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Unravelling Denver one great story at a time...

Unravelling Denver one great story at a time...
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Unravelling Denver one great story at a time...






Denver's Punk Rock HORROR Podcast - What is it? Who is it? Let's find out.

One of the coolest things about being in podcasting is the people you meet in the podcasting community. There are a couple dozen local podcasts that cover a wide range of topics.. but none quite like the Punk Rock Horror podcast. It's really a podcast run by two bright local guys...about the Horror genre.. but presented in a very punk rock way. We love this podcast because it's raw, unfiltered...and just plain fun. We had a blast meeting up with the hosts, Kyle and Cody and discussing all...


I Made It Workshop - Downtown Denver's friendly wood shop for the "Maker" in you!

Francis Eggelton is the energy behind Downtown Denver's I Made It Worksop - a place anyone can go and build a craftsman level piece of furniture. Want to build a side table for your bedroom? A wine rack? Or how about a fly-tying station? You can do that here, without any experience. They even provide the wood! Located at 22nd and Welton in Denver's 5 points neighborhood, this beautiful and well-equipped wood shop is the answer for a city dweller's inner artisan. We sat down with Francis to...


From Rock Star to Classical Composer, Denver's Kip Winger on growing up in a musical family, heavy metal highs and lows, writing classical music and what's next | The Denver Podcast

Kip Winger has been down the proverbial road and back. At age 7 he started playing music with his brothers in their basement... and never stopped. His musical path would eventually lead him to New York City to make connections, form his namesake band 'Winger' and get signed to Atlantic Records in the late '80s - right at the end of the heavy metal MTV era. Fame and fortune would follow only to be strangled by a totally unexpected turn of events. Determined to press on, Kip released solo...


PANAMA SOWETO: Denver Spoken Word Artist, Teacher, Creative and All Around Badass! | The Denver Podcast

When Dr. Ben Carson visited Denver, one person asked him a pointed a question. That person was Panama Soweto, and that question got Panama fired from his job. Panama is a bundle of creative and productive energy that has positively impacted countless lives both in and out of Denver. Join us as we learn about his background, his seemingly infinite skill sets, his steadfast character, and what drives him to help the youth of Denver. Oh, and we'll learn a little bit about his now famous run...


Henriksen Amplifiers: A Denver Based Music Gear Company Building Little Guitar Amplifiers That Pack a HUGE Sound.

If you've ever sat around dreaming about how to make a better widget, then you'll love this interview with Peter Henriksen and Nate Mender of Henriksen Amplifiers. Hear the story behind how the family business got started and how their revolutionary product - The "Bud" - was born. Peter and Nate also provide lots of insights into the challenges of running a small design and manufacturing business - from speaker grille design to choosing suppliers, from managing growth to the challenges of...



We were excited when the Colorado Mammoth came calling, and asked if they could be on the program! Defender Dan Coates offers a lot of insight into the sport, the league, as well as the role the Mammoth organization plays in the community. Have a listen!


Ep.17 NATURE UNDER OUR NOSES - Jeffco Park Ranger Mary Ann Bonnell knows Crown Hill Park as well as anyone, and there's lots more to know than you might think.

How big is Crown Hill? How old is the park? Is it in Wheat Ridge or Lakewood? After living close to Crown Hill for over ten years, I realized how little I knew about the park, and decided to investigate. My request to Jeffco Open Space led me to Mary Ann Bonnell, a Jeffco Park Ranger who clearly has a passion for her job and has a TON of great information. Take a listen and learn about the history of the park, the flora and fauna that call it home, and how the community not only relies on...


Ep.16 Two sharp, young Denver creatives make good with JUNTO.

Wow. Where to start? I met David Freund a few months back and was immediately struck by his genuine passion for people and spirit for collaboration. He's the kind of person you cross paths with in life and want to remain connected to. Of course it follows that Pat Ahern, David's co-conspirator fits that mold but in a perfectly complimentary way to David. Together they form Junto, Denver's unique digital marketing agency powered by planet earth's best free-lance digital marketing talent....


Ep.15 What Drives MATTHEW PENDLETON of On The Road Coffee - Denver's Only Mobile Coffee bar (...inside a 1968 VW Beetle).

Denver is home to a lot of "unique" endeavors. It is crawling with outside of the box creative entrepreneurs...But seriously, how much cooler does it get than a retro coffee/espresso/tea bar on wheels? Matthew Pendleton of On The Road Coffee is a man on a personal mission - to shed the rat race and pursue his passions...and he chose an amped-up 1968 VW beetle to get him there. Learn More about On The Road Coffee and Matt Pendleton...


Ep.14 Starting a Business In Denver? You Need to Meet LJ SUZUKI.

