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Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging

Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging
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Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging






10 Quick Ways to Take Action NOW

Learn – Test – Tweak – Review – Repeat This is Rob Moore’s 5-step model on how he gets things done. Easy to recite… but is it easy to follow? In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, he gives an in-depth explanation of how this works for entrepreneurs like him. It isn’t linear; it’s strategic and cyclical, in a good way. There will always be difficulties in every situation, and this model recognises this. It teaches you to be adaptable, resourceful, and calculated as you go...


ROB'S RANT: Dealing With Other People's Moods (Sh*t)

No one makes you do, say or feel anything. You own of all of that and you are responsible for these things. In this episode, rob covers 9 useful tips on how you can deal with people who may be negative or are draining on your life. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS “Always look for the lesson in how people deliver feedback” “Take away the way someone delivers their feedback.” “Their mood can’t affect your mood without your permission.” “The person with the best energy...


Piers Linney: Dragons Den Star & Disruptive Entrepreneur

Disruptive entrepreneur Rob Moore interviews, Secret Millionaire and Dragons Den investor, experience lawyer, investment banker and fund management manger, Piers Linney to discuss what entrepreneurs are, how they operate and how to raise money if you are just starting up. Get expert advice on how to pitch, how to grow a small business, what marketing works in today's market and much, much more. KEY TAKEAWAYS Small business owner and entrepreneur is not the same thing. Who is the right...


Caffeine Cast: How to Deal With Negative People

Ever encountered a troll or a basher online? These people might not be new to any entrepreneur’s social media accounts. They frequent the comments section and say the rude and most judgmental things. But, being reactive when dealing with this kind of situation won’t do you any good. In the latest episode, Rob teaches you how to deal with these kinds of negative people. And, the truth is you can’t really turn your back fully from some negative people because they might be even your loved...


Dealing With Depression & Feeling Alone in Business, on World Mental Health Day

In this world mental health day special, Rob covers the 7 tops tips for improving your mental health and how to deal with your struggles and trials of modern life. Rob reminds us that often, there are people that have it worse and we should have gratitude for what we have, but also to not be too hard on ourselves and appreciate the successes we have had in business and personal life, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. KEY TAKEAWAYS •It is okay to ask for help •Everyone...


Little Known Truths About The Entrepreneurs Mindset

Like the dark side of the Force, the negative energy brought by some factors can sway an entrepreneur’s mindset. There are the bashers, the mistakes, the failures, the fears, the limitations, and other things. In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob talks to Ryan Pinnick, the Founder & CEO of SuperGenius Ltd. Rob and Ryan discuss the importance of having a stable and undefeatable mindset. An entrepreneur can be at an advantage and most probably be more successful if he...


Caffeine Cast: How Fast Should You Really Grow

“I believe you can grow too fast, if you’re just obsessed about growth, things will break” Growing your business empire is a goal for most entrepreneurs, but how do you do this successfully? In this episode of the Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob discusses Growth. He discloses his top tips on how to grow your company's success as well as discussing common shortfalls of how attempting growth can fail. Listen today to find out more about how to grow your company. KEY TAKEAWAYS Reduce your...


David McCourt: Billionaire Media Mogul, Producer & Entrepreneur

‘Why would you not live an extraordinary life over an ordinary life when you have the choice?’ Rob is interviewing David McCourt, billionaire businessman described by ‘The Economist’ as having ‘impeccable credentials’ Over the last thirty years he has founded multiple successful companies and is one of the world’s most successful award-winning entrepreneurs with an Emmy award and a personal worth in excess of 1 billion. They discuss inspirational films, books, money, motivation and why...


Caffeine Cast: Solutions to Depression & Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

A lot of people can seem and look happy and bubbly externally but when it comes down to how they’re actually feeling, more and more people are struggling with negative emotions which can spiral into things such as depression. So in this episode, Rob discusses how he manages his emotions in a positive, productive way that also uplifts him when he is struggling himself. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘My art and work and business is also my therapy’ ‘Energy can’t be created or destroyed, it...


How to Create an Elegant Sales Formula (LIVE)

Marketing is the engine of every business and it drives the revenue for every department. But how do you master marketing, increase your inbound sales and reduce the pressure on your sales team? The answer...The Elegant Sales Formula. Over the past decade, Rob has developed a proven sales formula that mixes content with relevancy to increase sales without you even having to pick up the phone. Listen in now to discover more. KEY TAKEAWAYS How to flip your perception of sales using the...


