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TCF209: Building up and Inspiring Your Team with Andrew Lingan

Andrew Lingan is one of the owners of Premier Ponds out of Burtonsville, Maryland. He started working there during his college summers and over the course of the past 10 years has grown to become one of the owners. One of the things Premier Ponds does so well is investing in their team, finding A-players (FWs), and really leading their guys on a strong career path that is both beneficial for them and the company. Every year they do a “Truth Hike” where the entire team goes on a hike together...


TCF208: Growing Your Business from the Ground up with Allan Ferguson

Allan Ferguson of Omega Home Services has been through it all. His business currently brings in over 22 million in revenue and he has 80-90 guys on his staff but he started out like a lot of us - with a single truck. Allan has grown his business, lost it all, started again, and came out even more successful. Because of this, he has some really amazing advice on how to and grow your business the right way. If you’re having trouble scaling your business or don’t even know where to start you'll...


TCF207: Managing Your Company’s Online Image with Josh Kelly

These days, your company's online image is vital to growing your business and keeping clients happy. Josh Kelly owns RevuKangaroo and manages the marketing for Parker & Sons out of Phoenix, AZ who, in 2018, went from 6 million to over 100 million in business largely in part to their online presence and great customer service. Reviews are becoming more and more prevalent in the way that customers are searching for businesses to hire and that’s why Josh figured out how to earn 5,000 5-star...


TCF206: Building a Bold Brand Identity with Tommy Welch

Having a strong brand identity and taking care of your employees are two surefire ways of running a successful business and keeping everyone happy. As Tommy Welch will tell you, it’s everything. Tommy owns 1st Class Painting & Restoration out of Charleston, SC and has been kicking ass for the past 15 years by not only creating a strong and bold brand identity but also establishing a happy and sustainable work culture to ensure that he keeps his employees (and himself) happy. In this...


TCF205: Crush it with Content Marketing

This week is all about content marketing. A lot of you guys are in a slump right now. The weather is getting colder and the phone has stopped ringing. But what can you be doing to make sure that phone is ringing year-round? The answer is simple. Content marketing. Content marketing can establish you as an expert and build trust with a potential customer before you even talk to them personally. Plus, it’s cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. If you’re not already doing some sort of...


TCF204: Scaling Your Business with Tommy Mello

This week Tommy Mello is back and he’s got a new book that’s out NOW called Home Service Millionaire. If you want to scale your business and take it to the next level, this book can definitely help you set up a strong foundation for success. As Tommy will tell us, even if you don’t plan on selling your business, you want it running and set up like you are! In this episode, we talk about… Using a CRM3rd-party lead generation platformsTracking your leadsUnderstanding KPIs (Key Performance...


TCF203: Contractor Business Tips: If You Meet Our Budget You Will Get the Job

This happens to contractors all the time - a prospective client will say to you “If you can meet our budget we’ll let you do this job”. For decades, contractors have been giving away control to the point where the average consumer thinks that they can play budget games and try to tell us how much a job will cost. Fortunately for you, there are clear steps we can take to regain the ownership of the budget; and it all starts with taking control of your business. In this episode, we talk...


TCF202: Taking Control of the Negativity with Scott Vail

Scott Vail is a painting contractor and motivational speaker from Florida who speaks about his non-traditional route to achieving his success and his degrees. Throughout his career, Scott has juggled many different aspects of his life to get to where he is today and in this episode, he shares his best advice on how to pursue other goals and interests while also growing your business. As Tom will tell you, Scott is also one of the most positive people he has ever met and that’s no coincidence...


TCF201: What should you really expect from your foreman?

Having foreman can solve a lot of your problems and allow you to run your business with the bigger picture in mind. But, if you're not doing it right, it can also create problems. A lot of guys are having a really hard time even though they have a foreman or two and multiple crews out in the field. There’s a whole number of things that you need to make sure you’re doing to keep your team happy, successful, and efficient. In this episode, we talk about… What to expect when you hire a...


TCF200: Improving Your Sales Process to Get Your Ideal Clients with Dan Sherwood

Dan Sherwood is the owner of Sherwood Paint and is a Contractor Sales Academy member who recently had a 54% increase in sales in the past year all due to improving his sales technique. Before joining the CSA, Dan realized he was working too hard and bringing home too little and that something needed to change. By changing his mindset and getting focused on self-improvement, Dan was able to nail down a sales system that not only improved his numbers but also brought him his ideal clients! In...


