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Inspiration and Encouragement for Moms who Manage their Homes and Businesses

Inspiration and Encouragement for Moms who Manage their Homes and Businesses
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Inspiration and Encouragement for Moms who Manage their Homes and Businesses




This Ain't For Everybody

It's time to get real! In this episode, Paula explains who this message is for, and who it "ain't". This is not just another women's empowerment message. There is a great imbalance in the amount of propaganda directed toward women and mothers. This podcast is NOT more of the same.


Work Hours

Entrepreneurs are notorious for working long, extensive hours but “Domestic Mompreneurs” must have an efficient work/life/home balance. Establishing work hours can be beneficial in managing both home and business. Time is an unrenewable resource. “If you don’t’ tell your time where to go, you’ll wonder where it went!”- The Domestic Mompreneur If we don’t manage our time accordingly, we’ll look up and wonder where the days, weeks, and months have gone. Mompreneur Time Management...


Fall in Love With The Journey

In order to grow in our roles as Domestic Mompreneurs, sometimes we have to take our focus off of results, and on to our everyday actions.


Girl, Put Down Your Phone!

The average American household spends only 50 minutes per day with their children of school age. On the other hand, the average American household spends 2 hours per day on social media. We are currently spending more time on social media and binge watching tv shows than we are with our children. It's time to manage these devices and take control of our businesses and families. Managing our smartphones can allow more time to devote to what matters to us most. Links Discussed in this...


Crowding Out the Noise

Getting rid of limiting beliefs Perfection (or what we call balance) is impossible Trying to be perfect sets us up for failure. Our time will always prove what our priorities are. If your time is being spent in areas that you don’t deem most important, you’ll experience internal conflict. Set priorities that coincide with your morals, values, and beliefs. Getting rid of internal noise. Keep first things first. Understand that you are not alone. Don’t isolate...


How to Choose The Right Business Opportunity

Choosing the right business opportunity for a Domestic Mompreneur can be challenging. How do you choose the right one? Look for an entrepreneurial opportunity, not a job! Too often people go into business for themselves by creating a job. If they don't show up, if they don't provide the service, they don't get paid. This is still trading time for money. It's a job. Unless this is something that you love and are passionate about it, it's not the best opportunity. Assess your time Truly be...


Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

This episode is about growth and how uncomfortable it can be if we are not prepared for it. If you are seeking change and growth in your life and business, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Every person is different and has unique gifts that they can offer. But, there’s one thing to shy away from things that don’t make the best use of your own gifts, it’s another thing to allow fear to cripple you and to prevent you from taking action. We all have to start...


Full-Time Family

I was recently listening to a podcast that I just found Authentic Influencer. Both hosts have similar backgrounds to me. They both have network marketing businesses and one of the hosts actually homeschools her children. But on this particular episode, they were discussing how to honor your submission as a wife when you are the breadwinner. Both of these women have already gotten to a point in their paths where they could retire their husbands and one of the hosts mentioned the opportunity...


Delegation and Outsourcing

As our families grow, and circumstances change in our lives, we must look at and sometimes change systems and processes in order to help them home run efficiently. The same is true in business. As your business grows, you must adapt your systems and processes in order to welcome and accommodate the growth. This is when the question arises “What can I delegate? What can I outsource to make better use of my time.” On this episode, I’ll share how you can answer those questions for yourself at...


Professionalizing Mompreneurship

Inspired by the book and concept of Professionalizing Motherhood, I’ll discuss some strategies on how to level up your business as a professional. Part 1: Start with Your Mindset You will hear me speak about the mindset a lot in business. After reflecting on my first year as an entrepreneur, I realize that this has been the most important thing I could have done and continue to do for my business. Resources: Audible Part 2: Create New Habits There is a popular saying “Success leaves...


The Domestic Mompreneur

The female entrepreneur is one of the fastest growing groups amongst entrepreneurs. Many of these, being moms. Balancing motherhood and business ownership is new territory. With working from home, digital and network marketing opportunities available, moms have more choices than ever before. This podcast offers inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips for moms who manage their homes and businesses. Created by a homeschooling, stay-at-home Mom, wife, and MLM loving Mompreneur.