presence are undeniable. But in a connected world, it's near impossible to shield your child from social media. Digital analyst and content strategist, Carmen Murray, gives us a few tips on creating a safer online environment for the young ones.


#097 Change your fate with systems thinking | Tebogo Mekgoe

How you can solve problems by putting yourself in the middle of complexity. Grab yourself a cuppa coffee and learn from South Africa's best system thinkers and strategists. How can you change your business fate by applying systems thinking? In this episode: Systems Thinker and Strategist, Tebogo Mekgoe shares his insights on how systems thinking requires mastery over victory. When you deal with complex problems, can you put yourself in the middle of the problem; or do you remove...


#096 OH Sh!t... Is Marketing in trouble? | Matthew Barnes

Is marketing and creativity colliding with society? The truth... Believe it or not, I tried for over 3 years to bring you this episode! Matthew Barnes is one of Africa's most talented creative directors. We met at a pitch - blah blah, fast forward, we became friends because of our passion for our industry (Marketing, Advertising, and Creativity). As a passionate marketer and netnographer, I started doing research on the state of marketing and creativity, and something did not sit well...


#095 Marketing Myopia: Deadliest sin of Leadership

Ironic? How we become old fashioned marketers in modern times.Shortsighted! Guests in this episode: Prof Marius Wait University of Johannesburg (UJ) Dr. Beate Mulder-Stiehler (UJ) Prof. Mornay Roberts-Lombard(UJ) Why did we put the theory of Marketing Myopia to bed? Why are we not drilling this into the way we lead with synergy? What is preventing us from becoming marketing visionaries? Marketing Myopia was expressed in 1960 by Theodore Levitt in the Harvard Business Review. He...


#094 The Great Resignation is the least of our concerns! | Bronwyn Williams

Are you ready for Web 3? Can you afford the Mass Exit? Guest: Bronwyn Williams (Economist, Trend Analyst, Futurist, Author) In this episode: Futurist, Economist and Author, Bronwyn Williams shares her views on the rise of "The Great Resignation" and unpacks the cultural shifts. This is the next frontier of the hybrid culture. Are we ready as a society to adapt to the new reality that awaits ( Web 3)? Do we have the resilience to rise above the new world order? Grab a cup of...


#093 Askida Ekmek - The hook of kindness | Fuat Guven

Hospitality Executive Fuat Guven shares his cultural wisdom as he unpacks the ancient tradition of Turkey, Askida Ekmek. Fuat further reveals the importance of kindness and resilience of the Turkish culture and the lessons we can learn from each other. Grab a cup of something. Loosen up and join this casual conversation with host Carmen Murray, the catalyst of curious conversations as she and Fuat travel to Turkey. About Carmen Murray Communications: Headed by Founder Carmen...


#092 Genoeg! For the love of people, change your culture! | Chantel Botha

Your values are on a wall in an unoccupied building. Now what? Today, Chantel Botha (CEO of Brand Love and Brand Warrior) brings her flamboyant personality and wise soul to share the years of cultural wisdom to shine a spotlight on what needs to happen to make "work happen" in the hybrid world. No BS, Facts! Managing Director at BrandLove | They are obsessed with making your brand loved and creating Brand Warriors get war-ready (Sorry, new world ready) Grab a cup of something....


#091 Get Ready For a Meta First World | Faith Popcorn

The future of metaverse and the importance of early adopters. Are you ready to escape the real world and join us in the metaverse? Faith Popcorn, the world-renowned futurist and CEO of BrainReserve. Also nicknamed the Nostradamus of Marketing because of her 95% accuracy in predicting the future sits down with Carmen Murray to discuss the meta first world. Do you want the metaverse explained or want to understand why we need the metaverse? Are you interested to know if Facebook made the...


#090 Who is John Steenhuizen? Could the DA have digital presence crisis?

Just how do young people see political leaders? Who is John Steenhuizen? Could the DA be in trouble? Political parties have all started their campaigns ahead of the November municipal elections. And while the IEC is pleased with the number of voters who've registered, there is concern about the number of new voters. Just how do young people see political leaders? To unpack this, #eNCA speaks to Carmen Murray, a digital and content specialist. Courtesy #DStv403 About eNCA host: Host...


#089 eNCA Discussion | Elections and the digital space

What is happening online for the upcoming elections? Tumelo Mothotoane (TV personality and media entrepreneur) ;Carmen Murray (Digital Analyst, Podcaster, Entrepreneur) With the Local Government Elections (South Africa) looming, political parties are moving to online platforms to win your vote. Digital Analyst, Carmen Murray, speaks about the ANC’s digital presence. Courtesy #DStv403 Tumelo Mothotoane is a South African TV personality and media entrepreneur. ... She is the Founder...


