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The Failure Factor: Stories of Career Perseverance

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There’s a myth out there that failure is career-ending and that success is achieved without any bumps in the road. But in reality, it’s surviving rock bottom that gives entrepreneurs the experience, confidence and edge that ultimately causes them to thrive. You’ll hear stories of challenge, perseverance and triumph. Plus you’ll learn how to capitalize off the failure factor--your secret to success.

There’s a myth out there that failure is career-ending and that success is achieved without any bumps in the road. But in reality, it’s surviving rock bottom that gives entrepreneurs the experience, confidence and edge that ultimately causes them to thrive. You’ll hear stories of challenge, perseverance and triumph. Plus you’ll learn how to capitalize off the failure factor--your secret to success.
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There’s a myth out there that failure is career-ending and that success is achieved without any bumps in the road. But in reality, it’s surviving rock bottom that gives entrepreneurs the experience, confidence and edge that ultimately causes them to thrive. You’ll hear stories of challenge, perseverance and triumph. Plus you’ll learn how to capitalize off the failure factor--your secret to success.




The Failure Factor Episode 29: The League Dating App Founder Amanda Bradford on Having Difficult Conversations And Getting Comfortable With Rejection

Ah, dating - a topic close to Megan's heart. In this episode, she interviews The League founder and CEO Amanda Bradford on the building of the elite dating app. They discuss what it's like to date as an "alpha woman," the parallels between dating and entrepreneurship, why the skill of difficult conversations is integral to both dating and hiring, and how to cope with rejection. Listen in for Amanda's go-to first-date and first-interview questions, advice on overcoming fear of failure, and...


The Failure Factor Episode 28: Simon "Thor" Damborg on The Danger of the Personal Brand, Dating in a Culture of Toxic Masculinity, and The Only Way Entrepreneurship is Worth It

Simon "Thor" Damborg is a former competitive CrossFit athlete, small business consultant, and the owner of Raincity Athletics and the Functional Fitness League in Vancouver, Canada. In this episode, which isn't your typical TFF conversation, Simon opens up about the challenges of building his businesses, dating in a culture of toxic masculinity, his "privileged guilt," the pain, isolation and shame of creating a “macho” personal brand, and how to make room for failure as an entrepreneur.


The Failure Factor Episode 27: Lumion's Amy Briant and Lisa DeLarco Bonoff On Dealing With (and Learning From) a Painful Co-Founder Split

Amy Briant and Lisa DeLarco Bonoff are the founders of Lumion, a skincare product line revolutionizing skin health technology. In this episode, Amy shares the story of her painful split from a co-founder in her former venture, and what she learned the hard way. Tune into hear her advice on protecting yourself legally, setting boundaries, mitigating conflict, and optimizing co-founder relationships.


The Failure Factor Episode 26: Former Adult Film Star Turned Designer Jessie Andrews On Being Fearless And Not Letting The Past Define You

At 25 years old, Jessie Andrews is the founder and CEO of four successful businesses. Formerly an adult-film star and international DJ/Producer, she's now also a globally sought-after photographer, in-demand brand builder, and successful model and designer. In this episode, brought to you by Discover LMS, Jessie shares her unconventional journey from dropping out of high school to becoming one of the few adult actress to break through to mainstream. Listen in for her wisdom and grit-filled...


The Failure Factor Episode 25: Mark Sisson on Risk-Taking, Resilience, and the Failure That Cost Him $1m

Mark Sisson is an Ancestral health pioneer and ex-endurance athlete turned New York Times bestselling author. He's also a blogger (at top-rated health and fitness website, and the founder of several companies under the Primal brand: Primal Blueprint, Primal Kitchen, Primal Kitchen Resturaunts, and Primal Health Coach- all devoted to promoting the Primal lifestyle of balancing healthy nutrition, exercise and play. In this episode, brought to you by Discover LMS, Mark...


The Failure Factor Episode 24: Ollie Pet Food Co-founder Gabby Slome on Overcoming "Analysis Paralysis" and Considering Both Head and Heart in Decision-Making

Gabby Slome is the co-founder of Ollie; an all-natural, human grade dog food delivery service. In this episode, she shares how she overcame her own case of “analysis paralysis” and let her heart guide her to an ultimately fulfilling career that aligns perfectly with her core values.


The Failure Factor Episode 23: Sarah Merrill of “Big Kid Problems” on Growing & Monetizing Social Media, Overcoming Fear, and Leaving Your 9-5 Responsibly

It's one thing to leave a job you hate to follow your dreams; but what about leaving that "cushy" job that's not totally terrible? In this interview, brought to you by Discover LMS, Sarah Merrill of "Big Kid problems" walks Megan through how she traversed this decision in her own life and how she's made a successful business out of social media. From appearing as a guest on the day- time Emmy winning Steve Harvey Show on three separate episodes teaching “Social Media 101” segments, and...


THINX CoFounder and Serial Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal On Bouncing Back From Adversity

Known for taboo industry innovation, controversial subway ads, and a publicly challenging departure from her role as CEO of THINX Period Underwear, Miki Agrawal is a serial entrepreneur, author, and speaker. The four-time founder sat down with Megan for an exclusive first interview since what she describes as "trial by fire."


