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Episode 9: Member Engagement

Kyle, Dan, and Aasa discuss what member engagement looks like for co-operatives, given how many difference types of co-ops – and different types of members – there are. Is membership engagement just about getting messages out to members, or do co-ops need to be actively listening to members as well? What are the best ways to do that?


Five big ideas for leveraging the co-operative advantage in a rapidly changing world

In this episode, Aasa sat down with Dr. Dionne Pohler ( to discuss her keynote speech from the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association’s 2018 conference. Dr. Pohler’s address touched on five big ideas that co-operatives should keep in mind, given the unpredictable social, economic, and technological atmosphere in which we currently live. Her five ideas are: • Good governance is about more than strategic planning, oversight, and risk management • Avoid...


The Importance of Board Diversity

In the last episode in our series on board governance, Audra, Kyle, and Aasa talk about the importance of diversity on boards. Having people with different backgrounds, life experience, and skills helps ensure fresh perspectives on planning and problem-solving; we draw on personal experiences to discuss issues around recruiting diverse boards and making sure there is space at the table for people to contribute.


Dealing with conflict on a board

In this episode, Audra, Kyle, and Aasa tackle what happens when things get contentious on a board. We discuss the kinds of conflict that boards of directors may have to deal with, and whether or not conflict is always a negative thing. We also talk about strategies for mitigating conflict in board situations, some ‘noinky’ information on the procedures around dealing with conflict, and things to avoid when problems arise. Links referred to in this episode: Stocksy United:...