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After delivering seminars all over the world, I realized how unique the knowledge I have really is. So I decided to share my ability, to help people become successful in what I view to be the greatest marketing era in humanity’s history. I’ve built several million-dollar businesses. It can be done. Now I want to show you how. Stay tuned for tools and strategies you can use right now to build your brands and increase revenue!

After delivering seminars all over the world, I realized how unique the knowledge I have really is. So I decided to share my ability, to help people become successful in what I view to be the greatest marketing era in humanity’s history. I’ve built several million-dollar businesses. It can be done. Now I want to show you how. Stay tuned for tools and strategies you can use right now to build your brands and increase revenue!


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After delivering seminars all over the world, I realized how unique the knowledge I have really is. So I decided to share my ability, to help people become successful in what I view to be the greatest marketing era in humanity’s history. I’ve built several million-dollar businesses. It can be done. Now I want to show you how. Stay tuned for tools and strategies you can use right now to build your brands and increase revenue!




Establishing Social Media Goals for your Brand

How often do you think about what your full potential is? Or what it will take for you to establish yourself as an authority in your marketplace? These are questions you’ll need to consider when establishing your goals for social media. Because these goals will help drive you to the business success and community impact that you want. Deciding what goals you want to achieve will give you the best chance of getting in front of the right people on social media. And, yes, the right people...


How to Succeed When Building a Brand

What does it take to build a business? Persistence! 99.9% of brands take years to build up and become successful and that only happens when you have a clear vision and a desire to help people. If you have a tendency to give on things at the first sign of resistance then you’re probably better off working for someone and starting a business. But, if you’ve got persistence, a clear vision, and that desire to improve people’s lives then you just might have what it takes to complete the...


How is Your Product Making the World Better?

Yes, many companies can make money with their products or services, but are they making people’s lives better? From our experience, those companies who care about improving people’s lives, first, often see massive amounts of money flowing to them. Today’s brief lesson from Manuel, tells more about why putting people first can make us very successful. This lesson comes to us from Manuel’s Facebook Masters course which is part of the AGM Ninja Lab. The ninja lab is the fastest way to...


Here’s Why You Need to Build a Real Business

Amazon has been a breakthrough platform for many entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. And many people have become very successful on the platform. But, there can be a downside to it as well. In this quick clip, Manuel tells us about a hiccup that occurred early on in his entrepreneurial journey when he was running a successful Amazon bed sheets business. A hiccup, as you’ll hear in his story, that quickly made the need to build a ‘real business’ become very clear. This lesson...


Leverage Dynamic Creatives for Even Better Facebook Ad Performance

To get the most out of your Facebook ads you need data to make good decisions, not your emotional connection to what you created. Often we believe our ad is good, but then it flops when we launch it. Why? Because it’s not about what we believe, it’s about how your audience feels. This is what makes the dynamic creative option so powerful. It allows us to test literally thousands of ad variations just by uploading a few creative pieces and letting Facebook’s algorithm do all the heavy...


The Chat Marketing Future with Mike Yan, CEO of ManyChat

Chat marketing might be best described as a mostly automated two-way conversation between a business and its prospects and customers. And with ManyChat you can make that conversation happen across Facebook messenger, text messages, and email; creating a true feeling of omnipresence. But, where did it come from and where is it going in the future? That’s what Manuel and ManyChat co-founder and CEO Mike Yan talk about in this podcast. You’ll also hear about how 4 guys at a kitchen table in...


Getting Started with Instagram Marketing

While we spend a great deal of time talking about Facebook marketing there is another great platform to grab attention and that’s Instagram. And luckily for all of us, once we know how to use the Facebook business manager we’re just a click or two away from marketing on Instagram also. But, you may need to adjust your strategy for Instagram in order to be effective. That’s what Manuel is discussing in this podcast. You’ll hear about Instagram ad funnel stages, types of creatives, using...


How to Create your Social Media Strategies and Campaigns

If you’ve ever done paid advertising and then wondered why your business didn’t increase then you’re not alone. Every day there are business owners and entrepreneurs who try and often fail with paid advertising while others are scaling their businesses to the moon. What’s the difference? The businesses that are scaling have discovered the correct strategies for success when it comes to paid advertising. And we hope to reveal a few of those strategies to you today. In this podcast, AGM’s...


Finding Your Perfect Audience on Facebook

Every business wants more customers, right? And maybe you’ve heard that a great place to find you’re perfect customers is on Facebook. But, Facebook is a big place, so how do you find them? Well, when it comes to perfecting your customer targeting on Facebook it all starts with the core audience. Unless you’ve already got a valid list of customers, but that’s a subject for another time. In this podcast, taken from our Facebook Targeting Foundations course, Manuel talks to us about...


