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Ed will be interviewing accomplished business professionals and successful thought leaders who have years of experience to share. His mini-casts are packed with short, practical and straight-to-the-point business advice that you can use today.

Ed will be interviewing accomplished business professionals and successful thought leaders who have years of experience to share. His mini-casts are packed with short, practical and straight-to-the-point business advice that you can use today.


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Ed will be interviewing accomplished business professionals and successful thought leaders who have years of experience to share. His mini-casts are packed with short, practical and straight-to-the-point business advice that you can use today.




Leadership Deep Dive on Self-Awareness and Being Courageous

Rick Packer from Pat Lencioni's Table Group joins me in this episode of The Ed Eppley Experience to share his thinking and experiences in how leaders can become more self aware. (Hint - It helps to be open to feedback.) In his work with hundreds of execs and CEO's, he's learned that the best execs focus on doing what their role demands rather than what is pleasing. And you'll love Rick's comments about "uncommunicated expectations" and "the messy middle"!


Ed's Secret Weapon for Business Travel

This episode of TEEE, isn't about professional management or leadership. It's about the crazy and ever changing world of business travel. Most people know I travel a great deal. (I'm over a million miles with Delta.) I often get asked for recommendations about travel. No matter what advice I might offer, I always suggest they subscribe to Joe Sent Me. For almost 20 years, Joe Brancatelli has been offering up great business travel advice. No one, and I mean no one knows more about the best...



I shared in an earlier minilog how 2021 has been the real year of Covid. It's also why now more than ever, leaders need to be be capable of thinking in disruptive ways. With all the uncertainty and difficulty in supply chains and finding people, this might be the time when you need to consider new and different alliances and partnerships. Maybe even different kinds of customers or suppliers. Listen and be prepared to consider options you would have never considered in the past!



Great leaders have courage along with the ability to act despite fear. In this minilog, I explain why managers may find it hard to act when there is danger present, and dive into the consequences that come from not acting. You are sure to like the model I offer that can let you "enter the danger" with greater confidence.


This Guy's Company Makes Chick-fil-A's Chicken!

Rob Connelly is the CEO of Henny Penny. They make the equipment that makes the food for companies like McDonald's, Wendy's and yes, Chick-fil-A. Rob shares what it's like to lead a company that promises their customers they will make more money by spending more for Henny Penny's equipment. If you've ever wondered about having an ESOP company, Rob explains how their employees and fellow owners have greater interest in the company's financial results. And you'll enjoy hearing how Henny Penny...


Fixing to Firing, Part II - Coaching Tips From An Obsessed Coach!

Kevin Hickey, COO of All 4 Environmental is obsessed with coaching. From youth basketball to Villanova University to his own company, Kevin eats, sleeps and works daily to master this critical aspect of management. He offers a refreshingly optimistic attitude about your talents' ability to get better and move to higher levels of performance. You'll appreciate how much the coaching he's received from others as impacted how he coaches his own people. Plus he offers you the opportunity to get a...


Why You Don't Want A Board Of Advisors!

If you have a board, are on a board or are thinking about being on a board you need to listen to this podcast! Jim Brown, from Strive!, is one of the foremost experts on all kinds of boards. In this episode of The Ed Eppley Experience, Jim shares tremendous insights like: Why you want an Advisory Council (Not a Board of Advisors); why you don't want to be on a board of directors; why greeters at Walmart are better prepared for their jobs than most board members; and the number #1 reason why...


Building Your Car While Driving

Ever wonder why it's so hard to execute your startegic initiatives? It's because trying to fundametally change the business while keeping it operating is tremendously hard. It's messy and it can be complex. To give yourself a real chance at success, you need to think about how you keep your strategic imperatives in front of you, in the right way, at the right time. If you have trouble getting your strategy executed, don't miss this minilog!!


Have You Built a Business or a Great Job?

Bill Hutter has observed literally hundreds of business owners run their companies. Few people have seen the financial results of more entrepreneurs and been able to witness firsthand the impact of their decisions and behavior. In this wonderful episode of The Ed Eppley Experience, Bill shares the three things business owners do that holds them back. He also has some great practical advice about how to make it simpler to scale your business. Like all great ideas, this one is simple and...


