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Episode 45: Hypnotize Me!

We’ve been talking about it for months, and today we do it. We hypnotize Laura Biehl… and a couple others. See, Laura is a picky eater, but she doesn’t want to be. As caring coworkers, we want to help. So we brought in hypnotist and magician Keith Kocher to help broaden Laura’s palate… just in time for Thanksgiving. It’s the Cold Oatmeal podcast.


Episode 44: Remembering Hugh McDiarmid, Sr.

When he died last month, words like “legend” and “icon” were used to describe Hugh McDiarmid, Sr. Hugh was a political reporter and columnist for the Detroit Free Press, and for most of us on this podcast, his career spanned a time before ours. So, we set out to do some learning and asked two of Hugh’s colleagues to talk about their friend. Long-time political reporters, John Lindstrom of Gongwer News Service and Chris Christoff of the Detroit Free Press, are our guests. Plus, new music from...


Episode 43: Interview with a Lobbyist

For a podcast based in Michigan’s capital city, we’ve made it 42 episodes without talking to a lobbyist. No longer. Trunks full of cash, porn collections, and life advice from Jean Doss, partner at Capitol Services. She’s been working in the advocacy business for almost 25 years. Buckle up and Happy Halloween from the Cold Oatmeal Podcast!


Episode 42: Mikenzie Frost

There aren’t many TV reporters in Michigan who can say their coverage of the State Capitol is seen by viewers in four different TV markets across the state. In fact, there’s just one… Mikenzie Frost. Mikenzie is still pretty new to Michigan’s Capitol press corps, but her reach is wide covering state government for WWMT TV 3 and the Sinclair Broadcast Group. Why’d she pick politics? Why does she carry around a box? What’s a viral scrum, and how do you treat it? It’s the Cold Oatmeal Podcast.


Episode 41: Just the facts... Lansing Facts.

Just the facts… the Lansing Facts. (Dad joke, Nikki?) Today, we talk our hometown with the creators of the wildly popular parody social media account, @LansingMIFacts. Frandor, Horrocks, QD, and Stobers… all of Lansing’s greatest hits. We talk about all of them, along with how the online community was started, how it’s managed, and what’s next. Plus, Nick’s trip to the Mile High City, and we answer our first listener Twitter question. It’s the Cold Oatmeal Podcast.


Episode 40: LeDuff

Your long summer of silence is over. The Cold Oatmeal podcast is back. It’s season three, and we start it with Charlie. The Pulitzer Prize-winning, former New York Times, Detroit News and Fox 2 reporting, book writing, podcast hosting and fascinating Charlie LeDuff, that is. We traveled to Detroit to talk with Charlie in his natural habitat. He talked writing, reporting, his roads plan and latest book. Buckle up, and earmuffs kids. Plus, our summer break, a new office, and dad jokes....


Episode 39: Season Finale

How many “hits” must one have in order to compile a “Greatest Hits” album? Today, we push this existential question to its limits. Before our summer furlough, we listen back to our favorite moments with some of our favorite guests from season two. Joe even gets sappy. A clink of the mug to Brian Calley, Deb Hart, Bob Olson, Chris Johnson, Zach Gorchow, Jonathon Oosting, Cheyna Roth, Chris Harkins, Steve Wilson, Chris Gautz, Matt Ottinger, and the Whale (Steve Japinga). It’s the season finale...


Episode 38: WXYZ'S Ann Marie LaFlamme

You know those times when you have to get up super early, and you toss and turn afraid you’re going to sleep through your alarm? Now, imagine “super early” actually means 1:30 a.m., and you have to do it every day, and after you do it you have to go on LIVE TV for four hours. That’s the life of today’s podcast guest, Ann Marie LaFlamme. Ann Marie is a reporter and morning news anchor for WXYZ TV 7 in Detroit, and she’s also Laura’s buddy. We talk working her way up the TV news business, TV...


Episode 37: U of M's Social Media Guru

It’s the “Nikki Summit,” and on the agenda are social media strategies and tips, John Beilein, online pet peeves, broccoli, and news embargoes. Nikki Sunstrum is our guest, and she is the nationally-recognized, rock star Director of Social Media and Public Engagement for the University of Michigan. Our own Nikki geeks-out a bit on the topic, and we find out if Joe was a cool kid. It’s the Cold Oatmeal podcast.


Episode 36: Breaking Game Show News... PBS's Matt Ottinger is back!

It’s time to spin the wheel, draw a card, and hit the buzzer. Today, Matt Ottinger is our guest on the podcast. For 29 years, Matt hosted “QuizBusters” on PBS. He’s also a game show expert and a former contestant. We talk Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Alex Trebek, and Pat Sajak. Quizbusters, from creation to its final episode. And… get ready… we flex our trivia muscles, girls versus boys, in the first-of-its-kind Cold Oatmeal Bowl. Brenda Resch and Bob Olson help us out, and we have a blast....


