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Great leaders know the power of coming back strong after seasons of great adversity or transition. Each week, Staci sits down with CEOs, thought leaders, and influencers to gain insight into how they turned adversity into epic comeback stories that empowered them to build a life and business they love. 💬 Text "COMEBACK" to 800-355-2088.

Great leaders know the power of coming back strong after seasons of great adversity or transition. Each week, Staci sits down with CEOs, thought leaders, and influencers to gain insight into how they turned adversity into epic comeback stories that empowered them to build a life and business they love. 💬 Text "COMEBACK" to 800-355-2088.


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Great leaders know the power of coming back strong after seasons of great adversity or transition. Each week, Staci sits down with CEOs, thought leaders, and influencers to gain insight into how they turned adversity into epic comeback stories that empowered them to build a life and business they love. 💬 Text "COMEBACK" to 800-355-2088.








The Power of a Mindset Reset | Dr. Paula McDonald

Imagine going to the doctor for minor back pain and finding yourself in life-saving surgery within a few days. This is only part of Dr. Paula McDonald’s story. From discovering she had a massive tumor wrapped around her spinal cord to find out that her biological father was different than the man she called "dad", till 18, she has had a life of setbacks. But in this episode, she expounds on the power of words in having a comeback mentality. If you’re ready to hear a remarkable story and...


The Future In 5G and Artificial Intelligence | Cleve Adams

The future is happening now—telecommunications will never be the same. In this episode, Staci hosts Cleve Adams, CEO of VOXOX, as they discuss how AI is changing the game in telecommunications and small business ownership. As the growth of the 5G market and the utilization of artificial intelligence in business increase, VOXOX is taking strides in being the #1 solution for SMS marketing and voice automation technology. Hear where VOXOX is headed, straight from the top? Check out this episode...


The Art of Good Energy | Ryan Holtz

A teenager sitting at the funeral for his mother. If growing up without a father wasn’t enough, now Ryan Holtz was an orphan. But at that lowest place, a spark was lit inside him that gave him the drive to thrive. It was then that an entrepreneur was born and Ryan started his first business at 18 years old to survive. Now he’s nearing his 40’s and running one of the top 100 iTunes podcasts. Curious how this man went from almost nothing to living a life and business he loves? Listen to this...


Turning Struggle into Significance | Anthony Waite

Anthony was basking in the joy of being the first in his family to graduate high school when his world was suddenly disrupted by a punch in the face by an abusive, alcoholic stepfather. Anthony’s life continued to be riddled with struggle, trauma, and pain due to an absent father, a mother with mental health struggles, financial challenges, and having to look for his next meal while his peers were busy looking for where to go to college. But like we often say, sometimes setbacks are a set up...


If You Can Adapt, You Can Advance | Alex Quilici

As a child, Alex Quilici adored computers. His fascination led to a passion and hobby that filled his life. But his days in the schoolyard were riddled with bullies who would pick on him constantly. But Alex didn’t let the opposition keep him down. He graduated early from high school and went on to get his Ph.D. Know you know him as the successful and accomplished CEO of YouMail. Check out this amazing story from Alex Quilici and the power of adaptation in the face of adversity! Connect...


How to Invest in Yourself | Dr. Kazumba Charles

Roaring fans, stadium lights, fresh-cut grass, a man living his boyhood dream. Dr. Kazumba Charles made it to the big leagues as a professional soccer player. But the dream was shattered in a moment after a career-ending injury. It wasn’t long before Dr. Charles found himself preparing for a job interview in a sketchy motel with $400 to his name. But the next day his entire life would change. Now he’s influencing millions through his books, media, and conference appearances. Want to hear Dr....


Using Tenacity to Secure Investment | Jonathan Keim

Jonathan Keim discovered a newfound passion for something that would eventually define his career: stocks. But it wasn’t long before the first investment he made was lost forever. Jonathan learned the fleeting nature of investing as he experimented and educated himself in this new world of trading, and it seemed to be nothing but loss after loss. But what propelled him into his success today was that he never gave up. Now Jonathan is not only a successful investor, he’s helped launch more...


How To Shape Your Own Reality | Dr. Vic Manzo

After 8 months of agony, Dr. Vic Manzo was physically and emotionally exhausted from the pain in his back and body. Every day seemed to get worse until desperation moved Dr. Vic into action. Without changing anything except for adding in regular chiropractic adjustments, he found himself in the best shape of his life after only 4 months. It wasn’t the doctor that changed his life, it was the way he viewed his dark reality that helped let in the light. Need a mindset reset on the challenges...


From Homeless Immigrant to Thriving CEO | Amir Ghannad

A 16-year-old boy steps onto United States soil for the first time and has never been further away from home—Iran. Now on the opposite side of the planet, his world has completely changed. A dream to live a fulfilling life was born and he could see a bright future ahead in the “Land of the Free”. But reality came all too quickly and the vision began to dim with the onset of struggle. Amir Ghannad learned the challenges of being bullied, beaten up, picked on, and living without a home...