2021: The Real Year of Covid

Hindsight always offers a different perspective and it's certainly true when we look back at 2020. Some companies were savaged last year, while a great many actually thrived. And strangely, many of these same businesses find their roles reversed. I offer up some observations of why it still may be too soon to know how much your business will be changed because of the pandemic.


Why Your Training Programs Don't Work

After 40+ years of developing people and executives, I've earned the right to share why most training programs fail. This minilog episode of the Ed Eppley Experience helps you understand the difference between education and training, why the boss telling you to do better in certain areas doesn't always work, and the single biggest factor that people retain from any training program. If you are a manager or an executive, this is five minutes you won't want to miss!


Producing Results Versus Growing Your People

It's so simple! Your job as a manager or executive exists for two reasons and two reasons only. Produce results and grow people. In this Minilog you learn what it really means to "grow" a person. And it probably isn't what you think! When you master this skill as a manager, you have a sustainable, competitive advantage and you'll NEVER be worried about a job!


Fixing to Firing - Everything You Need to Know About Managing People's Performance (Part 1)

This is one of several interviews I'm doing with some exceptional executive talent to help you deal with some of the most challenging aspects of leading and managing. Katie Brown, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Steamboat Ski and Resort Company shares her wisdom in this episode. She shares several extremely valuable ideas about knowing when to coach vs. discipline and how being a good parent can be some of the best preparation for these conversations. I also share some insights I've learned in...


Which Team Is Your Most Important Team?

In today's world most executives are on more than one team. So the question becomes, "Which team is my 'first" team?" To which team should you have the greatest loyalty, give the highest priority? When you make your department or functional team your highest priority, you're going to make different decisions than if your first team is your team of peers. In this minilog you'll hear how to deal with this dilemma!


It's Never Been Harder To Be A Great Team

Last year's pandemic helped some poor teams become better. That's because something as disruptive as Covid 19 unites dysfuncitonal teams. Remember, some "great" teams are great because they have a common enemy that makes them cohesive, when they otherwise would be in disaray. So why is it harder for great teams no remain great today? Listen to this minilog and learn the lesson!


How Good Are Your Meetings?

Recently an executive shared with me that he had 42 meetings on his calendar for the coming week. I wondered how much value he got from being in them. Have you ever done an audit of the quality of your meetings? In this minilog I share the 5 Steps to Effective Meetings. You'll learn the number one reason why meetings fail to be effective. Remember, meetings are indispensable to running a business. So we have a responsibility to make them as effective as possible. In these 5 minutes I'll...


Andy Gruber, The Reluctant CEO

Someone once said the best leaders are people who don't want the position, the inference being that when that kind of person finds themselves in a leadership role, it's not because of the money or the power. They tend to be more responsible and inclined to do what is best for the business instead of what is best for them. That describes Andy Gruber. You'll learn as he talks about the need for leaders to be courageous, the kind of leader millennials need, and the fact that no business is...


Managerial Moment of Truth, Your Roadmap to Accountability

Ask any manager or executive what the toughest part of their job is and you are likely to hear having tough conversations with someone who isn't doing what they promised, or what their job requires. In this episode I take you through the Managerial Moment of Truth process for making these conversations much more productive to both parties. I explain a process from Bodiker and Fritz's book of the same name that you can start using today that will help you get to a better result and less...


Pandemic Recovery and the Mistakes Family Owned Businesses Fail to Confront

George Andress is a partner in Kleshinski, Morrison and Morris CPA's. He gets to see first hand the mistakes that closely-held family businesses tend to make and how these same businesses have been dealing with the pandemic. This will be a great episode to hear how your business compares to George's clients at this point in the pandemic as well as learn from their mistakes. Listen and learn!!


What Does Selling Pampers, Campbell's Soup and Goodyear Tires Have in Common?

We've never had such an experienced international executive on the Ed Eppley Experience. Chris Delaney has led teams in the US, Australia, China, Arab Emirates and now Belgium. In this episode Chris shares what he's learned in building teams and producing results for name brands like P & G, Cambell's soup and Goodyear Tire and Rubber. He shares his thoughts about how leaders are created and what bad leadership experiences have taught him. And how the pandemic helped him simplify what he's...