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EP 124: On Pace to 7 Figures as a New Grad Cash Practice Owner with Ben Bagge

Cash-based practice isn’t for everyone. Even if you have the necessary physical therapy background, you still need the drive, confidence, and business knowledge to do it successfully. In today’s episode, Aaron is joined by a young physical therapist who was successful in opening his own cash-based clinic right after graduating from PT school. Along with being a physical therapist, Ben Bagge is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, USA weightlifting coach, and the owner of...


EP 123: Going All in With Instagram to Grow Your Pelvic PT Practice with Jessica Warnecke

Most people who seek physical therapy have either shoulder or back pain. Many are not aware that some of their discomfort can be alleviated through pelvic floor therapy. Today’s guest is the founder of PACE Physical Therapy, which specializes in orthopedic, sports, and women’s health pelvic floor therapy. Jessica Warnecke joins Aaron as they touch on the details of what pelvic floor therapy entails and why it is not a popular field of practice. They also delve into marketing strategies that...


EP 122: Essential Cash Practice Questions Not Answered by Physical Therapy Schools

In today’s episode, the host of the show has become the guest. Joining Aaron is a second-year physical therapy student, Emily Pickup. She asks Aaron to teach her the ropes of making a business out of a career in physical therapy. They talk about several strategies and courses of action that one can follow if they choose to open a cash-based clinic. Tune in and find out what physical therapy schools are not teaching you! “If you can solve a problem for people and they will pay for it, that...


EP 121: Business Opportunities for Physical Therapists in Human Movement, Performance & Health with Kelly Starrett

Most people who finish school in physical therapy are advised to work in an established clinic or team up with a gym. With the changing times, more and more physical therapists are opting to open up their own clinics and become cash-based practitioners. But there are even more business opportunities for PTs than you think. Today’s guest is a CrossFit trainer, physical therapist, author, speaker, and co-founder of Ready State, Kelly Starrett. He sits down with Aaron to talk about his career...


EP 120: Fixing the Holes in Your Sales & Marketing System with Jon Schumacher

Do you feel stuck with where your business is right now? Are you burning more money trying to attract clients instead of reeling in that cash? Jon Schumacher is here to save the day and help you out with your business dilemmas. He is a webinar coach and online marketing consultant. He first started as a physical therapist until he decided to create an online business in 2014. Today, Jon sits down with Aaron to give useful information on how you can improve your enterprise. Tune in to get...


EP 119: Success as a Physical Therapy Telehealth Entrepreneur with Irene Luc

Not all Americans have medical insurance; this becomes a problem when people have health concerns because they either don’t get any help or are not getting enough help. With the rise of cash-based clinics around the country, people now have the option to go that route. Today’s guest is part of a cash-based clinic called Therapy Solutions, which helps people who don’t have any medical insurance. Irene Luc is a licensed therapeutic pain specialist, and the clinic she works at has developed an...


EP 118: Go All in on Your Life, Your Business & Your Health with Trevor Bachmeyer

When you take risks, there are only two possible outcomes: it can either end up prolific or futile. But people who are too comfortable and don’t take risks end up being unhappy and unfulfilled. Today’s guest is the owner and founder of SmashweRx, a website that promotes broad consumer understanding and knowledge of various health topics, Trevor Bachmeyer. He sits down with Aaron and shares about his life’s journey, what inspired him to come up with his current business, and the struggles...


EP 117: Man Up, Stack Wins & Become a World-Class Leader with Bedros Keuilian

People who are in the business industry very well know that times are always changing. There is always a newer and better way of doing everything. Today’s guest isn’t a stranger to these changing times. He is the founder of Fit Body Bootcamp, author of Man Up, and high-performance coach Bedros Keuilian. He sits down with Aaron to share his personal experiences on how he came about his business and how he is managing it with his wife. Bedros also expresses his views on what makes a bad leader...


EP 116: The #1 Job in the World as a Physical Therapist with Molly King

When someone wakes up with a kink in their neck, or suffers from chronic back pain, treatment tends to range from visiting a chiropractor to getting incredibly expensive surgery. Today’s guest advocates for empowering patients with knowledge about physical therapy so they have options before electing for invasive procedures. Molly King is a physical therapist and athletic trainer with Inspired Athletx. She’s also the brains behind FreeMVMT, which educates therapists and patients on the power...


