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Why hiring offshore staff works

When Jackie Tan was offered help in her administrative job, she was thrilled until she was told that help would be based in the Philippines. Then her excitement became trepidation as she questioned how a long distance working partnership would work. She shares her experiences in Episode 4, Season 1 of The Corner Office podcast. Show Notes [1:07] Why administrative support was needed [2:00] Initial thoughts on sourcing admin support in the Philippines [2:32] Outsourcing has...


Introducing Offshore Staff to a Real Estate Business

The topic of outsourcing had been on the table for more than a year when the resignation of a key team player resulted in one company moving forward with outsourcing sooner than expected. In this episode, our guest Sonia outlines the lessons they learned along the way. When Sonia took on the role of head of a large property management department responsible for 1,200 properties, there had been some discussion early on about outsourcing some of the business’s tasks, namely around...


Cultivating Your Offshore Team

When Matt Garrett was asked to relocate to the Philippines to manage an outsourcing centre for an Australian company, he quickly learned his perceptions of what to expect were as far off the mark as you could get; they were after all, based on dealing with Filipino call centres! Instead of finding a population which struggled with English and was relatively unskilled, Matt found an eager, educated workforce with skills which would rival any of those to be found in Australia. He also found...


Tips for offshoring successfully

Aimee Engelmann interviews Nigel Beaman, Principal Consultant at LEADCI who was accepted a four month managerial contract at an outsourcing centre in the Philippines. Nigel had expected an unsophisticated operation with uneducated staff who had a poor command of English. What he found challenged all of his pre-conceived notions as he began to understand the cultural arrogance which can prevent some Australian companies from thriving under outsourcing partnerships. By giving his staff...


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