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On a mission to document and educate how the Creative Industry and EQ and CQ are the foundational pillars of our society.

On a mission to document and educate how the Creative Industry and EQ and CQ are the foundational pillars of our society.
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On a mission to document and educate how the Creative Industry and EQ and CQ are the foundational pillars of our society.




Interview With an Aspiring Blade Smith And Former UK GB Team Athlete

In this Sunday's Episode of a Creative's View I will be interviewing Dom Cross. He is an aspiring Blade Smith and eventually Sword Smith. He was formally ranked 9th in the UK for under 18s Fencing and was on the GB Team but decided to take a different route. Now he is aspiring to become a blade smith with his own forge and has started to gain some attention in the Smithing world. Here is his Social Media tags: Work: Personal:...


Changing My Mindset. My Past, How I Did It And How You Could Too.

n this Saturday's episode I talk about three key topics. Firstly I outline why my mindset became bad and in part why I had to change it. Secondly why I had to change it. Finally key components that I have found that help me to keep a stable head that may help you stable yours as well. I hope you enjoyed this video and got some value from it. If you did don't forget to hit that subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up! If you would like to follow me on any of my social media accounts...


Negativity Kills

In this episode I wan't to illustrate more about how positivity as shaped my life and how it can hopefully help yours :) Structure of the episode: Section One: 1. Why I want to talk about this - Response to my past and how it has effected me - Seeing Other People Around Me 2. Thoughts and Feelings on this Topic - How it changes our perceptions of reality - How it affects other people's lives 3. Potential actions to try - 24 Challenge - Writing down three things we are grateful for each day -...


Honest Advice About Choosing A University 1

We are coming into a society now where university is being heavily debated time and time again as to wether it is a good decision and wether it matters which university you go in terms of the education. In this episode I articulate my thoughts from my experience of choosing a university why it doesn't matter which university you choose for most subjects and especially for business subjects. With place being the only player I highly suggest basing the decision of feeling. Thank you for...


An Update

Brief update on my situation. I am currently doing about six areas of my life and I shall be sharing my weekly 'creatives view' on where I am at. I have been putting off making and starting youtube aswell as the rest of stuff that I am talking about but I am back now and be mainly sticking to what I am talking about. I hope you enjoy this update and the future of this channel!


What do you know about the creative industry?

In this weeks episode, I talk about the information I have gathered over the last week, and I am sharing that knowledge to give a base for the next few weeks of interviews and vlogs. What I found in this research is there is a significant amount of data to indicate that the creative industry is a highly progressing industry that is massively underrated. I shall be starting to contact companies and creative individuals to start getting some interviews which should make the channel more...


1.0 Interview with Joe Edmond

In this episode, I have my first guest on the show! His name is Joe Edmond, and we discuss several topics around the creative industries/the film industry. How is it has grown and progressed into its current form with Youtube etc. Joe also gave some insight into his experience in the creative industry so far and overall it was a great first episode. I hope you enjoy it.


2019 Starts Now

This is a quick outline as to what my Podcast will be about in the future. I shall be discussing about the creative industry and EQ and CQ in the channel. I hope you enjoy.