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Step into The Commerce Marketer studio as we chat with experts across the retail industry about email marketing, eCommerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. The conversation is full of helpful information you'll certainly find useful in your own endeavors and we’ll have a little fun as well.

Step into The Commerce Marketer studio as we chat with experts across the retail industry about email marketing, eCommerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. The conversation is full of helpful information you'll certainly find useful in your own endeavors and we’ll have a little fun as well.
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Step into The Commerce Marketer studio as we chat with experts across the retail industry about email marketing, eCommerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. The conversation is full of helpful information you'll certainly find useful in your own endeavors and we’ll have a little fun as well.








Episode 047: The Rise of BOPIS & What It Means for Retailers

As today’s consumers continue to expect fast and free shipping, buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), also known as click-and-collect, is increasingly becoming a focused strategy for retailers. From pickup lockers and curbside delivery to in-store counters, BOPIS allows consumers to receive their orders quickly while helping keep retailer delivery costs under control. In this episode, Charles Dimov, vice president of marketing at Order Dynamics, will discuss what consumers expect from...


Episode 046: Email Deliverability: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that having good email deliverability does not mean your emails reach the inbox? Email deliverability has many components that factor into a message reaching the inbox. Understanding email deliverability is crucial, yet many marketers do not fully understand what goes into it. This episode features Chris Kolbenschlag, Oracle Bronto’s director of deliverability, who tackles the myths, best practices, things marketers shouldn’t do and other elements around email...


Episode 045: Email Marketing, Deliverability and Marketing to a Niche Audience

“The landscape has totally changed, and it becomes harder and harder to fight for that real estate in the inbox.” As a retailer, how do you solve this challenge? Kyle Randall and Nate Martin work in a niche industry notorious for email deliverability issues, and they’ve not only overcome these issues, but built an email marketing program that engages their audience in a way that’s impressive to any retailer. In Episode 45 of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I welcome Randall and Martin,...


Episode 044: Post-Purchase Email Marketing

Whether you’re a seasonal business or not, focusing on the customer experience is a key component of driving repeat and loyal customers. But, if you sell high-quality, made-to-last artificial Christmas trees, how do you generate that repeat business? How do you stay relevant and top-of-mind throughout the non-holiday season? Enter post-purchase email marketing. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, we’re going to talk about how one seasonal retailer found success driving...


Episode 043: Super Bowl Commercial Recap Roundtable

More than 100 million people watch the Super Bowl each year, but the commercials have become the must-see event within the event. At a price tag of more than $5 million for a 30-second commercial, companies are banking on the effectiveness of these ads. In Episode 43 of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, we’ll have a three-person roundtable discussion about the Super Bowl from a marketing and entertainment perspective. We’ll revisit the commercials, halftime show, and even how we interacted...


Episode 042: Facebook and Social Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is no longer simply applying a budget and boosting front-facing posts. They’re mostly pay-to-play platforms, and in order to truly get ROI from your targeted audience, you have to implement a deeper strategy with the right data. So what can companies learn from a digital agency that serves the automotive industry, a vertical with high price points and longer decision cycles? In this episode, we’ll talk about Facebook and social media marketing strategies: how to...


Episode 041: Best Moments of 2018, Presented Mullet-Style

2018 was a great year for The Commerce Marketer Podcast. Over 26 episodes, we covered a variety of digital marketing topics like SEO, paid search, email marketing and segmentation, marketplaces, customer experience, IP infringement, and retail and marketing trends — to name a few. In this “best of” episode, I take a look back at some of my favorite moments — both serious and fun — from 2018. The episode is styled like a mullet, with business in the front and a party in the back. In the...


Episode 040: Successful Email Marketing After Going Direct-to-Consumer

Many B2B companies today are making the move into selling direct-to-consumer (D2C). This allows companies to grow revenue, control their branding better, and provide a more personal customer experience. But trying to keep your partners happy while growing your bottom line can be like walking a business tightrope – but while difficult, it can be accomplished if planned properly. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I am joined by the Director of Ecommerce at RST Brands, Matt...


Episode 039: Making CLTV Bloom With Email Marketing Segmentation

Think of the last time you bought flowers online. Chances are it was for a specific occasion. Most retailers selling occasion-based products obsess about driving repeat purchasers while minimizing churn — easier said than done. This is why segmentation and targeting tactics across digital channels is critical for achieving long-term customer loyalty. In this episode, I’m joined by Phil Irvine, CRM Director at online floral retailer, who knows this story all too well. You may...


Episode 038: Bringing Retail Supply Chain-Sexy Back

Have you ever checked a store’s site to confirm an item is in stock, only to get there and find that it wasn’t? Or maybe went to order something online but found it will take more than one week (gasp!) to reach you? What’s the next move… wait a week or shop elsewhere? Consumers today expect speed and efficiency with online purchases, and inefficient supply chain management can not only create a poor customer service experience but also unnecessarily increase retailers’ costs. In this episode...