TCF199: Contractor Business Tips: How To Price And Produce For A Profit

In order to grow, you have to be committed to pricing and producing for a profit. Too many contractors are trying to grow themselves into profitability by taking on too many jobs. However, the truth of the matter is that most of cannot grow ourselves into profitability. If you’re not already profitable and functioning smoothly on a proven system then why would you want to scale that? By taking control of your pricing and producing for profit you will begin to see yourself become more...


TCF198: Building Your Brand with Logan Shinholser

As a contractor, something that often gets overlooked is building your brand. How do you come off to prospective clients? What is your website telling prospective clients about your company and what you stand for? This week, Tom sits down with Logan Shinholser of Full Sail Marketing, a marketing agency specifically for contractors and construction companies, to discuss all of these things and much, much more. In this episode, we talk about… Giving a good first impressionSelling the...


TCF197: Stop Peeing in Your Drinking Water

We all have habits - good and bad. These habits are conditioned into us by the decisions we make until eventually they become second nature. One of the worst habits to develop is making excuses. The habit of making excuses is toxic to your growth and anything you do. Each time you make an excuse you’re peeing in your drinking water. You’re adding something toxic to your mind. No more letting yourself off the hook! It’s time to stop letting excuses hold you back from the things you want. In...


TCF196: Simplify Your Daily Tasks & Stay Organized with Tom Droste

You’re busy. Your day doesn’t need to be more complicated than it has to be. Luckily, there are some great tools out there that can help simplify your daily tasks, streamline processes, and keep yourself organized. That’s where Tom Droste of Estimate Rocket comes in. Estimate Rocket is software for Contractors designed to take care of major projects like lead and sales cycles, invoicing, and ongoing customer relationship management. In this episode, we talk about… Streamlining processes in...


TCF195: Q&A with Tom

In this solocast, Tom goes through the comments on The Contractor Fight’s YouTube channel and answers some of the most common questions that he comes across. If one person is asking something there’s probably a lot of other people wondering the same thing. From expanding your business to collecting deposits for jobs - this episode has a little bit of it all! In this episode we talk about… How to step away from the craft work and focus on your businessMapping out your business planWhat...


TCF194: Generating Leads and Creating a Marketing Plan with Brian Javeline

When business starts to slow down and the number of calls coming in begins to dwindle, contractors are often scrambling to generate leads on a short notice. But, if you’re marketing correctly and planning ahead, you should never have to worry about this! Brian Javeline lives by this and through his company, My Online Toolbox, helps contractors from all around by educating them about the best online practices and then helps them create and implement a marketing plan. There are a ton of online...


TCF193: Getting The Phone To Ring And My Thoughts On Partnerships

Right now, as predicted, contractors are reaching out because their phones aren’t ringing. You’ve been busy all summer and have thrown marketing to the side and now it’s catching up to you. You reap what you sow and if you’re not marketing year-round it WILL catch up to you. On top of that, getting into a partnership is not your solution. You don’t necessarily need a business partner. Especially if you’re running a shitty business! Links to resources: Want to stop sucking the life out of...


TCF192: Podcasting for Contractors with Travis Brown (Podcast Buddy)

Podcasts are growing in popularity and this is an amazing time to start and launch your own podcast! Even though podcasts are typically free, contractors can use them for marketing and growing their business. Podcasts allow contractors to share their story and provide value in an accessible way. We all understand the importance of relevant content, and Tom recognizes The Contractor Fight would not be possible and would not be as successful without the help and expertise of his friend, Travis...


TCF191: How To Make More Money As A Contractor: Building Your Team

If you have ever tried to build a team and have been disapointed then this episode is for you! Tom breaks down how to make more money as a contractor by Building Massive Unity within your team Links to resources: -Fight Nights -Contractor Fight Club -Contractor Sales Academy -The One Nail Program For those doing over $750k per year. Email Tom Reber is Leader of...


TCF190: Branding Your Business with Devon Tilly

You only get one chance to make a first impression and if you’re not branding your business in a first-rate way, you’re missing the boat. That’s why Tom sits down with Devon Tilly from The Art of Construction Podcast to discuss branding your business and marketing it appropriately. Don’t skimp on things that are going to help grow your business in the long run. If you’re smart about it, you don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money to build a brand identity that makes a statement. In this...