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Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging

Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging
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Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging






How to Survive the Chaos in Business

Have you ever wondered how you would survive in business? Have you ever considered how to grow your company whilst avoiding the chaos and breakages every start-up faces? Well, in today’s episode of the Disruptive Entreprneur, you’re about to find out! Tune in to hear Rob dive into business survival and discuss the things that break the disruption of growth. Discover how to overcome the challenges and difficulties your business will inevitably face as you grow in size and influence and learn...


Caffeine Cast: What Dr John Demartini Taught me About Life (LIVE)

We worry what people think about us but some common false assumptions that people make is that we can make everyone like us and that they’re thinking about us all of the time. One of the most important and liberating things is to accept that there will always be people who support you and people who don’t. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘Every human has an individual set of values that are most important to them in their life’ ‘Everybody is different and no two people are the...


How to Build Your Vast Personal Brand

Having an unbeatable mindset actually involves not thinking about money a lot. So, let’s go back to the basics. What do we need to know first? Listen to Rob answer all your questions in this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast. From creating your content to having good spending habits to pricing your products and services, Rob sheds a light on how you can improve your mindset so you can always bring your A game. When you have the right attitude when you deal with every decision...


Caffeine Cast: Entrepreneurship & Alcohol, Do They Mix?

“I made a very strategic decision about 5 years ago to stop drinking alcohol.” There is no judgement from me in this episode; I just wanted to share with you all my views on whether alcohol and entrepreneurship work together. I get asked about this a lot by people because I don’t drink alcohol anymore. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘Alcohol affects productivity.’ ‘If you can have control and know your limit then that’s good self discipline.’ ‘Discipline is doing something you should do...


Katie Hopkins: Britain's Most Hated Woman? Like You’ve Never Seen Her

In this truly fascinating episode, Rob is in conversation with Katie Hopkins, media personality and the most controversial former contestant of ‘The Apprentice’. They discuss everything from the importance of being liked or not through to epilepsy and dismantling the mainstream media. This raw and honest episode is full of surprises and listening will challenge what you think about an individual who regularly polarises with her comments. If you think you know all about Katie Hopkins then...


Caffeine Cast: Why I Interviewed Katie Hopkins

So, here’s a prelude to one of the most controversial episodes of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast which will be shown next week! Next episode will feature Katie Hopkins, a well-known English media personality. If you’ve watched the snippets that were posted on the podcast’s social media lately, then you’ve also seen the reactions of people in the comments section. Some liked it, some got curious and are waiting for the upcoming full episode, some were dismissive about Katie’s guesting,...


How to Start & Scale Any Business (LIVE)

‘The business will only grow at the speed you grow.’ In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob dives deep on how you can start and scale any business in any industry. If you ask what should be on your planning board, then first, know your ultimate vision. When you’re aware of it, deciding on the strategies, management, sales & marketing, and the product & services you’ll offer, will be manageable. Aside from these, Rob also discusses the four stages of scaling up a...


Caffeine Cast: How to Grow Your Business Without Sleepless Nights!

In this episode of TDE Rob explains how you can improve your sleep by becoming more strategic and less operational within your business. Rob also covers the importance of marketing and sales within your business and how you can make improve your systems so that your business becomes more sustainable. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘Free markets rely on competition forces, continual improvement and innovation.’ ‘Always reinvest enough money for improvements to the business.’ ‘People think...


Dealing with Depression in Business

“All depression and loneliness by definition is just 10x worse in business when you’re alone.” Entrepreneurs aren’t bulletproof in terms of their well-being. The rollercoaster of schedule, tasks, and various people you meet can take its toll on your mental health, and consequently, on your business. In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob helps you on dealing with depression in business. First off, it’s important to consult a professional when you think you’re feeling...


Caffeine Cast: Tasks You Can Outsource on Social Media

In this episode of TDE Rob explains the tasks that your social media manager should be doing and why each task is important. He also breaks down how you should portion the different types of content up. Find out how you can get the most out of outsourcing your social media by listening to this episode… KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘You need to give them access to your accounts.’ ‘Don’t think you have to create new content all of the time.’ ‘There’s new content within your existing...


