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What are other agents & brokers doing to thrive? What are the biggest trends affecting the retail insurance agent & broker? What are the most important strategies and tactics you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Connected Insurance Podcast, where Michael Jans discusses the biggest issues affecting the independent insurance agent and broker with the industries leading figures.

What are other agents & brokers doing to thrive? What are the biggest trends affecting the retail insurance agent & broker? What are the most important strategies and tactics you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Connected Insurance Podcast, where Michael Jans discusses the biggest issues affecting the independent insurance agent and broker with the industries leading figures.
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What are other agents & brokers doing to thrive? What are the biggest trends affecting the retail insurance agent & broker? What are the most important strategies and tactics you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Connected Insurance Podcast, where Michael Jans discusses the biggest issues affecting the independent insurance agent and broker with the industries leading figures.




Ryan Mathisen – CEO of Glovebox

Insurtech startup CEO declares, “The agency channel is NOT broken… but here’s how we need to make it better.” Ryan Mathisen should know how the modern insurance customer feels about insurance – before he was CEO of Glovebox, he was a principal at one of the fastest-growing personal lines agencies in North America. When you measure your customers in the tens of thousands, you can’t help but hear what they say and how they feel. In this fast-paced conversation, Ryan reveals: The three most...


Joel Zwicker – Business Development Team Lead at Agency Revolution

He’s dialed more than 17,000 agents & brokers. This is what they are telling him right now. What’s the mood of the independent insurance agency today? What do the best of the best do differently? To help find out, Michael Jans sought out the one person who may have spoken to more agents & brokers than anyone alive. Joel Zwicker talks to agents & brokers for a living. He’s had thousands of in-depth conversations – often stretching over multiple months. As a former insurance agent for 11...


Rich Savino – Managing Partner at the Broadfield Group

PIA’s National Agent of the Year delivers straight talk to agents everywhere Once a year the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents declares one agent—out of many hundreds of thousands—to be recognized as Agent of the Year. This year, longtime Agency Revolution client Rich Savino, CPIA, CIC, and Managing Partner at the Broadfield Group, was honored. Not only does Rich have 42 years of experience in the insurance industry, he runs an agency that strives to be as modern as the...


Michael Jans – The 4 Stages of ‘The Marketer’ in the Modern Insurance Agency

How the marketer fits into today’s insurance agency model Should you hire a marketer for your agency? What should they do? How do you manage them for maximum results? The ‘shape’ of agencies is quickly changing to meet the modern consumer. More and more agencies are hiring part to full-time marketers to help them scale their organic growth. Michael Jans calls on his nearly 30 years of insurance marketing experience to answer this emerging problem. To help agency principals—and...


Chuck Blondino – Director of Agency Capabilities and Programs at Safeco Insurance… Returns with 2019 Safeco Survey Data Insights

What the most successful agents are doing today according to the latest Safeco and Liberty Mutual agency survey Want to know what’s working today? And you want proof? You’ll get both in this fast-paced, data-loaded conversation with Chuck Blondino, Director of Agency Capabilities and Programs at Safeco Insurance. Chuck returns to the podcast to share the most important data from the latest Safeco and Liberty Mutual agency survey. Listen to this discussion to discover what the most...


Tom Super – Vice President of Insurance at J.D. Power

Tom Super – Vice President of Insurance at J.D. Power This is what the modern insurance consumer wants… according to science! Would it be useful for your agency if you better understood the modern insurance consumer? Of course! In this podcast, Michael Jans interviews the man with the answer. Tom Super leads the Property & Casualty Insurance Intelligence Group at J.D. Power and is responsible for leading the continued expansion of the insurance practice. In this jam-packed interview, Tom...


Ashley Fitzsimmons – Customer Experience Manager at Ohio Insurance Agents Association

The “Beyoncé of insurance” delivers insight into how to bring fresh energy into your agency—from a millennial's perspective Ashley Fitzsimmons has been living and breathing insurance nearly all her life. While she officially started her professional career as a licensed agent for her family’s business, Fitzsimmons Insurance Agency, Ashley has since spread her wings at the OIAA, bringing her knowledge and passion for our industry to as many agents as possible. In this lively discussion,...


Jamie Trovato – Founder of Trovato Associates

Agency principal shares practical steps you can take to give your customers the wow experience they’re looking for. When Jamie Trovato left the captive insurance world to start his own independent insurance agency, he discovered how much more control you could really have over the customer experience. As he began investing more of himself into the technologies and processes that make an insurance agency run, one of the most striking things he discovered is how much customers will thank you...


Attracting Millennials in the Modern Insurance Landscape

Industry experts deliver important insight you need to keep your agency relevant in the future. The independent insurance channel is facing two deeply interconnected issues with millennials: the average agency is struggling to attract the US’s largest generation as customers… and they’re unable to attract them as members of their team. If you want your agency to stick around for the long haul, you’re going to need to build a workforce that really understands what the customers of tomorrow...