Getting Your Socail Media Content Routine Rolling

One of the most important things you need for successful social media marketing is consistent content. But, without a plan, creating content can quickly seem overwhelming and too much to deal with. And at that point, you’ll most likely stop creating content. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this podcast, taken from the Social Media Foundations course, Manuel talks about tools and tips to get your content routine rolling across all of your social media channels. By the way, you can...


Facebook Objectives: Telling Facebook What You Want to Accomplish

Facebook wants you to succeed with your marketing. Why? Because we, the advertisers, businesses, and marketers, are Facebook’s actual customers, not the user scrolling through their newsfeed. Facebook’s money comes from entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world using the platform to promote their products and services. One way that Facebook helps businesses advertise more effectively is with the objectives provided inside of the business manager. In this short podcast, Manuel talks...


Setting Up Your Social Media Channels Correctly

In today’s podcast, we wanted to give a special look inside the AGM Ninja Lab with this lesson from the Social Media Foundations course. In it, Manuel tells us about the basic necessities we need to get our social media channels up and running quickly and correctly. If you’d like to get even more of this information and watch the full video training, it’s included in the 7-day AGM Ninja Lab $1 trial. Go to and secure your 7-day test drive for just a buck! It’s the...


No Website Needed for Lead Generation with Facebook Lead Ads

Friction is what causes all things to slow down. From tires on a road to prospects becoming your customers. And when it comes to moving people from being prospects to customers one of the biggest causes of friction can be the number of steps it takes a person to get into your central files, aka your list. So, how can you reduce the friction of a prospect becoming a customer? By using Facebook Lead Ads. In this podcast, Manuel tells how using Facebook leads ads - the right way - can lead to...


The 2 Secrets You Need for Your Business to Have Growth and Impact Starting Today

Sure you want to make a living with your business, right? But if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want that income to happen as a result of your business having a positive impact on your chosen community. Whether your community is your local neighborhood or the world that’s up to you. Either way, you need to employ these 2 secrets to make it happen. Luckily, thanks to the internet, social media, and the technology that you carry in your pocket it’s easier than ever to take action on...


How to Grow Your List by Retargeting Your Podcast Listeners

Podcasts are a great way to reach people who you might otherwise miss out on your content because they don’t spend as much time on social media as some others might. But, they do enjoy listening to podcasts while they do other things such as drive to work, go to the gym, walk their dog, or cook dinner. So, how do you maximize your reach to these podcast listeners when they do get on social media? By adding these listeners into custom audiences so that you can place sponsored, relative...


4 Types of Content You can Create on Social Media That Gets Engagement

It seems like, “What type of content should I create for social media?”, is a big question on many people’s minds when they first get started doing social media marketing. Well, in this podcast, we get to hear from AGM’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jorge Rodriguez, tell us about 4 types of content that we successfully use for ourselves and our clients each day here at AGM Marketing. And while it’s perfectly fine to get started with just the types of content that you feel most comfortable with...


3 Simple Steps to Start Social Media Marketing Now!

Getting started with social media marketing doesn’t have to be all that complex and confusing. In fact, there are 3 easy things you can do right now to jumpstart your social media marketing and you don’t even need a Facebook business page for the first two of them. These 3 things are competitor research, reverse engineering what those competitors are doing, and producing content that provides upfront value to people and then amplifying it. Once you complete steps 1 and 2 then you can set...


A Quick History of Marketing and Difference Between Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing

Marketing is a huge topic. And while you could say that marketing has been around as long as people have, regular print marketing, as we know it, started back in the 1400s. But as you’ve probably noticed, the only thing in life that stays the same is constant change and marketing is no different. In this podcast, Manuel gives a quick history of marketing and he’ll talk about the differences between outbound and inbound marketing. That way you’ll have the right information to make the...


The Secret to Why You’re Seeing That Ad on Facebook

Have you been scrolling through Facebook and thought to yourself, “Is this an ad, why am I seeing this?” Well, in this episode, Manuel will share with you how Facebook and Instagram are helping advertisers and businesses put their ads right in front of you. And once you understand how they do it you can start using the very same knowledge to promote your own brand and business. It can even be fun, once you know how to do it the right way. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the...


The First 3 Marketing Steps you should take with Social Media

We admit that the process of getting started with social media marketing can seem a little bit overwhelming. And if you feel that way, you’re not alone, a lot of great business owners have felt the same way. Luckily, once they got the ball rolling they found that social media marketing is one of the best “bang for your buck” marketing systems available. Today, Manuel is sharing the first 3 steps you should take when setting up your own social media marketing systems. And don’t worry it’s...