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EP 056: Are you leaving money on the table? Get More Revenue From Membership Programs with Irene Diamond, Founder of Diamond Wellness Center

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron talks with Irene Diamond. Irene developed Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT). Irene got her degree in rehab therapy after she broke her neck at the age of 15 falling off the shoulders of her acrobatic partner and was in complete paralysis. In her practice, Irene helps her patients understand that they can not guarantee the will be 100% by the time they are finished with their sessions, but that her practice makes it very clear on what they can...


EP 055: Good Debt or Bad Debt, Exactly How to Pay Off Your School Loans, Protect Your Assets, Invest in Your Future with Will Butler

More often than not, the root cause of our stress and pain is money. Will Butler specializes in helping people manage stress and pain by managing their finances. Will is a physical therapist turned financial advisor. On today’s episode, Aaron and Will delve into the topic of good debt, bad debt, and how to handle it. You’ll learn, among other things, where and how to start investing even if you still have debt. “You can’t plan a successful business when you’re letting the debt dictate...


EP 054: Eliminate Your Competition and Grow Your Business Using Strategic Networking with Kevin DeGroot

Having a niche allows you to be successful even when there are other clinics vying for the same customers. Learn how to develop your niche on today’s episode featuring Kevin DeGroot. Owner of TZero Physio and the Triathlon Injury Support Group, Kevin shares how he developed his niche and why you should do the same. Join Aaron and Kevin as they discuss how your niche will not only help your business but could help other people’s businesses as well! Catch more on how to be successful in your...


EP 053: Improving Pain, Power, Performance & Your Income with Nicole Coleman Women's Health & Pelvic Physical Therapist

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron talks with Nicole Coleman, a Pelvic and Core physical therapist. Aaron and Nicole talk about, not only the core and pelvic muscles and how to strengthen them, but also how the pelvic and core muscle could be the cause of other pains throughout the body. “If we can’t get down to the core of the issue, you’re not going to see the improved outcome.” -Nicole Coleman What do you want to hear from the CashPT Lunch Hour? Tell us...


EP 052: An Inside Look at What’s Working in My Physical Therapy Business, Sneak Peak with My Customer Care Specialist, Amber Harris

Today, we talk to CashPT Customer Care Specialist, Amber Harris. Hear about Amber’s experience as a part of the team working with customers. She has learned how to help patients realize the value of physical therapy and accomplish their goals. Tune in to hear some of the customer service sides of a physical therapy clinic. Learn how showing care adds a special element to your business. “What physical therapy gives you is the ability to live your best life.” -Amber Harris What do you...


EP 051: The Mindset & Habits of Young Successful PT School Grads with Tyler Shelton

You can learn a lot from internships and residencies. Join Aaron as he talks with CashPT Residency Physical Therapist Tyler Shelton. Hear about Tyler’s development through multiple internships as he learned to identify some of the ways he fit in the physical therapy field. From experience with no-shows to raising rates, Tyler gives incredible insight into the lessons he learned along his PT career. Listen in to learn more from his learning experience with CashPT. “The thing that we offer...


EP 050: Burnout in Physical Therapy and Why Starting Your Own Practice Is Not Always the Answer with TaVona Boggs

Are you having a hard time figuring out what you want to do or where you want to be? Today, TaVona Boggs's shares her story about coming to the realization that she had to hand in her 30-day notice and try something different. She'll talk about the 5 Why’s you need to ask yourself to figure out what you want to become and some tips for addressing burnouts. Tune in, her message might just be what you need to hear to find the courage to take the leap. “No circumstance or situation has to...


EP 049: The Power of Raising Your Rates in Your Physical Therapy Practice with Victoria Liu

Opening a practice does not guarantee a PT’s success. Whatever you face in your journey, you have to face it with guts, determination, and the willingness to learn along the way. Tune in as today’s guest, Victoria Liu walks us through the challenges and difficulties she’s faced in starting her own PT business and her advice to people who are still staying in their comfort zones. “You just got to jump, you just got to do it.” - Victoria Liu What do you want to hear from the CashPT...


EP 048: Never Lose Another New Patient AGAIN: A Marketing and Sales Masterclass with Vince Del Monte

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron interviews Vince Del Monte, a personal trainer and business coach from Toronto, Canada who helps professionals create online courses and the author of "No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain." Aaron and Vince explore the ins and outs of selling to people, and how to encourage them to get the help they need. You’ll learn tons of valuable information from Vince’s insights and the proof that increased his social...


EP 047: Multiply Your Revenue Using This One Simple Test All Physical Therapists Should Use with Cameron Garber

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron sits down with Cameron Garber, a physical therapist who owns Body Smart PT in Utah, and specializes in metabolic testing. Aaron and Cameron discuss the ups and downs of Cameron’s journey to being an entrepreneur while having a family and buying a cash-based physical therapy business. Listen closely to Cameron’s advice about building a pre-owned business and some great marketing tools. Tune in and soak up all this knowledge, thanks to...


