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EP 101: False Success: Lessons from Birthing a Cash Practice and a Baby at the Same Time with Dr. Julie Sergent

Don’t believe the lie that you can’t be an entrepreneur and active family person at the same time. Today, Dr. Julie Sergent joins Aaron as she busts that myth and tells all on how she juggles career and motherhood -- and does an awesome job at both. She is the founder and owner of Sergent Wellness, which offers both physical therapy and personal training. Dr. Sergent shares the challenges she encountered in transitioning from being an employee to becoming a businessperson, all while having a...


EP 100: 8 Important Business Lessons from 100 Episodes of The CashPT Lunch Hour

It’s the 100th episode of the CashPT Lunch Hour! Join Aaron in this landmark episode where he shares everything he’s learned in hundreds of hours and dozens of interviews on the show. You’ll get tips on structuring, scaling, and growing your business so that you can make more impact -- not just with patients, but with fellow physical therapists. Tune in to hear all the game-changing insights Aaron’s gotten over the years from interviewing PTs, other health professionals, and business...


EP 099: The Secret Formula for Female Entrepreneurs with Jessica Drummond

Who runs the world? GIRLS! In this episode, Aaron is joined by Jessica Drummond, the founder and CEO of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, which helps empower women who suffer from pelvic health conditions. She is a licensed physical therapist, a certified functional nutritionist, and a certified health coach who is currently finishing her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Tune in to hear Jessica Drummond share her secret formulas starting a...


EP 098: Secrets to Building Your Personal Brand and Creating Authority on Instagram with Ryan Magin

In this episode, Aaron LeBauer sits down with Ryan Magin to give you the lowdown on how you can create your personal brand and make money out of it. Ryan fondly refers to himself as the Internet Advocate for Skinny Jeans. He is a serial internet entrepreneur, a master of YouTube and Instagram, and a website arbiter. His business journey started in 2003 when he was working at Lowe's and racing BMX. After seeing a need in the racing world, he started selling training videos to fund the...


EP 097: Homeless to 7-Figure Business Owner with Tom Miller of Lifelight Fitness

How do you go from sitting in federal prison and addicted to drugs to running a seven-figure business in only a few years? After turning his back on a lifelong passion for fitness in favor of drugs and alcohol, Tom Miller did two stints in prison that left him homeless and deeper in his addiction than ever. Now, with the help of some tough love and soul searching, Tom is the owner of Lifelight Fitness, a million-dollar gym dedicated to taking a holistic approach to fitness and paying their...


EP 096: Trigger Point Dry Needling as Your Niche or Just Part of Your Clinical Toolbox with Paul Killoren

What’s the most powerful, immediate reset tool you can use in your PT practice? Trigger point dry needling is a great way to help your patients start to release pain and increase performance. When Paul Killoren opened a cash practice where he offered dry needling, he accidentally found himself in a high-demand niche. Now he’s one of the clinicians behind iDryNeedle, a company of transformative leaders in movement health who provide innovative and quality products specifically for physical...


EP 095: Solving the Chronic Pain & Opioid Epidemic in a Thriving Cash Practice with Jim Heafner

One of the primary benefits of starting a cash-based clinic is the freedom to practice in the way that you feel will best serve your patients. For Jim Heafner, that means focusing on stellar client experience and taking a holistic approach to treatment. Jim is the owner and lead PT at cash-based Heafner Health in Boulder, Colorado. When he’s not healing someone hands-on, he’s educating; Jim has written three books and is the author of the Student Physical Therapist blog, which attracts more...


EP 094: Managing & Mentoring Clinical Staff to Grow Your Physio Business with Darryl Yardley

No matter how much clinical training you got in school, you likely left unprepared for the nuance of patient care and private practice. Through his Mentorship Bootcamp, Darryl Yardley helps physiotherapists, from recent graduates to practice owners, develop the Business Acumen Mindset and avoid the trap of neglecting the patient experience. He joins Aaron in this episode to explain the primary components of good client management, and how to encourage your employees to take ownership over...


EP 093: Ninja Marketing Strategies for Physical Therapy Clinics with Jordan Mather

How are you supposed to build an effective marketing strategy you don’t know how to build an ad, you don’t know who to target, and you have no idea where to start? Jordan Mather is the co-founder of PT MISFITS: Marketing Innovation, Sales Funnels, and Information Technology for Physical Therapists. PT MISFITS helps clinics implement comprehensive promotion strategies, from developing Facebook ads to creating a high-ROI referral system. In this episode, he walks Aaron through the exact steps...


EP 092: Go All in for Success in Business and as a Sports Performance PT with Mike Reinold

How do you marry multiple passions to create a thriving cash-based clinic and education business? Mike Reinold is a PT and baseball fanatic who landed his dream job treating the Boston Red Sox before he was thirty. Today he’s the owner of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, a gym and clinic getting Mike closer to his new dream of a four-day workweek. He’s still dedicated to helping athletes level up their performance and get back to their sport after injury, but with Champion, he’s...


