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Phil Dobbie talks with Executive Central advisors who provide coaching advice for senior executives on the path to success, covering leadership, sales, strategy and diversity.

Phil Dobbie talks with Executive Central advisors who provide coaching advice for senior executives on the path to success, covering leadership, sales, strategy and diversity.
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Phil Dobbie talks with Executive Central advisors who provide coaching advice for senior executives on the path to success, covering leadership, sales, strategy and diversity.




Leaders and Managers as Coaches

Lots of managers and leaders spend their time working on specific tasks, rather than coaching their staff. They work hard to avoid being with the people who work for them. Rob Balmer describes it as a destructive work environment, where staff quickly become disillusioned. It’s also, of course, hugely inefficient. In this podcast he talks to Phil Dobbie about how to turn around your leadership style, so you spend more time managing people and the work they do, rather than doing the work...


Influencing Change

In the last podcast Phil Dobbie spoke to Executive Central’s Rob Balmer about how leaders need to be constantly driving change in an organisation. Nothing stands still in the corporate world. In this episode, Rob explains how change can never be achieved without influencing the whole team to embrace the change. You need to consider the Stakeholder Value equation when selling the reasons for change.


Leading and Managing Change

We’ve been looking at managing a performance culture in recent episodes of the Executive Central podcast. To move to a performance culture you, inevitably, must change how things are done. In this episode, Phil Dobbie asks Executive Central’s Rob Balmer about how, as a leader, you drive the change process, bringing people along and ensuring you maximise the outcome. Rob explains a process built around three crucial stages, each with their own leadership challenges.


Building a Performance Culture: Unlocking the Full Potential of People

It’s vital, if you are to build a performance culture, that you get that best of out everybody in the company. That means unlocking everyone’s full potential? So how do you achieve that. In this podcast Executive Central’s Rob Balmer explains to Phil Dobbie that there’s a very straight forward formula that all business leaders should follow. Leaders also need to look at themselves. Is their leadership style encourage or hindering the potential of people? Rob talks through the three types of...


Building a Performance Culture: Leadership at all levels

For many organisations the focus on developing leadership potential is focused entirely on the top rung of management. In this podcast Rob Balmer, Managing Director at Executive Central, explains how leadership needs to be developed throughout the company, with a different focus dependent on the role and the individual. It’s not something that can be effectively achieved with off-the-shelf training.


Coaching for an Innovative Culture

Is it possible to coach your workforce into innovation? Can you actually teach people to come up with innovative ways of working? It’s a question Phil Dobbie puts to Rob Balmer, MD of Executive Central, in this latest edition of the Executive Central Podcast. Rob suggests that innovation comes through a blend of attitude, time and diversity. Coaching, and in particular its focus on the practical application of knowledge, can dramatically impact the degree to which both incremental and...


The Three Horizons to Innovation

To many people innovation relates to creating something new, such as a new product or a new way of promoting your services. In this edition of the Executive Central Podcast Rob Balmer, the Managing Director Executive Central, explains that innovation needs to relate to the three horizons of growth within your business. As he explains to Phil Dobbie, once you understand those horizons the opportunities for innovation become much clearer.


Is your immune system destroying your business?

In this second edition of the Executive Central Podcast Rob Balmer talks to Phil Dobbie about controlling your corporate immune system. When we make big changes to our body – like a heart transplant, for example – our natural self defence system kicks in. The same thing happens in business when we try and improve on the way we do things. Rob suggests the problem is not that companies aren’t innovative, it’s that they haven’t prepared their organisations for change.


Why training fails – could you be targeting the wrong people?

Is your organisation getting the returns it expects from corporate training? In the first episode of The Executive Central Podcast, Phil Dobbie talks to Rob Balmer about why companies are failing to achieve the outcomes they expect. Often, he suggests, it’s because the emphasis is on the wrong people. Attention is paid on developing senior executives, whilst under investing in front-line managers who are charged with putting strategies into action. The solution, says Rob, is to ensure you...