EP 046: The Biggest Challenges Physical Therapists Have When Scaling (and how to solve them!) with Paul Wright

How much money are you letting walk out the door? Join Aaron on this episode of the Cash PT Lunch Hour as he sits down with Paul Wright. Paul and Aaron discuss key principles healthcare business owners must understand. Plus stay tuned as Paul shares a valuable new client system he has all of his clients implement in their practice. This one system alone will be sure to increase your bottom line by 30%! “Build your business as if you are going to replicate it.” -Paul Wright What do...


EP 045: Proven Marketing Tips To Grow Your Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice and Important Mistakes to Avoid, with Greg Schaible

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron talks with Greg Schaible (DPT, CSCS), owner of On Track Physiotherapy and Owner of the online educational resource for sports and orthopedic clinician's Sports Rehab Expert. Aaron and Greg, dive into the best and worst marketing strategies Greg’s tested over the last 5 years to grow his cash-based physical therapy practice. You’ll save yourself a lot of time by listening to Greg’s insights about what’s worked and what’s not for both in his...


EP 044: Investing in Your Community to Grow and Scale Your Niche Physical Therapy Clinic with Kevin Schmidt of PedalPT

Have you ever considered niching down your clinic? Tune in today to find out how Kevin Schmidt, PT, MSPT, CMP, Bike PT established Pedal PT, a practice geared towards cyclists. Kevin shares how he started his practice and some unique local marketing strategies he uses to reach out to the community. Plus, stay tuned to find out how Kevin is franchising his business. “As a bike niche practice...a lot of the people that we see initially as competition as business owners and clinic owners...


EP 043: Expert Secrets to Maximize Your Time from Serial Health Entrepreneur & Chiropractor Ryan DeBell

On today’s episode of the CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron sits down with Ryan DeBell, a serial health entrepreneur and founder of Movement Fix. Join us as Ryan shares how he is able to consistently move forward and achieve success in business. Make sure to stay tuned to hear some of Ryan’s key tips on marketing and how to maximize your time. “If you really know your beliefs, then you understand that everything is a tool, not an identity.” -Ryan DeBell What do you want to hear from the CashPT...


EP 042: The Physical Therapy Entrepreneur Mindset with Aaron LeBauer

Having a successful PT practice takes more than clinical expertise. Join Aaron’s PT bootcamp to understand the business aspect behind running a successful PT practice. On this episode, Aaron unloads valuable tips from developing a PT entrepreneurial mindset to simply getting shit done, and everything in between. Don’t miss this episode. “Entrepreneurs don’t do everything themselves.” -Aaron LeBauer Book a strategy call with Aaron by going here! What do you want to hear from the...


EP 041: The Secret to Scaling a Pilates and Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice with Christa Gurka

Christa Gurka, physical therapist and founder of Pilates in the Grove drops in to share how continually looking for opportunities landed her in the Pilates space. Now highly sought after in the South Florida market, Aaron and Christa discuss knowing when to transition from independent contractors to employees, partnerships vs sole proprietorships, knowing how to motivate those working with you, investing in yourself and much more. Don’t miss this episode, the energy is contagious and will...


EP 040: Launching a Physical Therapy Cash Practice - The CashPT Residency with Derek Nielsen Part 2

Not wanting the traditional treatment model Derek Nielsen sought Aaron out for his knowledge and training. Today, now an owner of Kaizen PT, Derek shares his learnings, provides a glimpse into how he will grow his business and a peek into his ultimate plan. Tune in for another episode that shows why you should start Aaron’s program today. “You have to learn business and figure out how [you’re] going to get patients through the door .” -Dr. Derek Nielsen What do you want to hear from...


EP 039: Key Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing and Business Lessons Learned from 10 Years in the Business with Derek Nielsen and Aaron LeBauer

Don’t miss this episode, the tables are turned. Before Derek Nielsen, PT sets out to start his own practice in six weeks, he interviews Aaron to get the scoop and Aaron gives it all away. Aaron provides strategies and tactics to tackle ways to convert a lead into a new patient, create a sense of urgency, form verbiage that speaks directly to consumers, money matters and the list continues. Whether you’ve been in private practice for many years or just starting out there is value in this...


EP 038: Creating Passive Income in Contract Physical Therapy—The CashPT Lunch Hour with Bert De Vera

No insurance companies, little to no overhead, who wants to sign up? Bert De Vera, PT and founder of the REHABpreneur training program reveals his business model and how he’s built a business structure that allows him to avoid insurance companies while still getting paid and taking care of patients. This system is not traditional, yet it's flexible and oh so profitable. Join the conversation to start building your way to the future you want as soon as you click play. “If you want to give...


EP 037: Generate Leads from Your Website for Your Physical Therapy Practice with Christine Walker [CashPT Cribs Edition]

Christine Walker, PT, website guru, marketing strategist and private owner of a cash-paying Physical Therapy practice gives away secrets to create a business-building website on today’s episode. These secrets include media marketing strategies, information that may be overlooked but needed on your site and tactics that will generate “the right” business leads. If you’re thinking, I’m not tech savvy, my website is useless, or simply need to spruce up your site, then tune in. Christine...