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A series of podcasts which explain to a non-technical audience how "Dark Money" (e.g. money laundering, corruption, bribery, tax evasion) enters the financial system and infects everything it touches.

A series of podcasts which explain to a non-technical audience how "Dark Money" (e.g. money laundering, corruption, bribery, tax evasion) enters the financial system and infects everything it touches.


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A series of podcasts which explain to a non-technical audience how "Dark Money" (e.g. money laundering, corruption, bribery, tax evasion) enters the financial system and infects everything it touches.








Regulators, statistics and benchmarking

In this episode we look at how the FCA’s REP-CRIM report can assist firms in assessing the effectiveness of their AML controls through both trend analysis and benchmarking against their peers. And we explain how trend analysis such as this can benefit all financial institutions wherever they do business. Support the show (


Set the controls for the heart of the risk

In this episode we review the need for firms to review, and adjust as necessary, their financial crime control environment. We also talk about some of the triggers which might cause these adjustments and the actions which might follow. Support the show (


The Pandora Papers

In this episode we give our views on the Pandora Papers and some of the broader considerations which might flow from their release. Support the show (


Everything you ever wanted to know about remediation but were afraid to ask!

Remediation programmes are becoming an all too frequent feature of life for financial crime compliance departments, so we we’ve put together a summary of good practice, do’s and don’ts and other things to consider when embarking on such a course of action. Support the show (


It's RAG week at The Dark Money Files

Sometimes you just have to go back to basics. And this week it's risk. Does low risk equal no risk? Is all risk equal? Should you ever do EDD on a low risk customer? We answer these questions and many more. Support the show (


Alternative Laundries 4 - Informal Value Transfer Systems

In this episode we wander away from traditional banking intro the world of informal value transfer systems. Oh, and we look at the price of missile launchers. But you’ll need to listen to understand why! Link to the TBML paper written by John...


Alternative Laundries 3 - Art, auctions, sanctions and shells

Occasionally, we record an episode which is truly an exclusive, and this is one of them. This episode started life as a straightforward explanation of the use of art and auctions in money laundering schemes. And then it went off on the most unexpected and jaw dropping tangent. You’ll need to listen to understand how art, auctions, sanctions and shell companies relate to the explosion in Beirut and the world of money laundering. Support the show (


Dark Money Conference Special

This is just a very quick episode to let everyone know about the upcoming Dark Money Conference. It's online so it doesn't matter where in the world you are and it' going to be great! link to the website: Support the show (


The FCA's Dear CEO AML Letter

We interrupt our series on Alternative Laundries to review the recent FCA Dear CEO AML letter which, whilst aimed squarely at UK financial institutions, will have relevance across the world, especially where those global banks have UK retail operations. Support the show (


Alternative Laundries 2 - What are the odds?

In the second part of our Alternative Laundries series, and against all the odds, we turn our attention to casinos and gambling. It's a big deal! Support the show (


Alternative Laundries

In this episode, we dive into the world of alternative money laundering methodologies, starting with lending and insurance. And we find out that, with a bit of imagination, any store of value can be used to launder money - sometimes in surprising ways!


Stings, Hacks and Honeypots

Following the news that the FBI and Australian Federal Police had managed to seed a bogus “encryption device” into a huge global network of organised criminal gangs, followed by an equally global set of raids, arrests and asset seizures, we review what we know, alongside the recent Encrochat hack and surmise what this might mean in the fight against global organised crime.


Financial Intelligence Units and the Egmont Group

In this episode we talk all things FIU along with the history and role of the Egmont Group. We discover the different flavours of FIU and how they work with the other elements of government and the law. Support the show (


Everyone's a critic!

In this episode we look at the role of critical thinking in the world of Financial Crime Compliance. What it is, how it works and some examples of critical thinking in practice. And we conclude that it is one of the most important skills necessary for effective risk management.


We're going Dutch for this round!

With the breaking news that ABN AMRO have been fined just under €500m and three former executives are currently subject to a criminal investigation, we draw out the main themes emerging from the report. Support the show (


NatWest bank charges and boiling a frog

In this episode we talk about the recent criminal charges brought against NatWest Bank and liken the underlying issues to boiling a frog. Of course. Support the show (


IFF only we knew: Measuring illicit financial flows

In this week’s episode we deconstruct a recent paper from the.United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime which defined what is meant by an illicit financial flow and which proposed a statistical framework for reporting on them.


Formed in the USA - Beneficial Ownership and the Corporate Transparency Act

In this episode, we look at the newly enacted Corporate Transparency Act, specifically in relation to the new beneficial ownership requirements in the US, how they will work, who is affected and areas for improvement.


British Shells and the Beirut Blast

The massive explosion in Beirut. Sanctioned individuals. Dangerous chemicals. UK shell companies. ISIS. Russia. Syria. What connects them all? We do. There is an accompanying article on The Dark Money Files LinkedIn page.


TDMF - review of the year: Part Four

In the fourth and final part of our review of the year we talk about Woolly Rhinos, Chang'e 5 and Panto Dames. Recombinant vector vaccines, Edward Snowden and Dread Pirate Roberts. Plus we chuck in a quick review of the Egyptian dynastic period and life (or not) on Venus. What's not to like! Support the show (