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The Digital Tourism Show is a tourism and destination video advice series covering everything form social media, websites, video and experiential marketing. Everything posted here has one aim, to help you increase booking rates, value and revenue.

The Digital Tourism Show is a tourism and destination video advice series covering everything form social media, websites, video and experiential marketing. Everything posted here has one aim, to help you increase booking rates, value and revenue.
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The Digital Tourism Show is a tourism and destination video advice series covering everything form social media, websites, video and experiential marketing. Everything posted here has one aim, to help you increase booking rates, value and revenue.








213: The Importance of Blogging & Approaching Influencers

Over the years, Kathi has travelled all around Scotland, writing blogs and travel guides along the way. But this hasn’t been a casual travelling blog; Watch Me See - A Scotland Travel Blog has built up a strong following and Kathi has worked hard to turn it into a viable business. She has done this partly by working with other travel businesses and much the Q&A discussed the best way for bloggers and businesses to work together. Kathi discusses how to approach and work with bloggers and...


212: Creating A Five Star Customer Experience & Exceeding Expectations

Bridgeen Mullen will discuss how The Clydeside Distillery focus on customer service, creating a five star customer experience and how to exceed expectations. Bridgeen will also discuss the challenges opening a new attraction.


211: Guide To Video Marketing

In this video I discuss how you can use video to boost your marketing strategies and increase your chances of bookings. This video was actually recorded nearly 2 years ago but was separate from The Digital Tourism Show. It is still very much relevant today as it was then. More so in fact. I will be re-releasing other videos to become part of TDTS so look out for these amongst other new content.


210: How To Create Award Winning Marketing Campaigns

From sending teacakes into space to setting people on fire*. Rosie Street, the Marketing Manager at Glasgow Science Centre will discuss how you can come up with creative ideas to market your business. Rosie, a people centred marketeer, is responsible for leading a fantastic team at GSC, managing the strategic planning, implementation and day to day marketing activity at Glasgow Science Centre. Rosie helped create award winning campaigns including the successful 'Terry - the teacake that went...


209: Design Thinking & Innovation In The Travel Space

Jack is a Technology Consultant for the CYBG Accelerator. He is responsible for developing innovative digital services for new and existing CYBG customers to help them become more financially fit. He and his team do this using techniques borrowed from Design Thinking and Lean Start-up methodologies. Prior to his current role, he held roles within financial services focusing on customer experience management and corporate innovation. He is Product Owner for B currency, an augmented reality...


208: Growing Your Tour Business Through Linkedin

Peter Syme of 1000 Mile Journeys and Splash! White WaterRafting, drops by to chat about how he has made six figures growing his business through a seldom used social platform for the tours and activities sector... LinkedIn.


207: Can A Subscription Model Work In The Tourism Sector

Welcome to another Digital Tourism Show and I have the pleasure to be joined with Cavid Nadirov of Get Guided. And in this video, we will be discussing various business models within tourism including can a subscription model work within the tourism sector?


206: Destination Marketing - Heart & Soul Of Scotland

Carron Tobin is a skilled practitioner in destination development and collaboration. She was a former exec director with the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park championing their socio-economic agenda. She set up ruralDimensions in 2009, and over the last 10 years has worked on a range of exciting initiatives across rural Scotland including facilitating the establishment of Scotland’s first tourism cooperative and devising the template for local responses to the national tourism strategy....


205: How I Grew A Successful Adventure Tour Business

Neil Lapping is the owner and Chief Adventure Officer for Macs Adventure, which was founded in 2003. Neil has grown the business from a kitchen table to a market leading, multi-million pound adventure tour operator employing over 90 people. It quickly became one of the fastest growing adventure tour operators in the world, operating over 450 tours in over 35 countries and now boasts offices in the UK, US and Germany. During a Q&A discussion, lead by Chris Torres, Neil will share his story on...


204: The Current State Of Tours & Activities

Peter Syme was our second speaker of the evening, and he was joined by Alex and Chris Torres (TMA’s founder). Peter has been involved in the adventure tours sector for 34 years — ever since he started working as a tour guide as a teenager. Peter owns several different adventure tour businesses, including 1000 Mile Journeys and Splash White Water Rafting. Peter is an outspoken commentator on the tours and activities industry, and he has made a few splashes of his own when he has spoken at...


203: Autonomous Vehicles & The Future Of Sightseeing

Alex is a huge name in the tours and activities industry; he founded TourCMS, a trailblazing piece of software designed to connect tour companies with travel agencies. TourCMS has been incredibly successful over the last few years; in fact, it was the first reservation system used by some of the industry giants, such as Expedia, GetYourBeds, and HotelBeds. Recently, Alex sold TourCMS in order to dedicate his time and expertise to his next exciting venture: Autoura. Autoura is Alex’s next big...


202: TripAdvisor Flip-Flopping On the Flip-Flop

Welcome to episode 202 of the Digital Tourism Show. You may be wondering what has happened to episode 200 and 201? These are being published over the next 2 weeks but I had to jump a couple of episode off the back of some recent news. You may know that Dermot Halpin of TripAdvisor Experience previously announced at the Arival event in Las Vegas last year that they were offering preferential treatment to those who use their recently acquired Bókun booking platform. Two Months later,...


201: Creating A Killer Brand

This episode bring the workshop by David McGinty from Walnut Wasp on 'Creating A Killer Brand' filmed at Travel Massive Glasgow. David has worked with companies like Highland Park Whisky, Drygate Brewery, Edrington, Show Racism the Red Card and many more, to deliver brand messaging for international markets.


200: How To Rank On TripAdvisor

This episode shows my workshop on How To Rank On TripAdvisor that I did at Travel Massive Glasgow. This was recorded prior to their recent announcement about free paid listings for Bókun users. Still a lot of good advice however.


199: The Importance Of The Humble Phone Call

In the world of digital marketing, one aspect that seems to be forgotten, or left as an afterthought, is a good old fashioned phone call. How important are calls in today’s digital landscape? We talk with Dustin Hoyman of Outdoor Adventure Marketing on: 1. Best methods to track calls 2. Advice on how to create more bookings 3. How to improve your conversions with calls


198: Adding Value To Your Facebook Ads

In this video I will show you live examples of Facebook Ads we run for ourselves at TMA, how we add value and go step by step on how to create a targeted audience.


197: Expert Opinion with Oskar Bruening of PeekPro

In this episode we talk with Oskar Bruening, the CTO & Founder of PeekPro. Chris and Oskar chat about the future of booking systems in the wake of acquisitions from TripAdvisor and, the recent announcements by TripAdvisor, selecting the right booking platform for your business and PeekPro's direct integration with Google and how this will help suppliers.


195: The Current State Of Luxury Travel

Digital Tourism Show #195


196: Why You Should Invest in Good Translation

Digital Tourism Show #196