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The Diving Board is a podcast for students and young professionals where we talk all things work in your 20s so you can find and crush a career you love before taking the plunge.

The Diving Board is a podcast for students and young professionals where we talk all things work in your 20s so you can find and crush a career you love before taking the plunge.
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The Diving Board is a podcast for students and young professionals where we talk all things work in your 20s so you can find and crush a career you love before taking the plunge.








Balancing Work and Family in Your 20s

Are you having a hard time balancing work and family in your 20s? That makes 2 of us! When I first started my career I was soooooo focused on finding any success in my career that I let work go way out of a balance with what was really important, my family. 10 years later it is still a work in progress, but here are 3 tips that I learned along the way to find better balance.


Job News Update! Jobs are growing, but that doesn't mean you should stop hustling!

News update! Today the Department of US Labor announced that October saw 128,000 new jobs added bringing the unemployment rate to 3.5%. The translation… the job market is still as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1990. But that doesn’t mean that you should be complacent! Yes there are A LOT of jobs out there to be had and that bodes well for us people just beginning our career, but let’s be real…at some point things will turn. So ask yourself, what are you doing to prepare?


Having a give back mentality

It is so easy to get caught up with a “me” mentality. What is going to happen with my next performance review? How come I am not hearing back from enough job applications? When was the last time you put giving back to those less fortunate in the community or really anywhere on earth on your priority list? All of us believe it is important and would like to, but life just seems to just get in the way. At a fundraiser put on by New York startup Raised By Us ( it really got me...


How are you using social media to boost your career?

It’s a given that LinkedIn is the go to platform for building your career image, but why does it need to stop there? All of your public social media presence makes up who you are and your message to the world so why not use it your advantage to show all signs of you and combine personal/professional to tell your story? Challenge: Take a look at all your social media channels and think about the message you are communicating to the world and think how you can use your messaging to tell you...


Plan for success. Don't just wait for it to happen.

Do you find yourself constantly working towards your career goals and for some reason things just are not clicking? It is highly likely that you are not focusing enough on the planning phase of achieving your goals. Over the last several weeks we have been taking a different approach towards our goals in doing intense planning before even starting to execute on them. This careful planning has allowed us to take strategic steps forward and “work smarter not harder” to be incredibly...


The Life of a Wholesale Sales Manager With Connor Dickson

This is going to be the start of a mini-series on the Podcast called “The Life of…” or “What’s it like to be a…” or… something completely different. The poll is still out people so give me your ideas now. In this series I will be speaking to people in their early career in a variety of industries across different job types to discuss how they got there, what it is really like to do the job, and tips for anyone looking to get into it. So many times the jobs we do are grossly misunderstood by...


What does is it take to work at L'Oreal?

On Friday I was able to attend the NYU Annual Luxury and Retail Conference. One of the key note speakers was the Deputy CEO of L’Oreal Nicolas Hieronimus. One thing that rang a chord with me was his answer to the question… “What is the number one trait you look for in people looking to join your team at L’Oreal?” The answer was not how much experience you have or that you worked at another major beauty brand, but it was … PASSION.


Don't be afraid to TRY AND FAIL.

Since starting this podcast we have learned a ton of how to go about it. What works for us, what doesn’t, and how we can continue to adjust and go forward. When it comes to either going after that new job or maximizing your existing one, don’t be afraid to try as many new opportunities as possible and have some failures that you can learn from and then improve upon. Next time your boss comes up to you and asks if you want to take on a new challenging project or you are questioning whether...


BIG CHANGES! Coming your way...

So far we are so happy with the way the podcast has started! BUT... Even in the first few episodes we have already learned a lot about what we can improve to bring more value to you. SO…here it is. Starting today we will be: 1. Releasing podcasts daily M-F! 2. Starting video content to go along with the podcast. Check It out here. 3. WE WILL BE 100% AUTHENTIC 100% OF THE TIME As always, if you have any feedback on what you would like covered, email me at


Tackling Your Career as an Introvert with Eilis Wasserman

Are you an introvert? Well if so, this episode is for you! On this episode I speak with Eilis Wasserman who is a self identified introvert and works with introverts around the world on tactics of how to navigate the extroverted professional world we live in. She goes deep on how to double down on your strengths, strap on your career building armor, and slay the recruiting dragon on the way to the job of your dreams. Enjoy! P.S. - If you are not an extrovert, there is still tons of value...


Kelly Bay: Lessons from Career Services on Exploration and Career Success

On today's episode I speak with Kelly Bay who is the Director of Career Development at Eureka College. After an early career in the non-profit sector she found her way into career services. Now she works with students daily on how to find career success, and in this conversation we cover: - How to go through career exploration and finding your purpose - Tactics for approaching the informational interview. - Managing turbulence and career change - and much more...


Interning at a Startup - A Conversation with Our Summer Intern Hannah Chang

Hi guys, On this episode I spoke with my summer intern Hannah Chang about her experience in NYC as a summer intern. We go deep on what it is like to apply to internships as a Sophomore in college, tips and tricks about choosing what Internship is right for you, and then how to successfully navigate the internship Itself. She also gives some interesting feedback on what Is like to intern in the wonderful world of startups. Hope you enjoy!


Welcome to The Diving Board - Take Charge of Your Career in Your 20s

Hello podcasting universe! My name is Nick McHenry, and I am the host of this here podcast (disclaimer - this podcast will be filled with bad job pool puns). As an avid podcast listener for years I learned so much from other podcasters, but for some reason when it came to my career, most of the time I was left to dive in and figure it out on my own until I was slapped in the face with my own mistakes and forced to learn/adapt. Don't get me wrong, I had an amazing support network around me,...