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Making digital marketing fun and effective, Elenny Frometa from reveals all of her online business strategies, sources of income, and how you can create your own business empire without headaches. Tune in and learn how to grow and scale your profitable online business with marketing strategies that actually work.


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Making digital marketing fun and effective, Elenny Frometa from reveals all of her online business strategies, sources of income, and how you can create your own business empire without headaches. Tune in and learn how to grow and scale your profitable online business with marketing strategies that actually work.




022: Being a Full-Time Entrepreneur & Full-time Mother; Real Talk

This episode is for you if you are a mother, or considering becoming one, and run a full-time business. The truth is that the way you run your business will change once you become a mother, but this change is not necessarily a bad one. Tune in and learn how my schedule changed + how I am able to balance both lives, and learn how you can make motherhood and entrepreneurship work for you. Hey boss! Need a budget system that will make saving AND making more as easy as your morning bathroom...


021: Should You Be on Clubhouse for Leads?

Is clubhouse overrated or underestimated? Tune into today's episode and listen to what I think about using Clubhouse for leads and clients. Although I think it has a good potential, there is a lot that Clubhouse needs to improve so that business owners and content creators can benefit more from using the platform as a lead-generation strategy. Let me know your thoughts! Want to learn how to use Pinterest to grow your audience and monetize them? Read this post Follow me on Instagram...


020: Planning a Profitable, Successful 2021

Happy New Year you beautiful soul! One of my resolutions is to get a bit away from the microphone as I speak for upcoming episodes, but this isn't about me... It's about YOU! It's about reflecting on all the things that worked and didn't work in 2020 so that you can welcome a better and more profitable 2021. Listen to the entire episode and do so as many times as needed so that you can answer the 6 questions that will help you reframe your thoughts and create space for a profitable and...


019: How I Hit 6 Figures With Pinterest

Sign up for Pinned Simple: Hey boss! In today's episode I cover how I got started on Pinterest. I am telling you my story so that you know what is possible when you shift your mindset and start treating your business like a business rather than a hobby. I started with zero dollars and turned it into a 6, almost 7-figure online business all thanks to Pinterest, which was (and STILL IS), a goldmine full of traffic, leads, and sales that MUST be tapped...


Pinterest Leads Challenge: The Cash Trifecta

You've made it to the last day! Congratulations! Today is all about celebrating your accomplishment and talking to you about the Cash Trifecta which includes: Pinterest Marketing, Conversion Copywriting, and Email Marketing. The truth is that there are so many programs out there that cover those three elements individually and never tell you how to put them together for automated success. I also want to extend an invitation for you to join me inside Pinned Simple. Seriously, how exhausted...


Pinterest Leads Challenge: The "All-Inclusive" Pinning Strategy

You've made it to day 4 and today is when we put all of it together. You have your irresistible lead magnet created, your upsell is also there, you have your blog post and/or landing page, you know what your main offer is. Now you get started on Pinterest and implement what I call the "All-Inclusive" pinning strategy. Of course, for the sake of this challenge and your sanity, you are learning the simplified version of this strategy. Your Homework: Create your pins and schedule...


Pinterest Leads Challenge: Creating Your Upsell + Main Offer

Things continue to get better and better with this challenge! Today is all about making sales as you build your list and adding an upsell step after your leads opt-in for your freebie. This will help you build a valuable list and attract leads who are willing and more than happy to buy from you. You will gain their trust. Your Homework: *optional* Create an upsell and get crystal clear on your main...


Pinterest Leads Challenge: Creating Your Irresistible Lead Magnet

Welcome to day 2! Congratulations on getting here. Today we talk about how to create irresistible lead magnets that actually convert. Without a lead magnet, you are not going to create a sustainable online business that basically runs itself. I do not always recommend PDF downloads as lead magnets because there are other methods with high conversion rates. Homework #2: Create your lead magnet. Consider a mini-course, masterclass, step-by-step...


Pinterest Leads Challenge: Why Your Business Needs Free Leads on Autopilot

Pop the champagne and celebrate your success! Thank you for signing up for this challenge. You are here because you know that you should be getting free leads and sales on autopilot without having to rely on expensive ads, without having to create content 24/7, and without having to chase leads on every platform. In this first lesson, you are going to learn WHY you SHOULD prioritize free leads and why they will help you scale your business faster than any paid ad. Your homework: Subscribe...