Episode 037: Paid Search Strategies, Changes, and Trends for 2019

During the 2017 holiday season, paid search drove more than 23% of website traffic. It is an important, and, for many, invaluable marketing tactic. But if not done right, it can be costly – too costly! As everything else in digital marketing evolves, paid search is no exception. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I am joined by the founder of StatBid, Roy Steves. We are going to talk about the changing landscape of paid search with both Google and Amazon, strategies for...


Episode 036: How to Get Amazon Reviews & Why Your First 50 Matter

Have you ever bought something on Amazon that had a 1-star rating – or no ratings at all? Me neither. Have you ever bought something on Amazon that you liked, but did not review it? Guilty as charged! Customer reviews can be critical to product success, especially when it comes to the first 10. But collecting them can be difficult. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I am joined by the CMO of Sellerlabs, Jeff Cohen. We are going to talk about strategies for collecting those...


Episode 035: Creating a Curiously Awesome YouTube Marketing Strategy

Retailer Vat19 has taken a video-first approach to marketing. With over 1,200 YouTube videos, and the majority of website traffic and sales originating from the channel, they have become dependent on YouTube videos to drive sales. But what happens when YouTube changes their algorithms, sending site traffic and sales plummeting? What happens when consumers tune out a video after only a few seconds? What happens when free social marketing turns out to be anything but? In this episode of The...


Episode 034: Marketplace Bootcamp: Keys to Successful Selling

When you think of marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, do you think friend, foe, or frenemy? Selling on marketplaces is no longer as easy as throwing up a product listing and watching it sell. In today’s competitive environment, it takes consideration at every step of the process, from marketing and selling to fulfillment. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, you get two Gregs for the price of one. Whether you’re just starting out or have a full-fledged marketplace...


Episode 033: The Tricks – and Treats – of Being an Entrepreneur

Candy may be fun, but business can be hard. Viewers of the TV show The Profit witnessed this when Sweet Pete’s Candy was front and center. Sweet Pete’s was a small candy shop faced with many business challenges: Marketing a business with no built-in foot traffic, creating an exceptional customer experience, and growing a business while being under-equipped, under-staffed, and saddled with a partner who stalled growth. I’m joined by two confectionary conquistadors, the founders of Sweet...


Episode 032: May the On-Demand Economy Be With You

From on-demand grocery delivery to rideshare drivers delivering dinner, the on-demand economy is continuing to evolve and disrupt traditional services and retail. I’m joined by Scot Wingo, founder of the on-demand car care service Spiffy. We’ll discuss how the on-demand economy has changed over the past several years, reasons why on-demand companies fail, challenges with user adoption, and how to evolve and grow in an increasingly competitive space. And what the heck - we’ll even talk some...


Episode 031: The Changing Face of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are created to encourage repeat customers, build brand advocates, and drive loyalty. But in today’s age, how consumers respond to and engage with retailer loyalty programs is changing. Monetarily incentivizing customers in order to move them from one tier to the next is not a recipe for long-term loyalty. I am joined by Chris Bechtel, VP of Growth & Marketing at Annex Cloud. We’ll discuss all things loyalty programs, such as program structure, types of rewards, macro and...


Episode 030: CRO, Email Marketing, UX, Website Tests and “Princey” Things

I'm joined by Jamie Schreter, Chief Strategy Officer at the ecommerce agency diff, for a wide-ranging conversation covering topics like CRO, website testing, UX design, email marketing and more. Jamie will share examples of website tests, results and lessons learned, websites changes that caused cart abandonment rates to drop, and the hidden dangers of growing your email list. And in a little role reversal, Jamie flips the script and asks Greg questions ranging from the next big thing in...


Episode 029: The Business of Beer. How 3 American Ex-Pats Started a German Brewery

Something’s brewing on this episode of the podcast. I sat down with David Spengler, co-founder and owner of Vagabund Brauerei, to discuss how three American ex-pats learned to brew beer by watching YouTube – and then started their own brewery in beer’s own backyard, Germany. We’ll talk about entrepreneurship, how to grow at scale, the customer experience, marketing strategies, competing with large corporations, and how a small brewery with no marketing budget has been able to grow and thrive...


Episode 028: 17 Juicy SEO Tactics Worth the Squeeze

Over the past 15 years, the tactics used to improve SEO have continued to evolve. And with the increase of non-traditional “search engines”, like Amazon and social media sites, focusing on improving all aspects of your SEO has never been more critical. So which strategies is the juice worth the squeeze? In this episode I sat down with Ronald Dod, Co-founder and CEO of Visiture, to discuss 17 SEO tactics, and why they are so critical as the SEO landscape evolves. We’ll discuss: • Which SEO...