Mark McLaughlin – Global Insurance Director at IBM

IBM Global Insurance Director shines a light on the future of the independent agency system (and how agents must respond!) At the intersection of insurance and technology sits—not yesterday’s startup—but one of the most valuable and influential companies in the world: IBM. Their Global Insurance Director, Mark McLaughlin, took time from his international duties to discuss the future of the industry with our host, Michael Jans. Serious students of the industry must listen to this frank and...


Mike Demko – CEO of My Insurance Videos and Awesome Social Posts

You cannot ignore the power of video! Leading insurance marketing expert shows how to make it easy for agencies. Why are marketers swarming to video? Simple. It works. Video is 500% more likely to get engagement than messages with images, and 600% more likely to be remembered… and modern consumers expect video. Savvy agents are jumping on video now—and getting a leadership position on a rapidly maturing marketing medium. Whether you want more customers or more loyalty from your customers,...


Dennis Chookaszian – Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Premier industry expert delivers a masterclass in ‘the industry right now’. Note from our host, Michael Jans: When I told a colleague I had just interviewed Dennis Chookaszian, he said, ‘He might know more about insurance than anyone alive.’ I replied, ‘This much I know to be true: I learned more in that one hour than any single hour in the past year – no doubt.’ A legit industry super-star, Dennis is the retired Chairman and CEO of CNA Insurance Companies. He served has served as...


George Krahn – Founder & Principal of Proven Results Marketing Agency

Leading ‘Advanced Technology’ marketing expert shares the newest secrets to online advertising. What does an agency principal need to know about the latest breakthroughs in digital marketing? After all, it’s likely that the principal won’t be the hands-on technician, right? But, every principal who sees their primary job as building a reliable Organic Growth Machine for their agency should at least know what today’s marketing technologies can do for them. George Krahn, Founder & Principal...


Rashmi Melgiri, Co-Founder of CoverWallet, and Michael Konialian, General Manager at CoverWallet for Agents

‘Instant’ small commercial lines? Emerging Technology offers a new option for independent agents You may have heard of CoverWallet. A ‘CNBC Upstart 100’ recognized as a top global start-up. You may have also heard of them as a very fast growing, very innovative agency. With over 225 employees. Going directly to the consumer. But, now, they’re offering their own technology to you. The independent agency. At the very least, you need to listen to what they do, how they serve the agency force…...


Ryan Deeds – Vice President of Technology and Data Management at Assurex Global

Insurance data nerd reveals secrets to creating digital content that wins the hearts of insurance consumers Ryan Deeds is one of the biggest insurance nerds in the entire industry – it’s a big reason why he writes for Insurance Nerds and co-hosts The Digital Broker Podcast alongside Steve Anderson when he’s not pouring himself over raw data as Assurex Global’s Vice President of Technology and Data Management. Ryan’s experience and positions afford him powerful and relevant insight into...


Chris Burand – President of Burand & Associates

Insurance futurist declares ‘Fork in the road ahead’ – which direction is your agency headed? Chris Burand—one of the industry’s most respected thought leaders, analysts, valuation and acquisition specialists—has seen enough of the future to give agents a clear-eyed heads-up. Chris has led more than 350 seminars and workshops. He’s been published over 400 times. He writes a monthly column for the Insurance Journal, and you’ve probably seen him in Rough Notes, National Underwriter, AM Best…...


Matt Masiello – CEO of SIAA and President & CEO of SAN Group

The surprising evolution of the independent insurance agent Matt was recently honored with the Business America ‘Hot 100’ Award which recognizes leaders who are shaping the future of insurance – and there’s no wonder why when you realize SIAA has 13% of all independent agencies in their alliance, has created 4,487 new agencies since 1995, and saw $690 million in premium growth in 2018 alone. One way or another, Matt is influencing your agency. This brief hour with Matt will clarify your...


Chris Jarvis – Best-selling Author, Insurance Expert, and Entrepreneurial Strategist

Life insurance in a P&C agency… why the big controversy? Why do so many P&C agencies struggle with the ‘life sale’? Chris Jarvis—best-selling author of 15 books, million-dollar producer, and former P&C actuary—digs deep into the challenges and opportunities facing P&C principals: How to avoid the biggest and most common mistakes selling life insurance in your agency.The dramatic impact the life sale has on client retention. (You’ll want to do the math on what this means for your...


Christopher Cook – Owner & President of Alliance Insurance Services

Agency hires marketer… hits 34% growth: lessons learned If you’re seeking growth and have time for one conversation, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Christopher Cook, Owner & President of Alliance Insurance Services shares what he did to hit 34% year-over-year growth – and what he’s learned along the way. A recent survey by Safeco revealed that 56% of agencies surveyed had some form of ‘marketer’ on staff. This very new industry role has transformed the way agencies grow. Chris...


What Does Marketing Mean in 2019?

In this brave new world, technology has brought scale to the classic principles What happens when you bring together 4 of the sharpest marketing minds in the insurance industry? You get a conversation loaded with so much great information that it bears revisiting… more than once. Michael DeLaGrange, Brent Sheppard, Robert Knop, and Tyler McConvill gathered last week to help you define what marketing means in 2019. And together they concluded that while a lot of the core principles remain...