013: Managing Social Media Like a Pro with Xenia Muntean

In this episode, Xenia and I talk about how she founded Planable, a free social media tool for approval and collaboration while she was just 20 years old in college. That took guts! We talk about how to work effectively as a team while working remotely, which is crucial today. How to manage your social media by scheduling your content (automation). Plus more golden nuggets that you have to listen to. Links Join Planable: Xenia's LinkedIn:...


012: Getting Consistent Traffic & Leads From Pinterest

Hey digital boss! If you are an entrepreneur who wants to get free traffic, leads, and sales consistently without having to invest in paid ads, this episode is for you. Elenny covers how you can create a Pinterest funnel that works for you so that you can get traffic and sales consistently. She started using Pinterest when she couldn't afford paid ads or a marketing team. Over 90% of her traffic comes from Pinterest and she monetized that traffic using the strategies mentioned in the...


011: How to Nurture Your Email List

If you're a business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, online creator, or anyone who requires an audience, this episode is for you. I cover the steps you need to take to grow and nurture your email list whether they are active or not. You will also get access to my 3-day video series where I teach how to start an email list, how to grow an email list, how to nurture an email list, and how to sell from an email list. Yes, it's everything email list. Don't forget to grab your free resources...


010: Grow Your Email List, The New Way

Hey boss! Do you want to grow a targeted email list, the right way? In today's episode of the Online Marketing Simplified Podcast, formerly known as the Empowered Affluence Podcast, Elenny covers: Links mentioned [UPDATED]: Flodesk: Video series: Like what you learned? Give Online Marketing Simplified a 5-stars review (if you feel it in your heart) and take a screenshot! Post it on Instagram and...


009: Getting Leads and Sales from Social Media with Samantha Kozuch

In this episode, Samantha covers how to leverage the power of social media to make sales while you sleep. We talk about the common myths behind monetizing social media, the best tips to grow organically, how to engage your audience, and more. Here is what is covered: [2:57]: How did you discover the power of using social media for generating leads and sales? [5:20]: Does the number of followers matter? [9:43]: Why do you think businesses and personal brands fail at monetizing social...


008: Staying Positive and Productive in Times of Crisis

In this episode, Elenny talks about how to stay calm, focused, positive, and productive in times of crisis. If you are isolated at home, that is not an excuse to let your fear take over or to get lazy. This is an opportunity for you to use your free time and launch or scale your business, get your finances right, focus on your mental health, and prioritize your well-being with the time you didn't have before. To help you do this, creators are giving away amazing and actionable resources...


007: Failing Forward & Getting Things Done with Chelle Shapiro

So many entrepreneurs and professionals fail at accomplishing their goals because they don't follow through. They give up after failing and don't put their best foot forward. They don't set intentions, and when they do, they don't do what they initially planned. If you know someone like this, or if you can relate to this, then this episode is perfect for you! Today's guest is Chelle Shapiro, a Productivity Coach, Consultant, and Activational Speaker who will make sure you set intentions,...


006: Becoming Productive & Getting Everything Done

My beautiful and productive people. Learn how to finally prioritize your tasks and get them done by following my GID productivity formula. As mentioned, here is more information on my GID planner: This is the formula that my readers and clients have used, and they claim it has changed their lives. Perhaps it can change yours, too! Learn something new: Buy my book, Empowered Affluence:...


005: How to Manifest the Life You Want

Learn how to manifest the life that you want by practicing the law of attraction correctly. As promised, here is where you can get The Secret by Rhonda Byrne: If you prefer the audiobook, here you go: This book is life-changing and has allowed me to create and receive amazing opportunities. Use the law of attraction to create the life you want! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast....


004: Learning to Say NO and Owning It

If you are someone who struggles to say "no" to people and feel guilty afterward, this episode is for you. Seriously, do we really have time to over-compromise and underdeliver? Purchase my book, Empowered Affluence, here: It will teach you how to say NO, how to prioritize yourself, and how to become your envisioned self :) Learn something new: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast....


003: Creating a Profitable Blog For 2020

Transcript: Elenny covers why blogging is still profitable, how to monetize your blog, how to get free traffic, and how to start from scratch. h Those are the resources Elenny mentioned in the episode. Implement these ideas and see how your blog profits! Bonus: Read about the 5 money-making books Elenny recommends for 2020 here:...