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A DreamMason is a person who’s intentional, committed and realizes it’s going to take planning, designing and the choice to build their dreams so they can live the life they want.

A DreamMason is a person who’s intentional, committed and realizes it’s going to take planning, designing and the choice to build their dreams so they can live the life they want.
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A DreamMason is a person who’s intentional, committed and realizes it’s going to take planning, designing and the choice to build their dreams so they can live the life they want.






Why The Night King Isn't Dead!

EP73 - “Why The Night King Isn’t Dead” “Each and every day, the Night King is raising the dead sending them charging in your direction. You’re outnumbered, exhausted, and fighting off each zombie one by one… Some days you fair better than others, some days you just get clobbered.” Alex Terranova This is a special episode of The DreamMason Podcast. While normally I sit down with Leaders, Creators, and Innovators to discuss what obstacles they’ve overcome to achieve greatness in their...


"Integrity, Energy, Process"

EP72 - Integrity, Energy, Process" with Moe Abbas “Both my mind and my body are subject to my will.” Moe Abbas Our guest today is Moe Abbas. He was one of Canada’s Business Journal’s 40 under 40, also NKBA’s 30 under 30, a successful entrepreneur, and the current CEO and Founder of GenM, a technology company, and business training marketplace. On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss: -Building a company -Creating a vision of the future -The value of...


The Car Crash

EP71 - The Car Crash “You don’t have to earn love. You don’t have to be anything to get it either. All you have to do is make the choice to be open to receiving and getting it.” Alex Terranova On today’s episode I want to share with you the story of a night that forever changed my life. In October of 2017, while driving from San Diego to Los Angeles, I fell asleep at the wheel on one of America’s busiest freeways. I totaled the car, ran across four freeway lanes, and somehow managed not...


Heal your Trauma, Reprogram your Mind, Empower your Life

EP70 - “Heal your Trauma, Reprogram your Mind, Empower your Life” “You can’t become an empowered human being until you deal with your trauma. Otherwise you’re just battling your subconscious mind.” Dr. Erin Fall Haskell Our guest today is epic, she’s a wonderful wave of wisdom, beauty, love, spirit, and yet manages to be so relatable! Forbes named her one of the eleven most inspirational female leaders. Dr. Erin Fall Haskell is a New Thought Leader, a Doctor of Divinity, the Author...


"You're NOT Broken"

EP69: “You’re Not Broken” “It’s not my job to make people better. It’s my job to create the space for people to choose to be their best.” Alex Terranova On today's episode, we are going to talk about the idea that we are broken, not enough, or that something is wrong with us. On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss: -Motivation -Coaching -Living the life of our dreams -Loving your life -Career -Relationships -Operating at your highest potential -Learning to...


"Rebounding from RockBottom"

EP68 “Rebounding From Rock Bottom” “Whatever happened to you when you were a kid actually does stick with you, unless you start to tell yourself a different story and form a different belief.” Kristy Ellington Our guest today, Kristy Ellington, is an expert on Global Brand Partnerships, Sales, Content Marketing, and serves as a Sales and Executive Coach. She’s worked with brands such as Nike, Hilton, Target, Amazon, and personalities like Lewis Howes, Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk), Marie...


The Happiness Gap: Get Your Life Back

EP67: “The Happiness Gap: Get Your Life Back” “When we resist change we shut ourselves down and can only experience what we already know. By embracing change, we open ourselves up to more ideas, experiences, and possibilities.” -Alex Terranova Before we jump into Episode 67, I’m excited to share that The DreamMason Podcast has a new Podcast studio and this is the first episode recorded in our new San Diego, CA studio. We also have a sponsor, our first sponsor, Accomplishment Coaching....


"Every Kid is Groovy"

EP66 - “Everyone is Groovy” “The sun shines equally on everyone at the same time…you get treated by the light the same way." -Greville Henwood Our guest today is love, wisdom, creativity, expression, and play. He’s also the Founder and President of Groovy Kids Yoga, an International Kids Yoga Program, where kids are given the freedom to express themselves creatively, spiritually, and physically without judgment. Our guest Greville Henwood has been teaching yoga and yoga programs for...


The Coaching Show meets The DreamMason Podcast

EP65 - “The Coaching Show meets The DreamMason Podcast” “We have to honor our core beliefs, we have to honor each other, we have to honor the planet we’re on, we have to honor things, and that reverence seems so missing in our day to day existence…” Christopher McAuliffe You know how sometimes on CBS or NBC they do those wacky episodes where two different shows meet in a combined episode? Or in Comics where somehow Batman and Superman somehow exist in the same comic universe? Whomever...


"Intentional Living"

EP64 - “Intentional Living” “We can’t be focused on breaking a sweat and relaxing. They’re opposites.” Corene Summers Our guest today is one of my favorite people, a good friend, an International Meditation Teacher, a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, the founder of Artisan Farmacy, a Reiki Master, Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur, and a Yoga Instructor. She does it all! Corene is also a Wellbeing expert with Entrepreneur and is a regularly featured meditation teacher on the...