400th Special Episode Secrets to Success With Kevin Clifton, Jake Wood & Ricky Wilde (LIVE)

Today on the 400th episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob Moore talks to successful people in the creatives and arts industry. We have Kevin Clifton, Ricky Wilde & Jake Wood to talk about their respective careers and how they’re able to climb up the ladder of success. For Kevin, Ricky, and Jake, hard work and determination go a long long way. Even though people say that there’s 'no money in the arts', this saying never stopped and never will stop them. Instead, it’s what makes...


Caffeine Cast: 7 Ways to Scale Your Start up (With NO Cash!)

In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob shares his 5 fastest ways to gain more clients for small start-ups or anyone struggling with Business. If you listen to the podcast first thing in the morning and follow the steps laid out, Rob is confident you will gain new clients by the end of the same day if you are motivated and hungry enough to get out there. KEY TAKEAWAYS Join the relevant Facebook groups in your Niche. Call all of your clients.Content market and build your network...


Dealing With The Hardest Challenges of Your Life (LIVE)

In today’s episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, listen to Rob answer all the questions from the participants during the Mindset & Money Event at the Progressive Headquarters last July 21. It didn’t only promise to help improve their business mindset, but the event also encourages personal development. Discover how to find you WHY, how to squash your overpowering ego, how to attain happiness, why gratefulness is the key to everything, why start honing your public speaking skills...


Caffeine Cast: My 5 Biggest Business Mistakes (& Lessons Learned)

Learning from others mistakes is the best way for you to avoid unnecessary setbacks in business. In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob reveals 5 of his biggest mistakes he personally made in business and how he has learnt from them so you don’t have to make them yourself. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘Improve, innovate, stay humble’ ‘Your worst critic of all can be yourself, the voice of past mistakes’ ‘You are not a failure, you just fail from time to time’ ‘It’s very...


4 Ways to Hire The Right Employees (LIVE)

It’s difficult to find the right person to fill in a job. It’s a needle in a haystack. So, in today’s episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob shares with you tips so we can make the hiring process easy and as smooth. He gives us the 4 areas we need to look at during the process. From posting your job ad to doing the interviews to signing the contracts, you must be keen and observant as the person you’re looking for is someone who’ll play a role in advancing your...


Caffeine Cast: 10 Ways to Create Great Ideas

“I believe everybody is creative, good at creating ideas and being innovative to disrupt. It’s just you need to believe that you can.” Listen in to find out 10 ways to help you come up with and create better ideas based off of me creating products, bonuses and special offers. KEY TAKEAWAYS Could what you’re coming up with be new? Could be be better than the old version of the product/offer/bonus? What could you create that people would love, need and go batshit crazy for? Can you get a...


How to Like (Love) Yourself More

Stop with the self-loathing. Nothing can be done and achieved if we stay in this rathole full of our own doubts, feats and insecurities. In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, let Rob help you uplift your spirits and be more confident about yourself. Learn some simple steps that you can follow so you can start liking and loving yourself more. Always remember that you’re worthy, unique, and bound for greatness. Challenges and failures are going to be part of your journey....


Caffeine Cast: How to Be a Millionaire Before 30 (or 40, or 50…)

Though a million may look like a lot, it’s achievable as long as you put in the time and effort. Don’t get terrified by the zeroes. Rob gives you the nine steps you’ll have to follow to become a millionaire before 30 in this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast. Setting the target, planning carefully, and executing effectively can get you to the millionaire status that you want. To be a millionaire, you have to think and act like a millionaire. Discover more great tips when you...


Theo Paphitis: Dragons Den & Former Millwall FC Chairman (Net Worth £280MILLION)

In this conversation with Theo Paphitis, retail magnate and entrepreneur, Rob puts forward questions from his own community and followers. The discussion provides an illuminating insight into the life of an individual who is instantly recognisable as one of the Dragons from the Dragon’s Den business programme. Theo shares his experience of retail and how his journey and expertise have been shaped through his wide-ranging experiences, listen in now KEY TAKEAWAYS How do you value a...


Caffeine Cast: Work life Balance (Can it Really Be Achieved?)

Everyone tells you to hustle and bustle, but there’s really no assurance it will bring you success. If nothing else, only weary from the repetitive routine is what you get. It’s time to work smart and to value your time. Being busy on the wrong things shows no work-life balance. In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob shares how you can achieve work-life balance. There is no one-shoe-fits-all kind of arrangement that we can all based on. Every individual handles their...