Denver is BOOMING...businesses opening on every corner and such. Most of us know or have heard at some point in life that, sadly, a LARGE percentage of business fail within the first year or two - largely due to poor financial planning and management. Well...Denver entrepreneurs...It just so happens that LJ Suzuki is very good with money and wants to share his knowledge with you. As a co-founder of Denver based CFOshare, LJ works untraditionally as a "fractional" CFO with with every one...


Ep.13 The Best Bartender in Denver? We think so. Interview with "Q" of Cooper Lounge.

Ep.13 The Best Bartender in Denver? We think so. Interview with "Q" of Cooper Lounge.


Ep.12 Denver Author CYNTHIA SWANSON talks about writing, movie deals, and design

The Denver Podcast is excited to present an interview with best selling author Cynthia Swanson. In this episode Cynthia discusses her writing process, her success with "The Bookseller", as well as her upcoming projects. The conversation also covers her love of design and how it plays into her stories.


Ep.11 Saving The Clock Tower - Interview with DAVID FRENCH and WALLY HULTIN

In the middle of downtown Denver - right on the 16th street mall - stands the Daniels & Fisher clock tower. Built in 1910 as a marketing beacon to draw shoppers to the dry goods store that it was a part of, the D&F Tower somehow managed to survive the wrecking ball of urban renewal - the only building for 27 blocks to do so. This is its story, as told by Wally Hultin and David French, the not so evil developers who remodeled the 20-story building in the early eighties. For more info:...


Ep.10 Interview with CHRIS ZACHER - mastermind behind SW Denver's Innovative New Concert Venue - Levitt Pavilion

South West Denver is about to come alive, and it all leads back to Chris Zacher. Chris is one of the most intriguing people I've met in a long time. After managing & growing City Park Jazz to very unexpected quality and attendance levels, The city of Denver tapped him to - from scratch -organize, plan, design, find funding for, and build what will be the most community focused big league music venue in the Denver Metro area: Ruby Hill's new Levitt Pavilion. In this personal, revealing...


Ep.9 PAUL ITALIANO of Denver's FashioNation tells the story of how two young punkers with $1000 and a dream built this city's coolest punk clothing boutique.

Pam and Paul Italiano have been hard at work on their dream, FashioNation, Denver's coolest and longest standing alternative boutique for people of all ages (literally from 6mo old, to 99!) for almost 30 years. Starting in 1987 with $1000 and about 40 pieces of clothing, they have built one of our city's most beloved establishments (15 times on Westword's annual Best of Denver list). It's no wonder...They're some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. We sat down with Paul to get the...


Ep.8 Corsicana front man BEN PISANO on the Song Writing Process & Breaking Into Denver's Music Scene

Ben Pisano is a bit of a renaissance man, albeit a young one. At 19, he has already released 2 EPs and recently a full album of original music in Denver under the name Corsicana. Fresh from his Colorado Public Radio performance, we caught up with him to talk about his song writing process, his insights on the Denver music scene, and to get some advice for young hungry musicians. Hear more of Corsicana's music here: Follow Corsicana on Facebook:...


Ep.7 Creating "Steam" - Denver's Wonderfully Magnetic Espresso Bar - interview with entrepreneur HANI YAAFOURI

Dreams are real things. You know this must be when you pass through the angled doorway at 1801 S. Pearl St in Denver's Platt Park neighborhood. You've just entered Steam Espresso Bar, once a dream of twin brothers Hani & Zahi Yaafouri, now a reality for all to enjoy. Larry sit's down With Hani to find out how this amazing space was developed and why it feels & tastes so right that people drive from miles away to get a cup.


Ep.6 The Harrowing Story of a Child Surviving the Holocaust - Denver's ERIC CAHN

"I remember seeing their boots as they walked by the basement window..." Denver area resident Eric Cahn survived the holocaust - barely. From his escape from a German holding camp to spending years hidden in a basement, Eric's story is both tragic and inspiring.


Ep.5 Denver's Passionate STEVE KINNEY On Fighting CDOT & Re-Uniting Historic Denver Neighborhoods by Re-Routing I-70

Is now the time to right a fifty year old wrong? The North Denver neighborhoods of Swansea, Elyria, and Globeville were established long before 1964, the year that they were bisected by the construction of I-70. Over fifty years later, the area and its residents are still feeling the negative effects of its neighborhood interstate in numerous ways. Now the Colorado Department of Transportation says I-70 must be rebuilt, and in building for the future is potentially ignoring the lessons...


Ep.4 DAVID TALBOT - On overcoming polio and starting Crutches 4 Africa.

For most of his adult life, Denver resident David Talbot has had to use a crutch in order to walk. But don't think that has slowed him down. In fact, David never seems to EVER slow down! He has funneled this energy and his "nothing's going to stop me" attitude to accomplish more than most. Crutches 4 Africa, David's non-profit, has managed to deliver almost 100,000 mobility devices to those in need. Hear his inspiring story and the steps he took to accomplish so much. For more information...