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11 CFO Spills the Beans: ROI for Outsourcing Offshore

Delve into outsourcing offshore for a busy finance department, with a straightforward look at the key tasks, staff qualifications and processes that are needed to drive success for any CFO or Finance Manager. Katrina Tocco, qualified CPA, has 5 years experience outsourcing finance tasks to the Philippines, refining processes with game changing ROI for the business. Katrina and Aimee cover everything from accounting in the cloud and staff headcount, through to local staff reactions....


10 Evolving Business and Evolving Outsourcing Models

Learn how to break down geographical boundaries across a whole business, experimenting with different outsourcing models and embracing wins and failures. Toby Jenkins, Olympian, author and co-founder of a web strategy consulting firm, has spent upward of 7 years testing various outsourcing models for his business. Toby and Aimee discuss the need for balancing face-to-face interaction and the digital environment when dealing with high-trust, high-ticket clients. Hear tips on how to take the...


09 Training Tips Revealed by Filipino Real Estate Trainer

Hear about offshoring from a different angle. Get a unique, behind-the-scenes look at Real Estate offshoring with Filipino, Lamey Vega, a top Real Estate Trainer in the Philippines. Lamey, Senior Account Trainer at Beepo, was part of the pioneering offshore team for Rental Express in 2013. Lamey shares her unique, step-by-step insights into the best-practice onboarding and training of offshore staff employed to work with Australian Real Estate businesses. Discover how training is...


08 The Outsourced Superhero Myth

Learn how to build a business, not a job, capturing that entrepreneurial spirit to drive a lean, scalable operation. Our guest Carl Taylor, began hiring staff overseas when he was only 16 years old. Carl discusses results-focused communication, delegating with less words, and common offshoring mistakes you can avoid. Discover why the superhero factor could be sabotaging your success, before you’ve even begun. [3:17] Don’t be naive when approaching offshoring [5:48] Running lean to...


07 Nailing the Niche Play with Offshoring

Learn how to stay profitable and competitive in a narrow, niche market, without compromising on quality. Hear from Chris Green, founder of two niche organisations that needed to stay competitive when cheaper, lookalike companies started to challenge their market share. Chris shares frank, often-confronting insights into the differences in work ethic, culture and challenges across the USA, Ukraine, India, and the Philippines and its popular offshoring regions. Discover the pros and...


06 The CMO's Secret Weapon

Chris Melotti, CMO of the Year, knows the intense pressure that comes with juggling the conflicting time and budget restraints of content marketing. Chris and Aimee discuss critical issues that drive marketers towards outsourcing offshore, including the huge amount of routine tasks, and how offshoring can add manpower without blowing the budget. Discover essential online and mobile tools for connecting local and offshore marketing teams. Learn best-practice strategies to get an offshore...


05 The CEO With a 100% Offshore Team

Hear from Charles McKay, CEO of a thriving agency, who has 100% of his team located offshore in South Africa and India. Charles and Aimee discuss this all-in approach to outsourcing, covering essential setup considerations, such as managing conflicting timezones and cultures, and monitoring performance within a global context. Learn about the top online tools and software used to drive success. Hear how this unique company structure brings benefits not only to suppliers and clients,...


04 Offshoring in the Modern Workplace

When Jackie Tan was offered help in her administrative job, she was thrilled until she was told that help would be based in the Philippines. Then her excitement became trepidation as she questioned how a long distance working partnership would work. She shares her experiences in Episode 4, Season 1 of The Corner Office podcast. Show Notes [1:07] Why administrative support was needed [2:00] Initial thoughts on sourcing admin support in the Philippines [2:32] Outsourcing has refined...


02 Introducing Offshore Staff to a Real Estate Business

The topic of outsourcing had been on the table for more than a year when the resignation of a key team player resulted in one company moving forward with outsourcing sooner than expected. In this episode, our guest Sonia outlines the lessons they learned along the way. When Sonia took on the role of head of a large property management department responsible for 1,200 properties, there had been some discussion early on about outsourcing some of the business’s tasks, namely around...


03 Security & Quality When Outsourcing

When Matt Garrett was asked to relocate to the Philippines to manage an outsourcing centre for an Australian company, he quickly learned his perceptions of what to expect were as far off the mark as you could get; they were after all, based on dealing with Filipino call centres! Instead of finding a population which struggled with English and was relatively unskilled, Matt found an eager, educated workforce with skills which would rival any of those to be found in Australia. He also found...


01 Tips for Offshoring Successfully

Aimee Engelmann interviews Nigel Beaman, Principal Consultant at LEADCI who was accepted a four month managerial contract at an outsourcing centre in the Philippines. Nigel had expected an unsophisticated operation with uneducated staff who had a poor command of English. What he found challenged all of his pre-conceived notions as he began to understand the cultural arrogance which can prevent some Australian companies from thriving under outsourcing partnerships. By giving his staff...