#088 Netnography - Social and Search Listening

Clement Manyathe (Talk 702) Interviews Carmen Murray Talk 702's Clement Manyathela is joined by Carmen Murray, Digital Analyst and Content Specialist to help us understand Netnography in the context of the upcoming municipal collections. In this episode, Carmen Murray explains Netnography and how the observations are being analyzed for the various leading political parties. About Clement Manyathela (Talk 702): Clement Manyathela hails from a village called Vaalbank in Mpumalanga....


#087 Numerology | Your life speaks to you in numbers | Sandy Smith and Debbie McGregor

Renowned Numerologist who predicated 9/11 & Covid reads a guest Guests: Sandy Smith (Sandy Numerology) and Debbie McGregor What is Numerology? Is it used to determine a person's personality, strengths and talents, obstacles to overcome, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. In this episode: renowned Numerologist, Sandy Smith, who predicted everything from terrorist attacks, pandemics to sport matches, shares her story of becoming a numerologist. We invite...


#086 Lockdown Futures, Spotlights and Shadows | Graeme Codrington

Upgrade your thinking and discover how you can pivot during Covid Graeme Codrington (Futurist, Author, Presenter) Navigating the future You will sit at the edge of your seat. Your jaw will drop to the floor as you learn about the impact of Covid behind the scenes of businesses, entrepreneurs, and the youth. Surprisingly, opportunities are available for you to pivot, but we can't ignore the shadows. Grab a cup of something. Loosen up and join this encouraging conversation with...


#085 The Resurrection of a Zulu Princess | Toya Delazy

Zulu Princess, Toya Delazy opens up about her life and mental health. It's not every day you get to interview royalty! In this episode, Toya Delazy, a Zulu Princess (Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi) from South Africa shares her story of being raised in royalty, polarisation, culture, mental health, and how she became the pop princess. Toya made the decision to live and express her authentic self through music and to extend her African footprint across the globe. She is a singer,...


#084 MENtHERship works both ways

The mentor mentality: Let's do this together. Only way we learn. Guests in this episode: Arnaud Collery (French Actor, Comedian, Filmmaker, renowned TedxSpeaker, Happiness Coach) Glen Sampson Luvuyo Pangwa Grab a coffee and join this fascinating vulnerable conversation with host Carmen Murray and Arnaud Collery, a multifaceted coach, entertainer, emcee, comedian, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and innovator. He is known as a catalyst for personal and organizational change - the world's...


#083 African Storytelling is where it all began | Frans van der Colff

African history has been passed through generations through stories. Frans van der Colff (African expert, Faculty and Fellow at Henley Business School) If there is one thing we love in Africa, it's a good story next to a fireside. We don't have a crackling fire, but we have incredible stories of wisdom and history to share with you. You would be surprised to learn how many business principles are informed by the ancestors of Africa. Storytelling connects the human race and helps us to...


#082 How to do Research during a Pandemic | Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder

Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in research design during a pandemic Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder (Senior Lecturer, Marketing Specialist and Researcher at UJ) Curiosity gets the better of Carmen Murray as she chats to Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder about the emerging trends in research. The pandemic disrupted research and whilst it is necessary to combat the worldwide pandemic, we are still required to leverage research to apply critical thinking to solve complex problems. Dr Beate...


#081 Chef to Billionaire | Antonio Iozzo

What's the mindset of a billionaire? Antonio Iozzo (CEO of Insurance Underwriting Managers & Body Action Gym) In this informative episode, Carmen Murray chats to Antonio Iozzo, a self-made billionaire, about his journey and how he is planning to rattle the cages in the eye of the storm. Antonio Iozzo, CEO of Insurance Underwriting Managers, has become a household name in Johannesburg business circles in recent years. His features in various publications, front-page exposure in...


#080 Why the voyage beyond earth could bring hope to humanity? | Dr. Adriana Marais

Our profit-driven consumerist culture recklessly plunders Earth’s resources. Dr. Adriana Marais (founder Proudly Human) Join this fascinating, "off-world" conversation with host Carmen Murray and Dr. Adriana Marais, founder of Proudly Human and previously one of the 100 astronaut finalists with the Mars One Project. This conversation travels from Earth, The Moon, Mars, and beyond to create a better tomorrow for the future generation. Humanity faces the greatest challenge and...


#079 Are Doctors Neglecting their Practices? | Dr Peter Cruse and David Maclean

Healthcare is changing. Are Doctors future-proofing their practices? Guests: David Maclean (Henley Business School) Dr Peter Cruse (Former medical doctor and Professor of Anatomical Pathology) In this informative, comprehensive and interactive episode, Carmen Murray chats to Dr Peter Cruse and David Maclean about the rapid changes and challenges the healthcare industry faces to develop future-fit practices, especially during a pandemic. Some of these challenges include data...