Cassandra Bodzak on Scaling The Conscious Personal Brand – Twice

Cassandra Bodzak is the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community,,and best-selling author of "Eat With Intention." She's a global meditation and wellness teacher, host of Eat with Intention TV, and former host of ABC’s The Taste. Hear Cassandra's story on how she successfully built an online community and personal brand alongside the grief of heartbreak and her brother's life-changing diagnosis – then rebranded and did it all over again – as well as her advice...


'The Hundreds' CoFounder On Leaving Law To Follow His Dreams, Building A Trustworthy Brand, And Coping With The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

Bobby Kim (also known as Bobby Hundreds) is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Hundreds. He grew what began as an independent, Los Angeles-based creative project into a worldwide men’s apparel label, worn today by celebrities such as Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Hear Bobby's story about the conversation that gave him the courage to leave law; how he's built a trustworthy brand; and the unique way he copes with success and failure.


Founder & CEO Megan Driscoll on Building A PR Agency, Using Fear As A Motivator, And Not Wanting Kids

Megan Driscoll is the founder and CEO of Evolve MKD, a public relations and social media agency in New York City. She's grown her business from one employee (herself) to 19 in two and a half years. But Megan's success came out of a "bad breakup" at her previous company. Listen in to hear her advice on building an agency, outsourcing PR, using fear as a motivator, negotiating the conflict of being a woman who doesn't want children, and more.


Danielle LaPorte On Being Fired From Her Own Company And Dealing With Haters

Danielle LaPorte is an internationally renowned speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and blogger. The wise, hilarious, self-proclaimed "seeker" has mastered scaling the personal brand; but prior to Danielle's massive success, she was fired – from her own company. Listen to this rich interview filled with Danielle's personal story of challenge and "failure," as well as her advice for protecting oneself when building your company, dealing with haters, and building a successful brand.


HigherDOSE Founders On How An Unfulfilling Modeling Career And Near-Death Experience Led To Their Ultimate Success

Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps are the founders of HigherDOSE, the infrared sauna experience that's taking over NYC. In this episode, they share with Megan how past career challenges have led to their present success. Berlingeri, previously a fitness model and star of the popular web show Woman v. Workout, opens up about her struggles in the world of modeling, while Kaps shares a painful near-death experience that transformed her perspective. Listen into hear their founder story, as well...


The Mistake These Women Made When They Launched Their Apparel Brand

Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard are the founders of, a direct-to-consumer children's clothing company known for its evergreen basics and affordable prices. Tune in to hear them discuss their "failure" – believing they could take care of the supply chain themselves. The result? Little product in-stock and a lot of unhappy customers and investors. Listen in for their advice for hiring with value proposition in mind, asking for help, and how to handle rejection.


Failing Every Day And Being A Successful First-Time Founder

Lauren Foundos spent a decade on Wall Street before starting Forte, a boutique fitness streaming platform. A first-time founder, Foundos stresses spending wisely, building authentic partnerships, detaching from an expectation of what the company will be, and several other nuggets of wisdom you won't want to miss. Tune into hear Megan and Lauren share laughs and advice on how to optimize your starting-up success as an entrepreneur, in business, and in life.


The Whole 30's Melissa Hartwig on Overcoming Addiction, Repairing Business Relationships, and Building a "Fiercely Loyal" Community

Melissa Hartwig is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, co-author of the New York Times bestsellers The Whole30 and It Starts With Food, and the author of Food Freedom Forever and The Whole30 Cookbook. She's been featured by Dr. Oz, The Today Show, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Details, Shape, Outside, and SELF; she has presented more than 150 health and nutrition seminars worldwide; and she also provides support to more than 2 million people a month through the Whole30 website....


Courtney Nichols Gould: "I Used To Lead From Fear"

Courtney Nichols Gould is the CoFounder/CEO of SmartyPants Vitamins, a company she launched with her cofounder and husband, Gordon, just over 5 years ago to bring more health to more people every day (in the shape of a really tasty and trustworthy gummy). In this episode, Courtney shares how she went from "leading from fear," to creating a culture with virtually no turnover that's gotten STRONGER as the number of employees has increased. Listen for her favorite alternative to meditation,...


How Failure Helped Me "Thrive": Gunnar Lovelace of Thrive Market

Gunnar Lovelace is the founder and co-CEO of Thrive Market, the fastest growing health-food e-commerce company in history. In this episode, Gunnar tells the story of a previous "failure," after which he found himself hitting rock bottom. He describes the learnings he took from the experience that contributed to his massive success with Thrive Market. Entrepreneur or not, you won't want to miss this profoundly inspiring interview in which Gunnar shares his authentic wisdom for relating to...


Danielle Duboise & Whitney Tingle: Making Your Mess into Your Mission

Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle are the co-founders of Sakara Life, an organic meal delivery service and wellness lifestyle brand. Danielle and Whitney went from making meals in their SoHo kitchen and delivering them on bicycles, to an 85-person company that delivers its signature plant-based, nutritionally-designed meals to thousands of customers across the United States each week. Hear their advice on how to "make your mess into your mission," turn a sulfurous kale salad into an...


Wall Street to REAL "Wellth"

Jason Wachob is the Founder and CEO of mindbodygreen and the author of “WELLTH: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume”. He has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Goop, and Vogue. It hasn't always been health and "Wellth" for Jason, though. He used the wisdom he gained from failures along the way to make mindbodygreen the leading independent media brand dedicated to wellness. Listen in for his bang-on advice about how being comfortable with uncertainty,...