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Talking eCommerce, Email Marketing, Retail, and More Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst Greg Zakowicz speaks with professionals across the retail industry about eCommerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. We'll discuss topics ranging from eCommerce, omnichannel, and email marketing, to anything at the heart of retailers today. And in true Bronto fashion, we'll have a little fun as well.

Talking eCommerce, Email Marketing, Retail, and More Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst Greg Zakowicz speaks with professionals across the retail industry about eCommerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. We'll discuss topics ranging from eCommerce, omnichannel, and email marketing, to anything at the heart of retailers today. And in true Bronto fashion, we'll have a little fun as well.
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Talking eCommerce, Email Marketing, Retail, and More Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst Greg Zakowicz speaks with professionals across the retail industry about eCommerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. We'll discuss topics ranging from eCommerce, omnichannel, and email marketing, to anything at the heart of retailers today. And in true Bronto fashion, we'll have a little fun as well.








Episode 032: May the On-Demand Economy Be With You

From on-demand grocery delivery to rideshare drivers delivering dinner, the on-demand economy is continuing to evolve and disrupt traditional services and retail. I’m joined by Scot Wingo, founder of the on-demand car care service Spiffy. We’ll discuss how the on-demand economy has changed over the past several years, reasons why on-demand companies fail, challenges with user adoption, and how to evolve and grow in an increasingly competitive space. And what the heck - we’ll even talk some...


Episode 031: The Changing Face of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are created to encourage repeat customers, build brand advocates, and drive loyalty. But in today’s age, how consumers respond to and engage with retailer loyalty programs is changing. Monetarily incentivizing customers in order to move them from one tier to the next is not a recipe for long-term loyalty. I am joined by Chris Bechtel, VP of Growth & Marketing at Annex Cloud. We’ll discuss all things loyalty programs, such as program structure, types of rewards, macro and...


Episode 030: CRO, Email Marketing, UX, Website Tests and “Princey” Things

I'm joined by Jamie Schreter, Chief Strategy Officer at the ecommerce agency diff, for a wide-ranging conversation covering topics like CRO, website testing, UX design, email marketing and more. Jamie will share examples of website tests, results and lessons learned, websites changes that caused cart abandonment rates to drop, and the hidden dangers of growing your email list. And in a little role reversal, Jamie flips the script and asks Greg questions ranging from the next big thing in...


Episode 029: The Business of Beer. How 3 American Ex-Pats Started a German Brewery

Something’s brewing on this episode of the podcast. I sat down with David Spengler, co-founder and owner of Vagabund Brauerei, to discuss how three American ex-pats learned to brew beer by watching YouTube – and then started their own brewery in beer’s own backyard, Germany. We’ll talk about entrepreneurship, how to grow at scale, the customer experience, marketing strategies, competing with large corporations, and how a small brewery with no marketing budget has been able to grow and...


Episode 028: 17 Juicy SEO Tactics Worth the Squeeze

Over the past 15 years, the tactics used to improve SEO have continued to evolve. And with the increase of non-traditional “search engines”, like Amazon and social media sites, focusing on improving all aspects of your SEO has never been more critical. So which strategies is the juice worth the squeeze? In this episode I sat down with Ronald Dod, Co-founder and CEO of Visiture, to discuss 17 SEO tactics, and why they are so critical as the SEO landscape evolves. We’ll discuss: • Which SEO...


Episode 027: Pop-Up Shops, Classic Rock, and Touring with Ringo Starr

This podcast is about to get rocked! What do John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones have to do with pop-up shops? You’re about to find out! Pop-up shops have grown in popularity over the years, but one company focused on classic rock not only made a business out of it but did it so well they were asked to “pop-up” on tour with Ringo Starr. And this was all before the pop-up shop became in vogue. I sat down with Scott Segelbaum, owner of the Rock Art...


Episode 026: B2B Ecommerce and Going B2C, D2C and R2-D2

As digital-natives enter the workforce and become the primary B2B buyers, their expectation of convenient ordering processes has accompanied them. B2B companies are now faced with two questions: Whether to create an Ecommerce site for their B2B customers and if going to direct-to-consumer (D2C) is right for them. In this episode, I sat down with Chloe Thomas, founder of Ecommerce Masterplan, to discuss a variety of topics including: • How to determine if B2B online sales is right for your...


Episode 025: Finding Authenticity in Brand Photography

Images are visual punctuations that help tell a story. For consumers, the more authentic the imagery, the better. From email marketing and website imagery to Instagram and Snapchat, we live in an image-driven online world, and brands have had to jump on board to keep up. But while social influencers and UGC can help with these efforts for more authentic imagery, brands can’t rely on their customers alone to produce their content. In this episode, I sat down with John DeMato, owner at...


Episode 024: Connecting With the Digitally Native Consumer

Digitally-native consumers have raised the stakes for how retailers connect and engage with them. No one knows this more than dorm décor brand Dormify. After all, their consumers are digital-native Gen Zers. In this episode, I sat down with Nicole Gardner, current consultant and former COO at Dormify, to discuss how Dormify engaged their digitally-native consumers via social, email, and other online channels – and went from start-up to go-to dorm-decorating retailer. You’ll hear about: •...


