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This podcast will cover a range of topics such as finding data talent, and AI training. We will also discuss more advanced subjects like assessing the value of your data team, identifying biases in AI and addressing pay gaps in data and analytics.


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This podcast will cover a range of topics such as finding data talent, and AI training. We will also discuss more advanced subjects like assessing the value of your data team, identifying biases in AI and addressing pay gaps in data and analytics.




Episode 6: Getting Into the Data Industry Without a STEM Degree

In this episode of The Data & AI Podcast Rockbornes Amy Foster is joined by data leaders Manca Vitorino, Caroline Zimmerman and Harleen Thethy to give their expertise and experiences regarding transitioning into the data industry from a non-STEM background. They discuss a variety of topics, from the biggest challenges they faced initially, to tips for any non-STEM grads looking to get into the industry. Intro 00:00-01:32 What inspired you to start a career in data 01:32-08:40 Were there challenges for you transitioning into data 08:40-16:35 How did you go about learning the technical aspect 16:35-22:40 What are your responsibilities as a leader in data? What are the fields in data one can focus on? 22:40-31:22 What is a fun fact you found in the data industry that changed your life? 31:22-35:22 Most challenging bit of your career to date? 35:22-40:55 Any tips to overcome imposter syndrome? 40:55-45:00 How do you think employers/data industry could encourage more people from a non STEM background to join the industry? 45:00-50:33 Any advice for a non STEM grad looking to get into data? 50:33-53:27 Wrapping up 53:27-54:06


Episode 5: Diversity Equity & Inclusion - How Data Leaders Can Take Action

In our most recent podcast episode, Harnham's India Walker-Smith sits down with experienced data leader Anita Caras to discuss leadership in the data space, and why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) needs to be part of every data leader's leadership strategy. This episode focuses on the ups and downs of leading in the data space as well as giving advice to people who may be new in a leadership role. 00:09-1:10 – India introducing Anita and asks her to summarise her career. 1:10-4:45 – Anita explains her career journey. 4:45-7:36 – What was your first leadership role? 07:36-11:34 - How did you end up going for the position of Global Co Chair of the Women’s Inclusion Network. 11:34 – 15:05 –How were your diversity and inclusion initiatives received at the time? 15:05-15:42 –When in your career were these initiatives taking place? 15:42 – 22:13 – What was the biggest challenge you faced in your career? 22:13 – 26:43 – What’s been the biggest success of your career? 26:43 – 31:51 – What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen throughout your career? 31:51 – 34:33 - How inclusive policies can start important conversations, and how can we move beyond them in the future? 34:33 – 39:41 - Any advice for someone who is new to the leadership space? 39:41-41:33 - What can leaders do to facilitate diversity and inclusion? 41:33-End -Thank you’s and outros.


Episode 4 - Key Findings from Harnham’s 2023 US Data & AI Salary Guide

Harnhams McElla Pappas Weber, Sam Jones and Kyle Anzalone get together to discuss the key findings of the 2023 US Salary Guide. They discuss everything from the top reasons data professionals leave a role, to remote working, and of course the hot topic of AI as well as much more. 00:00-03:40 Intro. 03:40- 12:00 Job security in the data industry. 12:00- 19:45 Does company culture matter more than compensation for candidates leaving their current role?/What are the main reasons people leave? 19:45 – 20:33 Are you seeing hiring trends for hiring chief ML/AI management positions? 20:33-22:07 Who’s seeking jobs right now, are middle management positions or entry/senior level positions more sought out? 22:07- 24:28 Do you think hybrid/remote work models are here to stay long term? 24:28-27:06 With the rise of AI/ML are there fewer core analytics roles? 27:06-28:42 How has the current recession impacted the data industry? 28:42- 33:27 What’s driving movement and attracting talent in the marketplace? 33:27-35:57 Is equity not a prime factor? 35:57 41:30 AI 41:30- 45:15 Top 5 technologies used by data professionals. 45:15- 47:47 Do you think diversity of tools used in the data industry is a challenge for job seekers? 47:47-49:32 Within data and tech, are you seeing a trend of employees needing to do ‘everything’ (data architecture, data engineering etc.)? 49:32-53:10 What skills should be considered for a candidate ‘upskilling’ themselves? 53:10-54:32 How do you differentiate the requirement in learning Excel and PowerBI? Which one is more powerful? 54:32- 56:41 Wrapping up.


Episode 3: Key Findings from Harnham’s 2023 UK Data & AI Salary Guide

This episode was recorded LIVE on LinkedIn - Harnham’s Kirsty Garshong, India Walker-Smith, Jamie Smith are joined by Rockborne’s CEO Waseem Ali to discuss the following: - What’s driving people to change roles - What skills and data tools are in high demand - The “AI storm”, and how it’s impacting the sector as a whole - Average salary increases between roles - And much more! 00:00-03:05 Intro 03:05-08:50 Stability through uncertainty for the data industry and pay increases 08:50-16:00 Return to office 16:00-18:05 More JD requiring more technical data skills even in insight-focused roles 18:05-27:39 Main reasons for people leaving their roles and top benefits of attracting candidates 27:39-30:00 Importance on softer skills and how to make sure your CV covers this aspect 30:00-36:19 Top benefits for attracting talent 36:19-44:00 AI and how its affecting jobs in the data & tech industry 44:00-46:00 Most popular technology used in data space 46:00-49:40 How important is cloud and which one is preferred by brands? Is AWS preferred over Azure and Google? 49:40-55:35 Are there any up-and-coming tools expected to be important next year 55:35-57:07 wrapping up Download the UK Salary Guide here:


Episode 2 - Data Literacy (with Waseem Ali & David Reed)

In this episode of the Data & AI Podcast Rockborne’s CEO Waseem Ali talks with author and Chief Knowledge Officer of DataIQ - David Reed. They discuss the concept of data literacy – everything from what it is and how to implement it into an organisation's data strategy, to how data literacy and AI will intertwine as AI becomes more prolific. If you want to learn even more about the topics discussed in this episode then pick up David's book ‘Becoming Data Literate’ here. 00:00-04:00 - Introduction to David 04:00-06:08 - What is data literacy? 06:08-27:20 - Proving the value of putting data literacy at the forefront of your data strategy? 27:20-41:15 - Discussion around AI and how it’s impacting data roles and society as a whole. 41:15-46:00 - What role do data leaders have to play in terms of increasing data literacy – the benefits of education and upskilling in the face of AI. 46:00-50:15 - How is the role of the data leader evolving? 50:15-52:15 - Three tips for new data leaders. 52:15-54:38 - David’s question for the next guest – how do you cope with the breadth of the domain? 54:38-End - Wrapping up.


Episode 1 – Quantifying the Benefit of Data (with Waseem Ali & Craig Civil)

Episode 1 – Quantifying the Benefit of Data In the first ever episode of The Data & AI Podcast, Rockborne’s CEO Waseem Ali sits with Craig Civil (Director of Data Science & AI @ BSI) to talk about quantifying the benefit of data and your data team, gaining stakeholders’ trust as a data leader and his thoughts on ChatGPT. To access Rockborne’s whitepaper ‘Quantifying the Benefit of Data’, download here: If your company is having difficulty finding skilled data professionals, you can rely on the global leader in data & AI recruitment, staffing and talent development to assist you with your hiring needs. Find out more at