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Hell Hath No Fury

Hell hath no fury like a bunch of salespeople screwed over by a greedy company, which is why CareerBuilder's back in court. Oh, CareerBuilder, you're the gift that just keeps on giving. In addition to this news, the boys cover - Bullhorn's new bullshit, - McDonald's & Olivia's catfish move - LinkedIn's hashtag fetish and Facebook's aversion to innovation and how it totally screws up their recruiting efforts. The upcoming holiday season obviously has Chad & Cheese feeling all warm and...


DEATH MATCH: Seekout's Anoop Gupta

It's the GRAND CHAMPION edition of Death Match North America 2019 recorded LIVE onstage at TAtech in Austin. The competition for Death Match dominance was hard-fought, bloody and mind-blowing, but at the end of the day, only one company was left standing. Enter Seekout, whose founder, Anoop Gupta, brought his A Game to Austin and took home the championship chain. Made possible by Alexander Mann Solutions.​


Chatbot Queen Talks Whitespace

Quincy Valencia (aka Queen of the Chatbots) joins the menz to talk chatbots, programmatic, and industry whitespace. Whitespace? WTF is WHITESPACE? Gotta listen to find out... And while you're listening school yourself on Text, email, programmatic+ with out friends from NEXXT


OUTTAKE: Veterans Day

This segment was originally scheduled to air with last Friday's show, but we felt it was important enough all by itself. Taking a single day for veterans just isn't enough. Take a listen and let us know what you think.


Brew Review - THE MOVIE

You've heard it... Now see it! ThisWayGlobal CEO, Angela Hood treats Chad and Cheese to beer and industry conversation. Enjoy!


Upwork Goes Down

Things for the freelance marketplace are getting bumpy. The Shred is sponsored by Recruitology.


Symphony Talent Gets Smashed

Chad & Cheese are back for another week of podcasting glory. You'd think another week closer to the holidays would mean a slowdown in the news, but slow your roll, player, not-so-fast. Here's a glimpse into the topics covered this week: Can you smell what CareerBuilder is cookin'? You will after this life-changing episode of HR's most dangerous podcast. Plus, WTF is Adam Gordon doing with a cardboard penis? This wrastlin' match is sponsored by the good people at Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas.


CULT BRAND: Turning Old to Cool

How does an old stodgy bank start-up a new cool brand? Is a bank even allowed to build a cool brand? Is that a thing? It certainly is and Alexandra Nuth aka "The Nuth-inator" talks to the guys about how spinning the new Challenger Brand - Brightside - out of ATB happened. All of this cult branding goodness brought to you by Smashfly recruiting technology built for the talent life cycle. And big believers in building relationships with brands, not jobs.


DEATH MATCH:'s Arran Stewart

Welcome to Death Match North America 2019 - part three of four. This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode features Arran Stewart, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of - what an amazing url. Death Match took place at TAtech on September 26th, 2019 in Austin Texas with a room full of TAtech practitioners. The bar was open, drinks were going down smooth, and the judge's questions were on point. Enjoy - right after a word from our sponsor... Death Match made possible by Alexander Mann...


The Money Shot

Would you believe the amount of money going into HR tech decreased last quarter? Well, it did. But money man George Larocque ain't scared. In fact, he's as bullish as ever on investment flowing into the space, and he lays it all out for Chad & Cheese in the Sovren exclusive. For more on who got money and who wants more money, tune in now.


Symphony Acquires SmashFly

It's The Shred a mini Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology -- Recruitology brings artificial intelligence - that's AI kids - to job posting and distribution for employers large and small. Post once, pay once, and have your jobs automatically distributed to the right sites where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Start posting your jobs using Recruitology today at On to the NEWS.. It's...


The Big Halloween Show!

Chad and Cheese are handing out tricks and treats this Halloween. - VONQ wants more candy! - Engage Talent breathes a sigh of relief... - Joel says "Careerbuilder ad sucks" - Chad says "LinkedIn ads knock it out of the park" - Chipotle deserves the park - Amazon orders more garbage cans and... Tim Sackett should allow Halloween in the office! All of these treats handed out by Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas. Enjoy!


DEATH MATCH: Assess First CEO, David Bernard

Welcome to Death Match North America 2019 - part two of four. This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode features a contestant all the way from France - David Bernard, CEO, and Founder of Assess First. Death Match took place at TA Tech on September 26th, 2019 in Austin Texas with a room full of TA Tech practitioners. The bar was open, as usual, Chad and Cheese snark was flying and the judges were ready to light contestants up! Death Match is brought to you by Alexander Mann Solutions.


Does Your Brand Suck? Unleash LIVE!

Conferences are fun when Chad & Cheese take the stage. And they're twice as fun when big brands and influential voices join the boys on stage. That's just what happened at Unleash in Paris last week when Brandy Ellis of Smashfly, Chris Wray of Sainsbury's and Adam Yearsley of Red Bull joined the fun. Hint: There were disagreements. And loads of knowledge droppin'. Enjoy this Smashfly exclusive.


Indeed Throttling and Glassdoor Shakedowns?

Recorded LIVE from UNLEASH World in Paris' showfloor. Brought to you by our friends at Sovren, Canvas, and JobAdX.


Cult Brand: Ellie Doty, CMO at Chili's

How does a Cult Brand lose its luster? Losing Cult Brand status and then making a comeback is not an easy task. Ellie Doty, CMO of Chili's Grill and Bar, tells a brand story that ends in a hashtag. Yes, I said a hashtag! Oh, and Cheesman sucks-up to one of his favorite eating destinations like never before. It's embarrassing. Supported by SmashFly, big believers in building relationships with brands, not jobs. Let SmashFly help tell your story and keep relationships at the heart of your...


Drones, Architects, and Hiring (and More Drones)

Ed Sayson is a TA leader at ARC Document Systems. Yeah, sounds kinda boring, but hold on, the company is a drone trendsetter. By employing a lot of drone jockeys (not sure what they're called officially, and driver sounds like a UPS worker), they're able to crush the competition and gain a strategic advantage. And if you think hiring for such an army is easy, think again, as Ed reveals all his tricks and tips in the exclusive interview from Jobvite's Recruiter Nation Live event from San...


LinkedIn Gets Touch-Feely

Falls is here and the leaves may be dropping, but it's nothing to the news-breaking and the knowledge-droppin' that's going down on The Chad & Cheese Podcast this week. So what happened? Glad you asked. TMP / AIA made another acquisition LinkedIn puts Meetup / Eventbrite in the crosshairs RigUp breaks the bank Cannabis jobs are growing like, um, a weedTalroo gets integrated ... and what show would be complete without some Indeed rumors? Enjoy, and write our sponsors - JobAdx, Sovren and...


Programmatic Be Scary

Programmatic is scary... No it's not, especially if you have an expert or even team of experts on your side. Chad & Louise speak with Thomas Prince, co-founder, and an uber-smart programmatic dude from Talent Nexus, talk about the simplicity and efficiency of... You got it! PRO-GRAM-MATIC. Watch, listen, and enjoy!


DEATH MATCH: Pez.AI's Brian Rowe

Welcome to Death Match, North America, 2019, part one of four. This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode features Brian Rowe, CEO of Pez.AI. Death Match took place at TAtech on September 26th, 2019, in sunny, beautiful Austin, Texas, with a room full of TAtech practitioners. The bar was open, as usual, and Chad and Cheese snark was flying. Not to mention the judges were pitbulls. Enjoy! See more at