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A Weekly Podcast about business development, company culture and loving the place you work just a little bit more.

A Weekly Podcast about business development, company culture and loving the place you work just a little bit more.
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A Weekly Podcast about business development, company culture and loving the place you work just a little bit more.




Episode 40 – Trade Organizations

We help construction companies. Being in a line of work like that puts us into contact with other organizations who do the same all the time. We work with several different trade organizations in a few different capacities, but always to the same end – helping subcontractors and GCs to do their work more efficiently, […]


Episode 39 – Don’t Let Zombies in Your House!

Halloween is coming, and if you hadn’t heard, we’re big fans of Halloween at Arcade. (Hence the upcoming Halloween party – #GetPunk’d2019) In preparation, we thought we’d record a podcast episode in the holiday spirit, so this week, we’re comparing Project Management to a Zombie movie! Often, we get involved with a project that is […]


Episode 38 – Planning Ahead

In the construction industry, it’s pretty common for companies to be busy all summer long. When the summer ends and the Seattle rainclouds come back out, a lot of our clients use that shift to start thinking about the coming year, so we’re talking this week about Planning. Whether you bring your team together for […]


Episode 37 – Storytime with Arcade (Part 2)

This episode is the second and final part of Storytime with Arcade. In this episode, we talk about our lives and work after we moved back to the Pacific Northwest from Toronto. Also, more (and possibly a tiny bit too much) scotch. As with last week, if you’re looking for business development information, you’ll find […]


Episode 36 – Storytime with Arcade (Part 1)

This week’s episode is a little different than our usual episode. After 35 episodes of talking about business development and company culture, we thought it might make sense to make an episode about where we came from, and how we came to this line of work. If you’re looking for business development information, you’ll find […]


Episode 35 – The Art of War

This week, we’re talking about our upcoming training series, The Art of War with ABC. People often ask us why we named the series The Art of War. When we read Sun Tzu’s book of military advice of the same name, we couldn’t help but feel like it was relevant to the contracting world today. […]


Podcast Episode 34 – Managing Performance

All month, we’ve been talking about the ways you can tune up your organization with regards to taking care of your team. This week, we’re talking about the misunderstood black sheep in the HR toolbox – Performance Management. On the one hand, we hear all the time that it’s everyone’s least favorite time of year. […]


Podcast Episode 33 – Building Your Map

This month on The Critical Path, we’re focusing on all of the little tweaks you can make to run a tighter ship. We talked about tasking, about compensation, and now we’re getting into the brass tacks of Organizational Mapping – the art/science of informing your teams of what they’re expected to do and how their […]


Podcast Episode 32 – Navigating Compensation

We talk a lot about company culture and the fact that money isn’t the only factor in a good hire. That being said, compensation is still an important factor to navigate if you want to strengthen your teams with every new hire. This week, we’re talking about compensation – about how to sort out what […]


Podcast Episode 31 – Get Your House in Order!

If boosting your business up to the next level is a journey (and it is,) the necessary first step of the trip is Time Management. Having the mental energy and actual minutes and hours to spend thinking about what you need and where you want to go requires having a little time to spare! This […]


Podcast Episode 30 – Jetpack Leadership Cohort

We’ve been talking a lot about leadership lately, and this week, to celebrate our 30th podcast episode, we are talking about our newest offering, the Jetpack Leadership Cohort. (Also, another scotchisode, if you’re interested in that sort of thing…) We’re building a year-long cohort program to focus a serious spotlight on all of the elements […]


Podcast Episode 29 – How to Boost Your Leaders

This week, we’re continuing our discussion about Leadership (after a brief unexpected hiatus as we replaced the carpeting in our office and everything was turned upside down for a couple of weeks!) We’re talking about: Our Three Prong Approach to Leadership 1. Being a person other people will want to follow 2. The day to […]


Podcast Episode 28 – Leading Your Team

Last week, we talked about building a strong team. This week, we’re taking the next logical step and addressing how to actually lead your team day-to-day. So much of leadership is a product of how you handle things that go wrong, and how you support your team through mistakes. We talk about: Building a Team […]


Podcast Episode 27 – Building Your Team

This month, we’re talking about Leadership. An often overlooked truth is that leadership starts at building the right team for the job. Understanding the needs of the task at hand, and your own boundaries as a leader is key to putting the right people in your corner. We talk about: You can’t hire processes Understanding […]


Podcast Episode 26 – Hiring the Right People

When we ask the question: What is the biggest challenge your business faces, the most common answer we hear is “I can’t find the right people.” Last week, we talked about how to identify whether a culture problem might really be the culprit. However, once you know you’re moving in the right direction with your […]


Podcast Episode 25 – Recruiting Problem or Culture Problem?

A common refrain when we meet with new clients is often ‘I just can’t find good people.’ Our response to this question is always to look a little deeper to try to understand, are we working with a recruiting problem or a culture problem? This week, we talk about the difference between the two, and […]


Podcast Episode 24 – Planning the Perfect Heist

Often, we run into teams on construction projects who view the planning process as a luxury that they can’t afford. After all, if they know how to do their work, they don’t need to spend time and money before the fact, right? They can just show up on the day that work begins and get […]


Podcast Episode 23 – Breathe

As the sun finally starts to appear and we start seeing the first truly warm days of the season, it’s inevitable that we all start thinking about vacations. Too often, vacations get pushed aside or interrupted without a thought for how important time to disconnect and recharge really is for all of us. This week, […]


Podcast Episode 22 – I’m Stuck Here!

This month, there are some big changes happening in our personal sphere. The more we talked through what to do about the latest parenting challenges, the more we realized that our work was very relevant, which ultimately led to this podcast. Often people stay at a workplace where they feel as though they can’t continue. […]


Podcast Episode 21 – Manage Like You Parent

Get ready for a very special episode of The Critical Path! This week is spring break, and the kids were hanging out at the office playing VR when it was time to record an episode. We sat down in front of the microphones with the two of them (now 13 and 16) to talk about […]