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Telling the stories behind how stuff (and people!) get from point A to B. Hosted by Blythe Brumleve, a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in the freight and logistics space— helping companies save time, shorten sales cycles, and stand out from their competition with on-demand digital marketing training.

Telling the stories behind how stuff (and people!) get from point A to B. Hosted by Blythe Brumleve, a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in the freight and logistics space— helping companies save time, shorten sales cycles, and stand out from their competition with on-demand digital marketing training.


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Telling the stories behind how stuff (and people!) get from point A to B. Hosted by Blythe Brumleve, a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in the freight and logistics space— helping companies save time, shorten sales cycles, and stand out from their competition with on-demand digital marketing training.




Excuses We Make That Prevent Us From Creating

From the seasoned vet to the rookie--we all have experienced some kind of fear when it comes to our creative content. And it's perfectly natural. On this show, Kyle MacNaught of Freight+ and I discuss the top four fears when it comes to creating content and how to push through them. Doing so will have you on that pathway to success in helping your customers and leads better understand the value you can provide to them. Links From The Show: How Freight Companies Can Build Their Own...


Digital marketing tips for 3PL’s to attract new customers and drivers

Eric over at Specialized Logistics is like a lot of 3PLs--they launched a website within the last few years, shot a few videos, and even tried their hand at some social media advertising. But after spending more than $5,000, they honestly didn't see much from any of those efforts. And I can speak from personal experience that THAT feeling can be realllllllly demoralizing. Now flash forward a bit and Eric ended up reaching out to book a call with me, where we got to talk about: Listen in...


Aaron Dunn On The Real ROI of Podcasting in Trucking

Aaron Dunn is the sales and marketing director for PDQ America and cohost for their popular 'Trucking for Millennials' podcast. As a former outsider turned insider, Aaron's journey into the trucking industry has been built on gathering a deep understanding of the audience he's trying to reach without attempting to sell them to death. In fact, the popular podcast has been around for over a year now and rarely requests anything from its audience. In this interview, Aaron explains why a...


Starting a podcast? Listen in on our candid brainstorming session

Kyle Taylor is an on-air talent with the Freightwaves Sonar team but after wanting to try his hand in other content areas, he decided to start a separate podcast. Listen in on my chat with Kyle as we discuss show formats, distributing your content to social media, Linkedin annoyances, whether to go niche or go big and so much more. Best part about this episode is that this is a very candid conversation from two folks who are in the trenches of creating content on a consistent basis. So if...


20 - Making spot market RFQs easier with Vendorflow

The Freightwaves Sales and Marketing Summit was held last week and for the folks that couldn't watch the entire day of content, I'm coming in with some of my biggest takeaways from the day and where you can watch some of my favorite interviews and fireside chats (including the one I cohosted!) which are all linked below in the show notes. Also in this week's show is a chat with Eric Rodriguez who's the CEO and co-founder of SaaS-based solution VendorFlow who helps streamline the RFQ process...


19 - How Freight Companies Can Build Their Own In-House Content Teams

Hiring a marketing agency is a large expense most companies can't afford to pay. I know this because I used to work at an agency, I operate one now, and I also know it was an uphill battle to get a large marketing budget buy-in from my exec team at a 3PL or carrier. So what are the options where you can still have content on your website and social channels that talk about all the cool things your company is doing that is also cost-effective? I'm about to break it down for you in this show...


18 - Don't Get Kicked Off Mailchimp

Do you have email marketing on your to-do list? Or do you plan to set up some time to properly segment your emails knowing full-well you'll never actually get to it? *feels seen* Yeah--I'm right there with you. But it's that time of the year for prioritizing our new marketing efforts therefore consider this as your sign that email NEEDS to be at the top of that list. Your website and email list are the only two pieces of digital real estate that you'll ever own so in this episode, let's...


17 - What Barstool Sports and Mr.Beast Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Content marketing is always teaching us new tricks. This is why I wanted to share with you two segments from my recent co-hosting duties on Freightwaves' Put That Coffee Down. We talk about the Barstool Fund that's raising millions of dollars for small businesses and YouTuber Mr. Beast starting (and selling out) his own burger chain. But the lessons learned in these two examples address four fears most businesses have before they start creating videos and podcasts. Those fears usually...


16 - Study Reveals How Sales Teams Should Contact Logistics Leads

How do you prefer to do lead outreach? Cold calling? Email? Linkedin? On the recent Freightwaves ‘Put That Coffee Down’ Kevin Hill and I broke down a study from Logistics Marketing Advisors that surveyed 100 industry professionals on how they want to be contacted by the sales teams of 3PLs, carriers, and more. Using this info would help sales and marketing teams better align their goals in how they plan to tackle lead generation and nurturing--which is super helpful around this time of...


