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Important Considerations for Operating System Migrations [Episode 3]

In this talk of the Connected Supply Chain, operating systems are the focal point. As a result of the majority of traditional Windows Mobile platforms having grown obsolete, there is considerable buzz in the tech world about the need for the migration of older generation technologies to newer operating systems and platforms. Mark Steger, Principal Solution Architect for AB&R®, lays out the details of what to expect, some strategies for handling operating system migration (as well as data...


RFID 101: A Primer on Radio-Frequency Identification [Episode 2]

This episode of the Connected Supply Chain is a special look into Radio Frequency Identification. Within the episode, Principal Solution Architect for AB&R®, Mark Steger, provides context on the history, specifications, and future of RFID for its supply chain implementation. To start, Mark explains that RFID is chiefly utilized for the identification of assets, inventory items, people, and even pets. He likens the technology to a “talking barcode”; where a standard barcode is a more or...


A Marvel in RFID Technology: The Game-Changing Capabilities of Zebra’s ZC10L for Card Printing, Event Spaces, and Tracking [Episode 1]

Key Links Product page for Zebra ZC10L ------------------------------------------- In this fascinating episode, the Zebra ZC10L large-format card & badge printer is showcased in all of its technological glory by guest Ted Morgan, a twenty-five year veteran of AB&R® and an expert on the technology. The crux of the whole episode centers on the implications of the printer’s RFID capability and how this will revolutionize event spaces. As Ted relays to listeners, event spaces like trade...