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The Decode is a deeper dive into major success stories and patterns. Jase Bennett, the host, takes his guests though a journey back to the moments that they think, and some they might not have even realized, were the defining moments in their journey! Jase then reconstructs their journey in such a way that you will then be able to apply their catalysts to your journey!


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The Decode is a deeper dive into major success stories and patterns. Jase Bennett, the host, takes his guests though a journey back to the moments that they think, and some they might not have even realized, were the defining moments in their journey! Jase then reconstructs their journey in such a way that you will then be able to apply their catalysts to your journey!








How to Buy or Sell your Home using Bitcoin!



How to use NFT's in the Real World!

I had to bring Thiefaine Magre back onto the podcast today for his deep understanding of crypto currencies like bitcoin Ethereum and Solana. We dig into Web3, what it is and how it will change.


How To Buy an NFT that gives you 12 free nights a year in their BnB's

I have spoken about this NFT multiple times now and I just got the founder to break it all down for me! is disrupting the timeshare and Bed and Breakfast model! What if you could pay for a membership once and as long as you own your "membership card," or NFT you get those free nights in any of their locations? That is what is being set up and I couldn't be more pumped to be participating in their launch and "minting" my own cards! Get to their site and then also get on your discord...


What's Inside NFT's and How To Find Their Utility

In Todays episode Dan Markham and I scratch the surface to teach you what an NFT is. What they do and how you can start to understand what all the hype is about! Dan Markaham is Best known for his Channel What's Inside that he films with his son Lincoln. They have gone heavy into the Cryptosphere and are teaching me all they know!


How to start your own product company or add products to your existing brand



How to Act and get noticed by Ben Stiller with Charan Prabhakar

By being yourself, taking advantage of your situation


How to be a serial Entrepreneur couple and STAY MARRIED

Khyl and Michelle are the epitome of serial entrepreneurs ans the way they have been able to rise above their challenges is incredible! listen in to be inspired!


How To Build a New Business post COVID with Spencer Halford

After wearing through his shoes season after season Spencer's few clients turned into one of the largest internet, site building, firms in his state and West of the Mississippi. Here's how he did it!


When to Start Investing in Real Estate with Ken McElroy

Ken McElroy teamed up with Robert Kiyosaki back in the early days of Real Estate investing and shares his tips and tricks n how to do that now!


Mental Toughness with Chris Pierce

Mental Toughness with Chris Pierce


Liron Segev, The Techie Guy



Dan Markham What's Inside

Ever wanted to know how a massive Youtuber got started!? Was it luck, persistence or a mixture of the two!? take a listen and you'll love what you hear!


How to create a new business from nothing with Jay Yung (Part 2)

After walking away from his comfortable job with Walmart as one of the lead buyers over children's toys, Jay forged ahead starting his dream company. Jay took his asset and maximized them. He took his roll-o-dex and started calling. and very quickly after that, he surpassed his full-time income with his entrepreneurial income!


How to Go from Laid Off to Selling Millions with Jay Yung

Jay worked for Walmart for years perfecting his craft, managing millions and millions of dollars of their budget. They trusted him with their checkbook until they needed to batten down the hatches and he was one of the first to go. They said it was because he was the most qualified to succeed. It is true, Jay was is highly qualified and had the entrepreneurial blood coursing through his veins and he finally had been forced to follow that passion. Would you take the opportunity to follow that...


From Polygamy to Entrepreneurship A Fish Out Of Water Story

Today I met with Calvin Wayman to go over his amazing ventures! Before getting into the ventures at the end I wanted to take it back to the beginning. Calvin grew up in a polygamous family. He has 1 father and 4 mothers. He also has 45 siblings! Naturally I had to dive into that and the inner workings of one of the only families bigger than mine! ;) From there Calvin went to University and his fish out of water journey began. Calvin wrote a book called fish out of water because of his...


How to Have Your Social Media Accounts Pay For Your Dream Life with The Tannerites

Today I went deep into how to make it on social media with Johnny and Sarah Tanner of the Tannerites and YAWIvlogs channels! We talked about how to come up with and stick to your why and how to withstand the ups and downs of social media! Have you ever wanted to be a creator full time? Have you wanted to take your talents and turn them into a full time income? Have you worried about the negativity? Have you wondered when you could switch to working your passion full time? Tune in for...


Decoding Tiny Homes and how to make a fortune with them!

Today I had a great conversation with Brian Hawkins of the Tiny House Movement or otherwise known as @TinyHouseMovement on Instagram. We dug into his research on using tiny homes as investments, as accessory dwellings, and as primary residences. We then went over the pros and cons of building your own DIY tiny home! goodness were are loads of both! We had a blast talking about the pit falls and plusses of each style of tiny home. Are you able to get more than one bedroom into a container...


How I got a brand new startup into COSTCO selling MILLIONS

I have been asked thousands of times, how I got my action sports company into Costco. It is a great story filled with many business principles that I hope I can properly convey in this episode. This text will be short because I am uploading this while on my way to hike through China with my family of 8!


Your product idea is a million dollar brand! Thiefaine Magre and I tell you how!

Todays guest Thiefaine Magre and I go over his story! Working international banking in 2013 to creating product lines for multiple fortune and inc 500 companies in less than 5 years! Have you ever wanted to create a physical product? Have you wondered how? After it is made what do you do next? Thiefaine and I go over the best practices and procedures that you will need to implement into your process! Thiefaine...


How to create your own Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Have you ever wondered how to take the jump into your own entrepreneurial venture? Have you worried about things like security (myth), insurance, benefits etc etc etc? Today Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Podcast and I dive deeper into his story and how he and his wife April overcame these exact same challenges! What if you had just been laid off and you or your wife were pregnant... would you scurry back into another job or would you dig into your own venture and make it work so...