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We want to see entrepreneurs and business owners, who are facing challenges, step into opportunity. See how text message marketing can help you move from setback to comeback. Experience the stories of notable individuals who have turned their setbacks into comebacks and be empowered to move forward into building a life and business you love.

We want to see entrepreneurs and business owners, who are facing challenges, step into opportunity. See how text message marketing can help you move from setback to comeback. Experience the stories of notable individuals who have turned their setbacks into comebacks and be empowered to move forward into building a life and business you love.


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We want to see entrepreneurs and business owners, who are facing challenges, step into opportunity. See how text message marketing can help you move from setback to comeback. Experience the stories of notable individuals who have turned their setbacks into comebacks and be empowered to move forward into building a life and business you love.




Taking Action When You’re Afraid

Josh Felber has been an entrepreneur since he was 14 years old. He started with selling computers as a kid and now he's owned over 15 companies in the last 30 years. He has made it a lifestyle to observe successful people and implement their mindsets into his own life, knowing that it's not merely their habits and practices that have gotten them where they are. In this episode, Josh shares how he has learned to cut out thoughts of negativity when he faces trouble, and how you can take action...


Creating a Resilient Life Through Simple Adjustments

Dr. Mark Sherwood knows true strength and resilience through his 24 years serving on the police force and SWAT teams as well as being a body-building champion and professional baseball player. They go hand-in-hand with his passion for natural wellness and creating a healthy life. In this episode Dr. Mark lines out the simplest actions you can take daily to build a life and business you love that stands the test of opposition and time. See for privacy information.


Investing in Yourself as Your Greatest Asset

Diane Hardgrove, former Mrs. Arizona, Mrs. America, and Mrs. World, knows what it takes to reach the top. With the influence she's gained through her success, she's given herself back by working closely with multiple foundations against cancer, as well as coaching and speaking all over the world. In this episode she shares the importance of investing in yourself, regardless of your situation or circumstance, and aligning yourself with the right movement.We’ll be on the lookout for the...


The Gratitude that Gets You the Goal

In today's episode, we have a special appearance from our very own President of VoxDirect, Larry Wallace! Larry’s story is one of monumental success birthed out of hardship. Beginning with a fatherless home, Larry turned his adversity into the fuel that propelled him into success. From his highly successful career as a Texas A&M athlete, to building multi-million-dollar businesses, Larry takes us back through his story and highlights the power of the gratitude that kept moving him forward...


Build a Thriving Business on a Foundation of Generosity

David and Kimberly Taylor are award winning real estate agents but didn’t start that way. After hitting a ceiling in their current jobs, they risked it all to go out on their own. Now they’ve built a thriving brokerage and have become masters of growing a business with a generous culture. In this episode, Staci talks with this power couple as they share their ups, downs, and the keys to their success. See for privacy information.


How to Add Rocket Fuel to Your Comeback

Mike “C-Roc” is a highly acclaimed performance coach, thought leader, and founder of the “What Are You Made Of?” Movement. Mike knows the pain of abuse and setback. Yet, he’s turned his struggles into rocket fuel that’s launched him into great achievement and great success. Today, his focus is on empowering others and helping them achieve their goals, no matter what challenges they may be facing. Are you ready to pour rocket fuel on your business? This episode is for you! We’ll be on the...


Taking Action in a World of Obstacles

George Kocher found early success as a Division 1 wrestler in college, learning to go the extra mile to secure major wins. After stepping into the finance and private equity world, he used some of the same tactics to grow a flourishing business and becoming a data-driven leader. Today, George is CEO of Brand North, a complete Digital Marketing & Growth Consulting Agency. In this episode, George shares great insight and tips on how you can grow your business and thrive in unstable...


How to Hit the Reset Button on Life

Pam Christian is a life coach and podcast host that was once a renown realtor with prestigious awards and major success in her field. But at a crucial moment in her business, she took a step back and reviewed her life. With a new mindset and perspective, she set her sights on a new plan to influence others by inspiring them to live a life worth living. In this episode we get a peek into Pam’s comeback journey and how she went from negative self-talk to showing others the power of confidence...


Real “Success” Isn’t What You Might Think

Sam Bakhtiar has been through it all: from an estranged father and being bombed by Sadam Hussein to foreclosure on a house, divorce, and bankruptcy. But now he has a multi-million dollar business, a doctorate degree, is a best-selling author, and has lived a life most people only dream of. His story, however, is not about the things money can buy. He redefines success by the things money can’t buy. In this episode Sam shares his life and experience, through immense highs and lows, and what...


