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Inspiring Millennial Entrepreneurship

Inspiring Millennial Entrepreneurship
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Inspiring Millennial Entrepreneurship






Ep. 11 – Kevin Chemidlin: Cue9 / PhillyWho – Network more effectively by taking a help-first approach.

After deciding to take fate into his own hands, Kevin quit his day job and launched two new ventures one of which, the PhillyWho podcast, ultimately led to the founding of his own podcast production company. In this interview Kevin shares how he was able to develop an exit strategy to take the leap from his day job, why networking success always comes back to how you can help others, and advice on escaping the isolation of entrepreneurship.


Ep.10 – Amanda Calvin: A. Calvin Design – How to design a brand that enables you to sell with confidence!

After spending four years working in the nine-to-five setting at a third party logistics provider, Amanda recognized that her real passion was to help small business owners showcase their business in the best way possible through graphic design. In addition to managing her own graphic design firm, Amanda teaches graphic design as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Kent State University. Join us as we discuss why as an entrepreneur you should understand the difference between your brand...


Ep. 9 – Greg Yeutter: Bedtime Bulb – How answering your minimum viable question will lead to your MVP.

Greg and his team have given a whole new meaning to the term “nightlight” by designing a lightbulb that is helping to solve the epidemic of poor sleep quality currently affecting 35% of American adults. In this interview Greg enlightens us on why intrapreneurship may be a great middle ground between the nine-to-five and business ownership, how being problem-focused will help you better understand the direction of your business, and his concept of MVQ which just may be the answer to your...


Ep. 8 – Heather Mohorn: Momo’s Tree House – Ways to avoid having your business run you.

Heather graduated from Yale with a degrees in economics and math around the time of the 2008 housing crisis and entered into a very unpredictable corporate climate. However, even from the beginning Heather always saw her 9-to-5 as a means to an end in positioning herself to become an entrepreneur. After witnessing her contemporaries struggle to balance their careers in finance with parenthood and life outside of the office, Heather decided it was time for her next “act” and took the plunge...


Ep. 7 – Reid Moncada: Chute Laundry – Why college may be the best time to build your entrepreneurial foundation.

Reid started his laundry pick up and delivery service out of his dorm room at Penn State University and has since expanded beyond State College into the Greater Philadelphia Area. In this interview we discuss why college may actually be the best time to start a business or side hustle, how to build a rock solid team and get buy-in to the mission and vision of your new company, and the gap that currently exists in the fashion industry which Reid and his team are relentlessly seeking to...


Ep. 6 – Dr. Deborah Osgood: Osgood & Associates – The “art” of self-employment and pursuing your passions through business ownership.

President and CEO of Osgood & Associates, Deborah Osgood specializes in Talent Development. Whether you're an individual looking to optimize your career and quality of life outcomes, a business looking to enhance the morale and contributions of your workforce, or a public agency seeking to improve the impact of your workforce development programs, Dr. Deborah has just the right solution. She has consulted for more than 900 businesses, coached over 1,000 individuals from all ages and walks of...


Ep. 5 – Mark Poderis: Dolla – Take a First Principles approach to starting your new business.

Mark is the founder of Dolla a new alternative to traditional banking that seeks to alleviate the problem of “underbanked” America. In this episode we learn more about the process of ideation and solution development, how traveling can truly expand your entrepreneurial perspective, and why according to Mark, reinventing the wheel is not always a bad thing.


Ep. 4 – Dave Feinman and Zach Medina: Viral Ideas / Flixation – Tips for making the most of your business partnership.

The founders of Viral Ideas video marketing are both serial entrepreneurs that have been in business together now for over 5 years. In this interview we’ll go behind the scenes of Dave and Zach’s business relationship and gain insight into what can make or break a partnership, the importance of finding a business partner that compliments your personal skill set, and why sustainable partnerships are actually quite rare.


Ep. 3 – Fernando Suarez: Fernando Suarez Business Advisors – How structuring your team as a “pride” will help everyone succeed.

Fernando has built his own financial services firm over 30 years and focuses on empowering business owners in the greater Philadelphia area. During this interview we explore the important role small businesses have in uniting a community, why adversity can be your greatest ally, and how structuring your team to act as a “pride” enables everyone to succeed.


Ep. 2 – Candace Yaeger: Candace Yaeger Coaching – How you can unlock your potential and become the CEO of your own life and business.

Candace is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and business consultant who specializes in empowering business owners and professionals to achieve their full potential. In this interview we discuss unlocking your own potential and how you can begin doing so, what it means to become the CEO of your own life, and how to begin developing a success mindset today.


Ep. 1 – Jonathan Mercer: Stacks – How understanding the importance of mental health will make you a better entrepreneur.

Jonathan spent over five years with Johnson & Johnson before realizing that he was “stuck” in corporate and decided to leave. He then started a mental health awareness movement called Leading Minds and went on to found his own co working space, Stacks Co. In this interview we discuss the importance of mental health in business and entrepreneurship, and why as an entrepreneur or side hustler you should absolutely consider colliding with your local co working space!


Coming Soon! – The Executive Aspect Podcast – Trailer

Hey there future Executives, Josh here to tell you about the new podcast we are launching this month on iTunes! The Executive Aspect Podcast is for aspiring Millennial entrepreneurs looking to leave their day jobs to start a business of their own. Our show features interviews with noteworthy Millennials and other entrepreneurs that have successfully transitioned away from workforce and want to equip you with the tools to turn your great business idea into a reality. Our guests join us to...