Episode 023: Hiring and Motivating Seasonal Customer Service Reps in Retail

For retailers, the holidays and other peak seasons are a critical time. For many, hiring part-time help is a necessity, but it comes with a number of challenges. These seasonal team members quickly become the face of your brand, and the service they provide can truly make or break a customer relationship. In this episode, I sat down with Stefanie Frenking, head of recruiting and feel good management at Spreadshirt, to discuss how the company approaches hiring seasonal employees, what they...


Episode 022: Swipe Right For Social Media in Retail

Social media is becoming more ingrained in every aspect of retail. How should retailers approach social media, measure its success and determine which types of content to use in their social marketing? In this episode, I sat down with Bridget Saroff, social media manager at Raymour & Flanigan, to discuss how they approach social media, incorporate UGC and influencers in their content plan and manage social policies for individual stores and employees. You’ll also hear about: • How to...


Episode 021: IP Infringement in Retail and Ecommerce

For retailers, protecting your IP is hard to do. And the prevalence of third-party marketplaces, the ability to source products, and the ease of standing up a new website make policing infringement even tougher. In this episode, I spoke with Sarah Nagae, special counsel at law firm Nexsen Pruet, about the types of IP infringement, how to safely work with marketplaces and when to get your legal team involved. We also cover: • How to protect your brand from IP theft. • Whether product...


Episode 020: The Ecommerce of Sports With the Durham Bulls

The Durham Bulls Baseball Club has come a long way since the days of Nuke and Crash. But like all sports clubs today, they face many of the same challenges as your favorite retailers. In this episode, I sat down with Matt Sutor, director of marketing and communications for the 2017 Triple-A National Champion Durham Bulls, to discuss how they use digital marketing channels to drive ticket and merchandise sales, and how those efforts relate to the fan experience. We also attempt to answer...


Episode 018: Ted Rubin Talks 2018 Retail

The customer experience matters. Don't think so? Just ask Ted Rubin. All he wants to do is buy a pair of jeans, but one store's online experience and not-so-customer-friendly policies keep preventing him from closing the deal. I sat down with Ted - renowned social marketing strategist, co-founder of Prevailing Path and CMO at Photofy - for a wide-ranging discussion about the state of retail in 2018. In this episode we talk about: ** The next big thing in retail for 2018 ** A real-life...


Episode 017: Dear [First Name], It's All About Personalization

Enhancing the customer experience is all about personalization. But personalization doesn't mean the same thing for every marketing channel. Email marketers need to understand how to segment, scale, and improve their personalization program, even when faced with limited resources. In this episode, I sit down with Jared Blank, senior vice president of data analysis and insights at Bluecore, to talk about finding personalization opportunities within your marketing program. We'll discuss: "...


Episode 016: Recapping the 2017 Holidays ... and Waffles

The holiday season generated $108 billion in online sales, nearly a 15% year-over-year increase. And mobile accounted for nearly 40% of it. But not everything went according to plan. Whose plan, you ask? Well, mine. Back in October, I made some predictions about what I thought we'd see this holiday season. So, what exactly did happen? How did my predictions pan out? In this episode I am joined by Bronto Marketing Strategist David Taitelbaum to hear how his clients prepared for the holiday...


Episode 015: Symmetrical Marketing and Enhancing the Happiness Quotient

If your marketing email has a 40% open rate, then 60% of your subscribers never see it. And that doesn’t include the people who haven’t signed up for your emails. That’s why it’s critical to consistently and clearly convey your message across all channels. In this episode, I sit down with Mariel Bacci, senior ecommerce strategy lead at BVAccel, to talk about the importance of symmetrical marketing and how it relates to the happiness quotient – and even how Snoop Dogg plays a role in all of...


Episode 014: A Millennial Marketing Expert Dishes the Dirt

If a millennial eats at a restaurant but doesn’t post a picture of it on Instagram, did it happen? Millennials have started to redefine many consumer culture trends. While some people stereotype them as entitled, lazy, and unsocial, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to know what millennials are all about and how to reach them, this episode is for you! In this episode, I sit down with millennial marketing expert Jeff Fromm. This guy knows millennials, and today, he gives...


Episode 013: Mapping the Modern-Day Consumer’s Path to Purchase

If you search online for a pair of boots, those boots will follow you around the internet for weeks. But is this really what compels consumers to buy? The way people seek out and receive information has changed, which has drastically shifted the consumer’s path to purchase. No one knows this better than today’s guest, John Andrews. As the founder of Walmart’s ElevenMom’s program, John noticed the early changes in how consumers receive and digest information, and recognized the power that...


Episode 012: Real-Time Contextual Marketing and Email Personalization

When it comes to email, consumers expect personalized, engaging content. But what does that look like? Today, we have the technology to deliver personalized emails based on time, device and even the location of the user. As marketers, knowing how to use real-time contextual marketing to create a more robust email marketing strategy is critical. I spoke with Justin Foster, co-founder of Liveclicker, about how real-time contextual marketing can empower your personalization efforts and drive...