Caffeine Cast: How to Build Self Confidence (in Business)

It’s an uphill battle to try and change your environment, to try and change the way your friends and your family act towards you, in fact, it’s much easier and much more successful to work on yourself. In today’s episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob takes you live to an open Q&A event where he answers questions on negativity, mentors and taking advice. Tune in to find out more. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS VALUABLE RESOURCES ABOUT THE HOST Rob Moore is...


How to Survive the Chaos in Business

Have you ever wondered how you would survive in business? Have you ever considered how to grow your company whilst avoiding the chaos and breakages every start-up faces? Well, in today’s episode of the Disruptive Entreprneur, you’re about to find out! Tune in to hear Rob dive into business survival and discuss the things that break the disruption of growth. Discover how to overcome the challenges and difficulties your business will inevitably face as you grow in size and influence and learn...


Caffeine Cast: What Dr John Demartini Taught me About Life (LIVE)

We worry what people think about us but some common false assumptions that people make is that we can make everyone like us and that they’re thinking about us all of the time. One of the most important and liberating things is to accept that there will always be people who support you and people who don’t. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘Every human has an individual set of values that are most important to them in their life’ ‘Everybody is different and no two people are the...


How to Build Your Vast Personal Brand

Having an unbeatable mindset actually involves not thinking about money a lot. So, let’s go back to the basics. What do we need to know first? Listen to Rob answer all your questions in this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast. From creating your content to having good spending habits to pricing your products and services, Rob sheds a light on how you can improve your mindset so you can always bring your A game. When you have the right attitude when you deal with every decision...


Caffeine Cast: Entrepreneurship & Alcohol, Do They Mix?

“I made a very strategic decision about 5 years ago to stop drinking alcohol.” There is no judgement from me in this episode; I just wanted to share with you all my views on whether alcohol and entrepreneurship work together. I get asked about this a lot by people because I don’t drink alcohol anymore. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘Alcohol affects productivity.’ ‘If you can have control and know your limit then that’s good self discipline.’ ‘Discipline is doing something you should do...


Katie Hopkins: Britain's Most Hated Woman? Like You’ve Never Seen Her

In this truly fascinating episode, Rob is in conversation with Katie Hopkins, media personality and the most controversial former contestant of ‘The Apprentice’. They discuss everything from the importance of being liked or not through to epilepsy and dismantling the mainstream media. This raw and honest episode is full of surprises and listening will challenge what you think about an individual who regularly polarises with her comments. If you think you know all about Katie Hopkins then...


Caffeine Cast: Why I Interviewed Katie Hopkins

So, here’s a prelude to one of the most controversial episodes of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast which will be shown next week! Next episode will feature Katie Hopkins, a well-known English media personality. If you’ve watched the snippets that were posted on the podcast’s social media lately, then you’ve also seen the reactions of people in the comments section. Some liked it, some got curious and are waiting for the upcoming full episode, some were dismissive about Katie’s guesting,...


How to Start & Scale Any Business (LIVE)

‘The business will only grow at the speed you grow.’ In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob dives deep on how you can start and scale any business in any industry. If you ask what should be on your planning board, then first, know your ultimate vision. When you’re aware of it, deciding on the strategies, management, sales & marketing, and the product & services you’ll offer, will be manageable. Aside from these, Rob also discusses the four stages of scaling up a...


Caffeine Cast: How to Grow Your Business Without Sleepless Nights!

In this episode of TDE Rob explains how you can improve your sleep by becoming more strategic and less operational within your business. Rob also covers the importance of marketing and sales within your business and how you can make improve your systems so that your business becomes more sustainable. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ‘Free markets rely on competition forces, continual improvement and innovation.’ ‘Always reinvest enough money for improvements to the business.’ ‘People think...


Dealing with Depression in Business

“All depression and loneliness by definition is just 10x worse in business when you’re alone.” Entrepreneurs aren’t bulletproof in terms of their well-being. The rollercoaster of schedule, tasks, and various people you meet can take its toll on your mental health, and consequently, on your business. In this episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast, Rob helps you on dealing with depression in business. First off, it’s important to consult a professional when you think you’re feeling...