EP 091: "The CashPT Blueprint" Exclusive Audiobook Reading: The Cash-Based Mindset

Starting your own cash-based practice can feel impossible when you don’t have a clear path to success and the mindset to match. This episode is an exclusive reading of the first two chapters of Aaron’s brand new book, The CashPT Blueprint. In Chapter one, you’ll hear about the anatomy of Aaron’s practice, from the equipment he uses to the types of patients he treats. In chapter two, Aaron digs into the components of the CashPT mindset, from understanding your value to positioning yourself as...


EP 090: Get Over Yourself & Change Your Mindset to Achieve Massive Success with Ryan Obernesser

Massive success doesn't come from staying comfortable and being a victim to your circumstances. Ryan Obernesser was a scared, anxious kid who found himself fresh out of school, dealing with heartbreak, and having to move home in the middle of the night to a town Forbes has called one of the worst places in the country to start a business. A few years later, he’s running a six-figure per month gym in that city and is teaching other fitness pros to do the same. He sits down with Aaron in this...


EP 089: How Rob Grupe Overcame Opioid Addiction and 7 Years in Jail to Become a Massively Successful CrossFit Gym Owner and Coach

How do you go from a $300 per day drug addiction and a 20-year prison sentence to being a successful gym owner and coach? Rob Grupe is the owner of Twice Bitten CrossFit, a gym dedicated to leveling up clients’ fitness and mindset. Rob has been through his fair share of adversity, and rather than taking the easy way out by playing as a victim, he’s taken ownership and is channeling those lessons into transforming lives. He’s created a culture of trust by being vulnerable about his own story...


EP 088: "The CashPT Blueprint" Exclusive Audiobook Reading: The Entrepreneur Mindset

Channeling the entrepreneur mindset can be difficult for a first-time business person, but it’s paramount to your success as a cash practice owner. Luckily, Aaron has laid out exactly how to tap into it in his brand-new book that you can get right now for FREE -- just pay shipping and handling. In this audiobook reading, he gives you an exclusive sneak peek into The CashPT Blueprint, the #1 resource for building and scaling your cash-based clinic. You’ll hear how to create a high-converting...


EP 087: Sarah Duvall Sold Her Cash Practice to Help Millions Online with Pelvic Pain

One of the benefits of running a cash practice is the flexibility you have in running your own business: you decide how many patients you treat, the hours you work, and the price you charge. But what if you want more? Sarah Duvall is a physical therapist who found herself frustrated at the lack of accurate information available when she was trying to alleviate her own pelvic pain. After selling her second cash practice, she focused her energy on educating as many people as possible, and now...


EP 086: The Hidden Success to Scale a Pelvic Health Cash Practice with Nicole Cozean

Unfortunately for patients and new physical therapists, the same mindset that convinces PTs to rely on insurance tells them that they need a physician’s permission to treat anyone. Nicole Cozean is a pelvic PT who left the hospital bureaucracy to open her cash practice and challenge the misconceptions that are keeping PTs from their full potential and patients from better treatment. Three years later, she runs a clinic with five PTs and has built a culture that allows them to see their...


EP 085: Failproof Your Cash Practice with Elizabeth Wergin

When you’re stuck in the PT mill, it can be hard to believe that there’s a better way to practice. Elizabeth Wergin found herself at a crossroads last year after a decade in physical therapy: she could walk away from the field she loved or she could take the leap into opening her own clinic. One year after launching, she’s doubled her rates, is working on her own wellness collaborative and is healing patients on her own terms. In this episode, she joins Aaron to tell you how she did it....


EP 084: Selling Physical Therapy by Asking the Right Questions

How can you immediately get better at sales and generate more income for your cash PT business? All it takes is asking the right questions. In this episode, Aaron shares the top five questions you must be asking potential patients. They’ll stop you from feeling sales-y and explaining your value to people by leading them to see the value themselves. You’ll also get some bonus questions to help you close, techniques for dealing with objections, and instructions for getting exact scripts you...


EP 083: Using Workshops to Grow Your PT Clinic from the Ground Up with Derek Nielsen

What’s the number one way to get patients into a new cash-based PT practice? Derek Nielsen leveraged the power of community in his first year as a business owner and is already on track to hit six figures in year two. In this episode, he joins Aaron to tell you how he did it. He shares how he booked and delivered valuable workshops with other health-based businesses to generate leads without spending a dime. You’ll also hear about his other successful marketing tactics and the tactics that...


EP 082: Secrets of Starting a Brand New Cash Practice with Tyler Shelton

What do you need to do to launch your cash practice in the next year? Tyler Shelton is finishing up his CashPT residency and is gearing up to open his practice in the coming weeks. He joins Aaron in this episode to share exactly what he’s done since starting work on his business six months ago. You’ll hear what’s gone into his clinical space, the tech he’s using, how he plans to drive traffic to his new website, and why you need a mentor ASAP. You’ll also hear the advice he wishes he’d taken...