"The Rising Man"

EP63 - “The Rising Man” “We go in and out of consciousness. It’s more of a target. More of an objective.” Jeddy Azuma Our guest today is one of the Founding Fathers of the Conscious Man Brotherhood with Preston Smiles. He is also the host of The Rising Man Podcast and he leads men’s retreats as well as rights of passage work. After receiving his doctorate in physical therapy and pursuing a successful career he found himself empty and unfulfilled and decided to leave everything behind...


"Less is More"

EP62 - “Less is More” “Mindfulness is essential.” Ash Kumra Our guest today has spoken at TedX, interviewed over five hundred influential people, including Dr. Oz, world-renowned consultant Bedros Keulian, Dr. Drew, author Jason Capital, and boxing phenom Alexis Rocha. He’s a global speaker, entrepreneur, meditation coach, national radio host, and the CEO of Youngry. I am excited to introduce you to Ash Kumra. Ash is committed to supporting others to achieve success through...


"Do Your Thing"

EP61 - “Do Your Thing” “If you want a new life, it’s gonna cost you, your old one.” Mike Banhagel Our guests today is Mike Banhagel, he’s the owner and founder of Seven Point CBD, and a Health and Fitness Advocate. Mike is passionate about helping others, which is why he built a brand and a company that he believes can and will make a difference. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the podcast sharing keys to success, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. On this...


"Creating Improves Lives"

EP60 - “Creating Improves Lives” “Creativity and innovation is when you change the way people live their lives.” Ashton & Brittany Harvey Our guests today are husband and wife entrepreneurs and business partners, Ashton and Brittany Harvey, the Co-Founders of Yellow Threads Co. Yellow Threads isn’t your typical clothing line, much like Ashton and Brittany aren’t your everyday entrepreneurs. Yellow Threads mission is to instill hope and confidence into the lives of men, women, and...


"Strike First"

EP59 - “Strike First” “Do what scares you!” Roseanney Liu Our guest today is the multi-passionate fire-starter Roseanney Liu. Roseanney is a speaker, teacher, and author of How to Survive Elementary School, You Did What Now, and Badassery 101. She has also been a featured author in two anthologies Master your Inner Game, a #1 best seller, and Phenomenal Women. She is an expert of self-esteem and taking the right action to achieve the success you desire. Roseanney came to America as...


"Happiness Unfiltered"

EP58 - “Happiness Unfiltered” “When you feel better you do better.” Robert Mack Our guest today is Robert Mack. Rob has accomplished so many amazing things—it’s going to be tough to list and share them all here! Rob is one of the Hosts and Producers of the first streaming morning show Good Morning La La Land, a Happiness Coach, Author, and appeared on E's Famously Single as a Love Coach. He has also been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and magazines such as...


"Luscious Living"

EP57 - “Luscious Living” “If you want something you’ve got to be uncomfortable to get it.” Sarah Olin Our guest today is Sarah Olin, “The Queen of Charlotte,” and one of the most sought after coaches in the South East who is “crazy for coaching”. Sarah is the mother, founder, and creator of Luscious Mother, a coaching and leadership company that is dedicated to supporting working moms. Her passion and commitment is outrageous, as she is ALL-IN when it comes to supporting women in...


"Locked on Leadership"

EP56 - “Locked on Leadership” “Our limitations are self-imposed...Just saying you’ve done your best isn’t enough.” Dave Rosenberg Dave Rosenberg is a decorated combat veteran, whose work in sales, and starting/growing various businesses has evolved into a leadership expert, business consultant, and professional speaker. He’s been published in Business Solutions Magazines, worked with over 60 companies teaching owners and managers how to better lead employees, and prides himself as an...


"What Your Clothes Say About You"

EP55 - “What Your Clothes Say About You” “Comfort becomes the security blanket of stuck energy.” Anna Neimark Anna Neimark is a ruthlessly compassionate personal fashion stylist, style coach, and speaker who dresses leaders to fully align the way they show up in the world with their Next Level of income, influence, and impact. Her perspective on personal fashion is ontological and psychological and rooted in personal development and personal growth training. She truly get’s the...


The Guy Behind The Guy

EP54 - "The Guy Behind The Guy" Paul Getter is “the guy behind the guy,” “the Internet Marketing Nerd” and the marketing guru behind successful people like The Sharks from Shark Tank, Tai Lopez, Dr. Alex Mehr, Bob Proctor, Tim Storey, Grant Cardone, Les Brown, Steve Harvey and other A-List Celebrities. Paul is also a committed, loving husband and encouraging, dedicated father. His American success story is journey is one we can all learn from: he wasn’t born with a silver spoon, doesn’t...