Episode 35: Supertasters: Pie Time

We love stories about people who take a chance and start something cool. We especially love stories about people who take a chance, start something cool and become the very best in the country at doing it. That’s Linda Hundt’s story, creator of the Sweetie-licous bakery and winner of 19 National Pie Championships. Her pie crust is not the only thing started from scratch. Linda is our guest today. She talks about her love of baking, the birth and growth of her business, supertasters, her...


Episode 34: Zoe Clark

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: running the Cold Oatmeal podcast is just like running the programing for Michigan’s biggest public radio station, and today we prove it! With us is Zoe Clark, program director for Michigan Radio. We talk about Zoe’s job, a little politics, podcasting, and she humors some of our best questions. Also, Zoe brought a surprise with her. It’s the Cold Oatmeal podcast.


Episode 33: Opening Day

Play ball! The national pastime is back, and so is the Cold Oatmeal podcast. Today we talk a little baseball with a guy whose job it is to literally talk about baseball. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, the radio voice of the Lansing’s minor league baseball team, the Lansing Lugnuts. His Mt. Rushmore of baseball broadcasters. Road trips. Crazy names. Game prep. We make fun of Nick a lot and celebrate Resch Strategies’ 10th anniversary… kinda. It’s the Cold Oatmeal podcast.


Episode 32: Michigan's Oldest Restaurant

Road trippin’ it! Joe bought a plastic tub, and the team hit the road to visit Michigan’s oldest restaurant. The White Horse Inn in Metamora was built 171 years ago. It wasn’t called the White Horse back then, but it did serve as a gathering place for people from miles away. Just like it still does today. We talk to its owner, operator, and restorer, Victor Dzenowagis. Ghost stories, an amazing restoration, and a fantastic meal came too. Also, our friend and yours’, Andrea Bitely was passing...


Episode 31: A Weatherman, a Skunk and James Madison Walk into a Bar

Today, we tackle a topic ignored by the masses for just too long… the weather. That’s right. It’s time we shine the light of day on this issue that no one ever wants to talk about. Ahmad Bajjey joins us to bring some serious weather knowledge to the podcast. Ahmad is an award-winning meteorologist with NBC25 in Flint, and he’s awesome. Best weather movie, how to predict snow falls, a new segment, Joe’s pet skunk, James Madison and a “popular” return guest, all on today’s Cold Front Oatmeal...


Episode 30: Deb Hart

After a 30-year career in a radio market like Lansing, you don’t really need to say much more than that. Deb Hart is an icon… a fixture on Lansing drive-time radio since she got into the business at the age 19. Last month, she walked away from the radio studio for the yoga studio and the next chapter in her life. Today, she’s our guest on the Cold Oatmeal podcast. How’d she get her start? What’s changed in the business? What allowed her to walk away on her own terms from an industry known...


Episode 29: A Blizzard and the Governor's Daughter

You may have heard that it’s cold and every thing is closed. Well, we don’t call it COLD Oatmeal for nothing! The Resch Strategies team is back, and we welcome in Kelsey Snyder, the youngest daughter of former governor, Rick Snyder. Kelsey traversed her high school and college years with her dad running Michigan, and we talk with her about that. Also, a surprise guest, a new segment, and a little announcement. Michigan may be closed, but the studio is open and our mics are on. You’re...


Episode 28: The Polling-Media-Political Consultant Industrial Complex

What do Marla Maples, Tom Arnold, and a Ph.D.-holding political scientist all have in common? You are about to find out. Corwin Smidt is our guest today. Cory is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at MSU. He’s an expert in polling, voting patterns, turnout modeling, and studying the electorate and has been interviewed in places like Time Magazine, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Politico. We talk polling and voters and media. And did I mention Marla...


Episode 27: The Intervention

Well, we set out to stage a Burger King/Jimmy Johns intervention for our good friend, Nick, but ended up having a fascinating conversation with Chris Johnson instead. Chris lives here in Lansing and is an international speaker, an adviser, health and fitness expert and Founder and CEO of On Target Living. Chris has sprinkled his magic nutritional dust on our beloved Joe Becsey, and look how well that has turned out. Plus, he was pushing cold oatmeal before we made it cool. What do cod liver...


Episode 26: Interview with a Beard

Just when you thought this podcast couldn’t get bigger. Today? The Beard. No, not Santa’s. It’s Brian Calley’s beard. That’s right. We are wrapping up 2018 with bow made of whiskers, self-deprecation and insights from 8 years working with Rick Snyder. It’s an exit interview with Michigan’s out-going Lt. Governor, and you’re listening to the Christmas episode of the Cold Oatmeal podcast.