15 - The Entrepreneurship Mindset With Metromax’s Demarco Thomas

Owner of Metromax Dispatch, Metromax Solutions, and Metromax Express Demarco Thomas sits down with The Digital Dispatch podcast to talk about his entrepreneurship journey, why outsourcing in logistics is important, and the opportunities in the last-mile sector. Many of us in the logistics space weren’t born into it--we came into it by chance, fell in love with the opportunities, and were able to be that fresh pair of eyes on the inefficiencies. That’s the case for Metromax owner Demarco...


14 - Making Testimonials a Priority with Carrier Source

In our Freight Marketing Mistakes webinar, I talked about how asking for testimonials is a crucial part of any business. But many carriers aren't proactive about requesting these so there are times when negative reviews seem to come more often than the positive counterpoints. Well, one company hopes to change all that with their new platform aiming to be the one-stop-shop for brokers and shippers to review carriers based on industry best practices. Carriers are able to create a profile page...


13 - Stop posting boring truck photos with James Crowley

Getting good graphics and video for your brand is tough work--especially in the trucking industry when a lot of the marketing follows the same copy-cat model. But the managing partner of Texas Media Foundry James Crowley is hoping to change that. He knows a little something about this line of work as trucking videography and photography is what his company specializes in. In this interview, we’re talking with James about the power of captivating graphics, the challenges of growing on social...


12 - Planning Your 2021 Marketing on Freightwaves' Put That Coffee Down

COVID disrupted numerous industries and marketing is no different. In this episode of Put That Coffee Down by Freightwaves, Digital Dispatch owner Blythe Brumleve talks about the strategies in B2B marketing that logistics companies should be taking advantage of. Watch the video of this show on YouTube. Where to Find Digital Dispatch & Blythe: LinkedinYouTubeInstagramPinterestTikTokDigital Dispatch website Digital marketing courses for the logistics industry: Freight School Playbook Got...


11 - BCB Transport's CEO Rick Larkin on why inspirational mentors matter

Located just outside of Dallas, Texas, Rick Larkin is the CEO of BCB Transport. With near-perfect ratings on sites like Google and Facebook, BCB is known for how well they treat their drivers, promote safety, and reward performance. He was kind enough to join me along with lifelong friends, John Hearn, K-Boy, and father figure to them all, Mr. Richey. At 90 years old, Mr. Richey is quite an accomplished man and continues to live each day to the fullest. His positive vibes clearly feed off...


10 - Your 'Book a Demo' Process is Probably Broken

Everyone wants ya to book a demo. But a good marketer gets a user to book a demo because they actually WANT to--not because a Facebook ad told them to. In this show, we're going to use real-world examples of some industry-specific "book a demo" options so you can get a feel of what's working in modern logistics marketing--and what isn't. Good Demo Examples: Where to Find Digital Dispatch &...


9 - What I Learned After Launching Freight School Playbook

If you wait until everything is perfect, you waited too long. That's the ethos I tried to follow when launching a new training and courses website, Freight School Playbook. A training site that offers educational courses in the marketing and sales space is long overdue for the logistics industry. So I'm recapping what I learned during the launch and the improvements we're making the platform in hopes it can help you during your next launch. Where to Find Digital Dispatch &...


8 - Freight Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

This was my first webinar attempt which occurred during the initial launch week of Freight School Playbook, which you may or may not have noticed, is the presenting sponsor for this show. It’s also my quarantine goal come to life. I’ve always wanted to help other businesses through digital courses and what a perfect opportunity to pivot during a time where I wasn’t sure what the future held in store for….all of us. This webinar covers the important topics of some of the biggest marketing...


7 - What Joe Budden and Joe Rogan Can Teach Us About Podcasting

In the last few months, listeners and podcasters alike have been given a rare glimpse into the business side of big-time podcasters. Between Joe Rogan taking a $100-million dollar licensing deal in his Spotify move to Joe Budden documenting his divorce from the same platform, we're finally starting to learn some concrete methods on how the biggest creators in the game are treating contracts, ads, and expectations. Add on the drama behind 'Call Her Daddy' and the hosts' battle for IP and we...


6 - Why I Launched Freight School Playbook

A lot of projects were put on hold during the Covid quarantine. And while the lockdowns forced me to throw my 2020 content plan in the trash--it led to a new opportunity that seems to be evolving daily. Listen to the podcast I recorded to help launch Freight School Playbook--a membership community to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales departments in the trucking and logistics space by providing courses that cut through the digital media noise. Naturally, with any fluid...


5 - Why You Should Be Protecting Your Social Media Content

TikTok’s rise in popularity isn’t without controversy. Some of that worry has been orchestrated by other big tech jealous of that growth Others are worried for more geopolitical reasons. But for a lot of creators, like myself, Tiktok has been far and away the most enjoyable app in years. Especially during COVID--where it forced me to learn video editing on the fly and challenge myself on a new platform. I’m not alone as the app has skyrocketed in growth--and because the company’s owner,...