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Join the founder of Design Butler™ Dan Hodgins as he shares thoughts on life and business.

Join the founder of Design Butler™ Dan Hodgins as he shares thoughts on life and business.




Join the founder of Design Butler™ Dan Hodgins as he shares thoughts on life and business.








Achieving Greatness Through Routine: Part One

Greatness is attainable, but you won't get there through chance alone. Today's guest Michelle Steffes is the author of the book called: "Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine: A Guide to Creating a Success Routine ( ." In our conversation she shares some fascinating insights into how to rewire your brain...


Psychological Marketing With Mark Komula

A lizard, a wolf and a human…. 3 brains that influence the perception of your messages. Learn how to create marketing that resonates using the power of Psychological Marketing in today’s episode with Mark Komula - a marketing coach and consultant. There’s plenty of practical, actionable advice and insights, so listen closely! Like what you hear? Make sure to leave a star rating, 1-2 sentence review and hit that subscribe button to get all episodes automatically!


Building a Personal Brand With Kristen Hartnagel

Personal branding is all the rage these days. But is it worth doing? Listen closely to find out as Kristen Hartnagel from The Brand Builders Group shares their 4 step process for building a personal brand.


Facebook & Instagram Advertising - Part 1: Targeting

So you want to get the word out... and promote something. The question is how? Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram might just be the secret weapon you’ve been searching for. Find out why in today's episode! For show notes and links from this episode visit Brought to you by Design Butler™ - the world's only Graphic Design Concierge Service™ where you get unlimited designs for one monthly rate. There's a 3 day free trial where you can get up to 3 design jobs done at no...


Strategic Storytelling With Warren Thompson

Branding and storytelling are 2 crucial components of any company's communication and marketing plan. Join me as I interview Warren Thompson - an expert on how to use storytelling and narratives at a strategic level to communicate your message more effectively. Download or click play to listen to the episode, and if you like what you hear leave a star rating and 1-2 sentence review for the podcast. Enjoy!


How to Get What You Want - Using Email

If the things you want in life or business require outreach then listen up as I’m about to share a technique I’ve developed over years of trial and error!


The X Factor: How to Bake Growth Into Everything You Do

The idea of ‘baking in’ growth is a powerful one. Today we explore ways to systematically generate an increasing number of referrals using something we call the “X Factor”.


Naming Your Product, Service Or Initiative

Naming is hard. Today we give you a solution - a 6 step process to follow for naming your product, service, business, project or initiative.


Finding Greatness: How to Be Creative, Imaginative & Dominant In Your Field

Greatness IS attainable according to celebrities from the documentary “In Search of Greatness” by filmmaker Gabe Polsky. Listen up as Wayne Gretzky, Péle & Jerry Rice plus Muhammad Ali, Einstein, David Bowie, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan & others reveal the secrets behind their genius. Like what you hear? Click that subscribe button. Share this episode with your friends. Leave a rating and review.