EP 115: Create Faster Than They Can Copy You with Erson Religioso

Today, Aaron is joined again by one of his first guests from a couple of years ago, Erson Religioso, to talk about marketing and business. Erson founded The Modern Manual Therapist blog to help mentor and teach professionals around the world and is the creator of the EDGE Tool, a high-quality stainless-steel tool for assisted soft tissue manipulation. They discuss the changes since they last spoke in how people reach their audience, the advancements in technology, and the particulars of...


EP 114: Podcast Domination for Physical Therapy Experts with Luis Ryan Diaz

Have you thought about tapping into the potential of podcasting? Have you recently started a podcast but are struggling with production, content, and monetization? Today’s guest reveals the top secrets for creating a podcast and building your authority. Luis Diaz is a producer, podcaster, and podcast consultant who works with some of the most listened to podcasts in categories like health and fitness, self-help, and business. Tune in to learn more about how you can get started and ignite...


EP 113: Finding Your Voice as a Female Entrepreneur & Leader in Physical Therapy with Sarah Haran

The Physical Therapy industry has been mostly dominated by male therapists for years. Today’s guest is here to shake things up, like she’s been doing with her own successful clinic. Sarah Haran started her practice in 2007 and, apart from being a physical therapist and business owner, she also coaches at the Ballard CrossFit. Sarah and Aaron sit down to talk about what separates her clinic from others and how she is empowering women. She has a course coming out in January called Out of...


EP112: State of the Physical Therapy Industry: Trends and Predictions for 2020

If you want different results, you need to do something different. In today’s episode, Aaron does an evaluation of how the physical therapy industry has fared in 2019. He discusses the different areas that have improved and deteriorated this year. He also gives out his predictions for 2020 and what physical therapists can look forward to in the coming year. Plus, there is a bonus by the end of the episode that you don’t want to miss out on. “If there is something that is working, keep...


EP 111: Using Collaboration & Technology to Move PT Forward with Maggie Bergeron

Between business, health, and our social lives, technological advancements in the last decade have had a huge impact on all of us. But what’s it doing in the world of PT? Today’s guest is a Canadian physiotherapist and co-founder of Embodia, Maggie Bergeron. Embodia is Canada’s largest online learning platform for physiotherapists. Aaron chats with Maggie about her background as a physiotherapist and what inspired her to start Embodia. They also touch on topics like how the company can...


EP 110: Niche Down to Scale Up with Chris Finn

Working a 9-5 job with a steady paycheck can sometimes discourage people from discovering their potential and opening, owning, and operating their own business. But that didn’t stop today’s guest. Chris Finn is the founder and owner of Par4Success, a cash physical therapy clinic whose major clientele are golfers. Today, Aaron and Chris sit down and touch on the uniqueness of Chris’s clinic and how he found his niche. Chris also shares about his research regarding the treatments he has given...


EP 109: 35 Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Physical Therapy Clinic

When entrepreneurs want to level up their marketing efforts, they often throw random tactics at the wall to see what sticks. But what if, instead of trial and error, you could work with proven marketing strategies that will increase the traffic and visibility of your clinic? In this episode, Aaron shares 35 proven marketing strategies that you can implement today. He also shares how you can get his free guide for even more tips and strategies. Join Aaron today, and you might just hear about...


EP 108: The Exact Checklist to Launch Your Physical Therapy Cash Practice

Thinking about transitioning to a cash-based practice? You need to hear this episode if you want a successful launch. Today, Aaron shares the exact checklist of essential dos and don’ts of getting your business up and running. Grab a pen and jot down these steps or listen to find out how you can download it. Plus, you can get all the resources he mentions in the episode. Let’s get started! “The faster you make the decisions and the faster you take action, the sooner you will get to...


EP 107: Scaling Culture & Taking Calculated Risks with Alison Taylor

When you’re a cash-based practitioner, booking and scheduling clients, charting their profiles, and creating invoices can be major headaches that ultimately aren’t moving the needle forward in your business. You have to do everything yourself, or juggle a million apps, instead of spending time where your business needs you to. Today’s guest is Alison Taylor, the founder of Jane. Jane is a revolutionary app that will do everything for you, making your life easier and your clinic more...


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EP 106: Overcoming Anxiety & Overwhelm for Greater Success with Craig Ballantyne

As entrepreneurs are mostly told to focus on themselves, they tend to end up being frustrated and overwhelmed. People who are not emotionally ready for the challenges and hit the panic button turn out to not do so well in their business. Today’s guest will shine the light on how you should be facing your business head-on. In this episode, Aaron is joined by Craig Ballantyne, a five-time author and coach for 7-figure entrepreneurs. Craig is one of the biggest names in the coaching game and,...