Winning Attitudes Win Championships

Tony Bouie: All-American football player and NFL powerhouse. In this episode he shows us how a winning attitude can propel you to success in business and life. He played 4 years professionally in the NFL, has multiple masters degrees, survived stage-4 Lymphoma, and continues to lead by example. Just like all great world-changing leaders, Tony didn’t wake up one day having achieved greatness. He has turned his setbacks into setups, creating a platform to become a monumental voice of hope to...


20-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur on Overcoming Fear

Payton Wallace is only 20 years old, but he's a master connector. In this episode, he explains his secret sauce to connecting with clients: transparency, relatability, and the importance of building a relationship versus making a sale. He also shares his views on how to learn life principles from the good, bad, and ugly oppositions in life. See for privacy information.


Using Your Voice To Become A Catalyst of Change

Chinwe Esimai is an award-winning lawyer, trailblazing corporate executive, writer, and speaker who helps women leaders discover and embrace their genius and live lives of impact and fulfillment. In this episode, Chinwe’s story and leadership insights will help shift the narrative of where you are in your story and the adversity you’ve been through. See for privacy information.


How to Rebuild Your Life After Everything Around You Has Blown Up

Brian Fleming is a Purple Heart recipient who served the American Army while fighting the war in Afghanistan. His vehicle was blown up twice when a suicide bomber exploded 3 feet away, outside his window. Following 14 months of burn treatments, reconstructive surgery, and rehabilitation, Brian has proven to be an epic comeback story as he has rebuilt his life as an author and speaker on human resilience. Now his mission is to help couples save and enhance their marriages. See...


Growth-hacks For Building a Life & Business You Love

On a special edition of The Comeback Small Business Radio Show, host Staci Wallace is recording live on the Mississippi River and helping leaders get clear on what it takes to build sustainable profits without sacrificing your long-term peace. Staci shows you how to be intentional in implementing key life-hacks that are prove to help you build a life and business you love. See for privacy information.


One Voice Can Change The World

Dr. Manal Fakhoury holds a life pedigree unmatched by most and she’s still changing history. Philanthropist, activist, Woman of the Year, CEO, three decades of non-profit work, and mom to five brilliant children. Never letting obstacles stand in her way, Manal successfully climbed Mt. Killamanjaro and continues to prove that anything is possible. Now, as a curator of TEDx she is using her influence to create powerful platforms for speakers to communicate ideas worth spreading. In this week’s...


Coming Out of Crisis Stronger Than Before

Danny Bae—the Founder and Chairman of Global Platform Solutions (GPS)—has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur and global leader in-home services, telecommunications, and now...VIRTUAL REALITY. He's shifted his attention during COVID to becoming a world leader in the race to make visual media technology or Virtual Reality and household product. Danny has learned how to re-frame adversity and turn crisis into opportunity. In this week's episode, Danny and host, Staci Wallace share insights into...


The Joy Revolution in Business and Life

Marc Cordon, Positive Psychologist and Founder of Joy Revolution, discusses how your choices in the midst of adversity can either lead to joy and love or stress and sorrow. Honing this skill can be the difference between surviving and thriving in your business, especially in the midst of turbulent transitions. Marc shares his story of how he went from feeling like an angry outsider into a passionate leader who fights for social justice while maintaining and spreading transformational joy....



Adam Gugino, Co-Founder of Unblinded Influence Mastery, discusses how finding your "Why" can clarify the actions you take, both personally and professionally. He is a heart-driven leader who understands that the core of who you are does not need to be separated from business operations, both internal to external. After achieving great success in multiple companies, Adam found himself hungering for something more than success....he wanted to live a life of lasting significance. He walked away...



Brian Scudamore, Founder of O2E Brands has a knack for seeing the treasure in places other people see "junk." As an 18-year old high-school dropout, Brian had to figure out a different way to succeed than his friends. The key was finding opportunities in ordinary things and generating value. Perseverance, creativity, and grit are all part of Brian's comeback and are attributes no degree can guarantee. See for privacy information.



Courtney Epps, tax strategist and CEO of Outside the Box Business Solutions is best known for helping her clients save thousands of dollars per month on their taxes and showing them how to become catalysts of change in the world around them. In this episode, Courtney explains why owning your own home-based business could be one of the most important tax strategies that every American should take advantage of. Courtney's own comeback story has paved the way for her to become one of the...