The Power in Rolling with the Punches | Kerri Pomarolli

YOU’RE FIRED! Practically overnight, comedian Kerri Pomarolli’s opportunities disappeared. As a successful actress, comedian, and motivational speaker, the challenges of 2020 hit her hard. Like many, the year proved to unload challenge after challenge on her and her family’s life, but Kerri was raised resilient. She learned how to grind through obstacles in her 20s as she pursued her dreams of becoming a star in Hollywood. And even as the world seemed to fall apart, the dream she built would...


From Bullied to Billions | Nick Bradley

Nick was cornered by a gang of bullies as an 11-year-old boy on a family vacation. They teased him and picked on him for his size—weighing in at over 260lbs. Despite his efforts to defend himself, they beat him up so badly that he was rushed to the hospital. Nick lived for years in captivating fear leading up to this traumatic moment. He would hide away during recess and lunch on school days by locking himself in the bathroom to avoid interactions with malicious peers. As a 2-year-old,...


Building a Dream to Change the World | Dustin Bates

Standing on the roof of the Los Angeles Dream Center, Dustin Bates gazed out over the skyline. Deep down, he knew he would one day build something that would change a city in the same way. Years later, he stood atop another building in one of the poorest areas of Dallas, Texas, feeling in his heart it was supposed to become an epicenter of hope for the community. There was one problem: it was in the midnight hour of being sold to someone else. But Dustin refused to take no for an answer and...


Leveraging Tax Benefits into World-changing Generosity | Courtney Epps

Growing up in a little town in South Carolina, Courtney had her eyes on the prize and dreamed of one day calling herself an Anesthesiologist. While it was the highest paying career that she could imagine, it was about more than money. At just 5 years old, Courtney Epps already wanted to help people around the world and wanted to do it through the medical field. But months before her first college classes, she realized that there was more to helping others than putting them to sleep. With an...


The Secret Strength For Next-level Negotiation | Cindy Watson

Cindy grew up on the “wrong” side of the tracks—a neighborhood infamous for poverty and crime. But as a child, her low-rent apartment complex was simply home. It was the look on her father’s face when she told him her friends from other areas weren’t allowed to come over to play. She awoke to the reality of her family’s situation. But from that moment on, there was a spark within her—something burning inside to break out of the mediocrity she was born into and step into greatness. Now Cindy...


How Connection Can Change the World | Dr. Manal Fakhoury

Five kids, two parents, and one long trip to America. Dr. Manal Fakhoury’s life began to take form as a Palestinian girl who didn’t know how to speak English immigrated with her family from Kuwait to the City of Angels. Where many immigrants from around the world follow the same dream, most find immense challenges that are difficult to overcome. But Manal was raised to face these challenges head-on with courage. It wasn’t long before she could boast spelling-bee wins, fluency in English as...


Can You Find Real Happiness by Changing Your Breathing Technique? | Samantha Skelly

Racing through the 3rd-world streets of Bali on a scooter, Samantha Skelly was on the hunt for answers to the problems in her life. After trying everything she could to get better and still feeling as if she was in bondage, she bought a one-way ticket halfway across the world. As a child actor and dancer, Samantha built an unhealthy relationship with food and her body, finding value in her physical appearance. She walks into a meditation studio and discovers a technique she had never heard...


How to Clean Up Your Mental Mess | Dr. Caroline Leaf

The precious life of a young 16-year-old in high school held on by a thread in the aftermath of a sudden car accident. Moments before, she was dreaming of college and the rest of her life. Moments after, her body was devastated and her mind nearly lost. Two weeks in a coma and she was declared a vegetable. “We’re sorry but her brain damage is irreversible,” her doctors told her parents. Shockingly, this 16-year-old woke up with a surprising amount of brain function and was not through with...


Turning Tragedy into Triumph | Marjorie Vail

In the early autumn of 2004, Marjorie Vail said goodbye to her stillborn baby. What she didn't know was this indescribable and heartbreaking setback would give her the inner resolve to stage an epic comeback story. Marjorie fell in love with her college sweetheart. After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College in English Language Arts, they marry and the fairytale begins. Two years later, they get the news she's pregnant with their first child. This was the beginning of...


What You Need to Become a Champion in Business and Life | Tony Bouie

Eyes fixated on the TV. Family and friends all huddled around in silence waiting to hear whose name would be called. The moment represents Years of blood, sweat, and tears poured out on the field. Every dream and goal was all built up to this moment. Tony Bouie watches the 1995 NFL Draft, waiting for his name to be called with anxious anticipation. He wore the high school all-state badge proudly. He carried the acclaim of playing alongside one of the greatest college defenses in history. He...


How to Have a Miracle Mentality | Tim Storey

The year is 1999. Sitting across from Robert Downey Jr. fresh out of prison and new into drug addiction sobriety, Tim Storey instrumentally coached this remarkable actor through a difficult season in what would soon become an epic comeback story. Within that year, Robert premiered as a new character on season four of the show Ally McBeal. Fast forward two decades and Tim Storey has now walked alongside and helped countless numbers of industry professionals like Kanye West, Christian Slater,...