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Bonus: International Women's Day!

It’s International Women’s Day! This year as we all #PressForProgress, we’re taking a little time to celebrate some of the great women from history, and the rad ladies making things happen now, who’ve changed things for the better for women and our money. We’ve got shoutouts to ladies you’ve definitely heard of, and to plenty you might not have. Make sure you’re subscribed so you’ll automatically get Season 2 episodes when they drop in a few months!


Bonus: Season 1 Wrap-Up

We made it to the end of season 1 of The Fairer Cents! Today we’re reflecting on what inspired us to start this podcast (we're not superheroes but we do have an origin story!), on the notes we’ve received from listeners and friends, and on what’s next for TFC. (Not to worry – we’ve got at least 27 seasons in us before the patriarchy is officially crushed.) Be sure to subscribe so you get bonus episodes as they drop, as well as new episodes in season 2 in spring 2018. Thanks for listening!


#10 - Investing in Mental Health

This episode's heavier than usual, so if hearing about depression, anxiety and mental health is a trigger for you, please skip this one. Today we're sharing some super personal stuff: our own stories of mental health challenges and how we've handled them, specifically how our mental health has been impacted by money and how we've let money dictate how we take care of our mental health. (Whew! What a paradox.) We also hear from author and blogger Cait Flanders on how she finally decided...


#9 – When Men Talk Women and Money

Today, we’re hearing from the guys. Our partners Mark and T-Bone, specifically. (Remember them from episode 2? They're baaaaaack.) And today they’re talking among themselves, not to us. Why? Because while it’s crazy important for women to talk money together, if we want to change the way things are, men have to be a part of that. And we wanted to get some insight into how they think about stuff like money equality in relationships and the wage gap when we’re not pressing them on it. Also,...


#8 - Goals, Resolutions and Self Care

This week, Kara and Tanja dig deep into goals, resolutions and self care, but not in the usual way. This isn't a rundown on suggested new year's resolutions, or the latest tips for rocking that bullet journal. This is about the potential darkside of goals, and how when we fall short of a goal, we might perceive what is 99% success as failure. And how goals sometimes support self care, while other times goals push us to be unhealthy. And of course we talk about the positive side, too -- how...


#7 - The Urge to Compare Money

We all feel the urge to compare ourselves to others (no, it's not just you), including the absolutely most successful among us. But is that actually good for us? And are the images we're comparing ourselves against even true? Kara and Tanja talk about comparison, competition, and what it's like to accidentally be the one others are comparing themselves to (and what to do about it if that happens). And today we've got an interview with money blogger J. Money (J$), who started the Rockstar...


Bonus #1 - TFC's Favorite Things

We're working on a full episode for next week, but this week, while Tanja is working her very last full week of work ever (!! #earlyretirement), we've got a bonus episode for you with lots of our favorite things. We're talking podcasts, books and a few physical things that we love and think you might love, too. Links to everything in this episode are on the show notes page at And if you have recommendations for us, send them our way: and...


#6 - Changing the Definition of Success

Let's talk success! Specifically success for women, which definitely comes loaded with career connotations and the dreaded "having it all." What is success, who defines it, and how does that definition change over time? Plus where does the pressure to succeed come from, and how much of that is socialized into us as women vs. completely self-imposed? Is it the same for hetero women vs. LGBT women? We dig into all of this and more in conversations with Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial,...


Deweaponizing Privilege

Let’s de-escalate the privilege discussion, shall we? It’s so important to acknowledge privilege, but not to wield it as a weapon. On this episode, Kara and Tanja dig into privilege – what it is, why it’s so important to talk about especially when the subject is money, and how we can talk about it without picking fights. Our guests are Liz Thames, writer of the Frugalwoods blog and the forthcoming book Meet the Frugalwoods, and Oliver Griswold, who tweets like a maniac at @originalgriz....


Emotional Labor

On this episode Kara and Tanja dive deep into the concept of "emotional labor," an idea that has recently gotten more attention thanks to a kickass piece in Harper's Bazaar by Gemma Hartley entitled, "Women aren't nags -- we're just fed up." We talk to Gemma and do some of our own exploration of the emotional labor in our own lives, and how it affects us, our relationships, and our money. Come chat emotional labor and how it disproportionately affects women. Season 1 of The Fairer Cents...


Women and Ambition

Let's talk ambition -- and what it means to be an ambitious woman. Women today are allowed to be more ambitious than women in prior generations, but that doesn't mean we don't still get judged differently for it. Kara and Tanja talk about their own ambition, whether ambition and competition are synonymous, and whether we can be ambitious without hurting other women (and preferably helping them!). Also, a discussion with Michelle Jackson, who proudly proclaims herself to be an ambitious...


When There's Someone Else In Your Money

Let's talk women, money and... relationships! Sometimes it's not just about how we manage our own finances, but what happens when there's someone else involved, whether that be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or any combination of the above. What happens when it's not just us in our money.


S1-Ep01 - Why Don't Women Feel Welcome in Money Conversations?

Who are the ladies behind The Fairer Cents? Why are they making this podcast? Are women welcome in money conversations? All that and more in the inaugural episode of The Fairer Cents! Let's dig into the stories of rad women whose stories aren't told elsewhere, getting real about money while taking down the patriarchy. Join Tanja Hester and Kara Perez for this new personal finance podcast all about each of our own unique money journeys. Who are the ladies behind the Fairer Cents? Why are...


Coming November 8! The Fairer Cents

Introducing The Fairer Cents, a podcast hosted by Tanja Hester of Our Next Life and Kara Perez of Bravely, that's all about the deeper stuff that impacts women, our money and our fight to get equal. This isn't a typical personal finance podcast -- we're not here only to cheer each other on with shallow epithets like "You go, girl!" and leave it at that, or to teach you how to save money at the grocery store. Instead, we want to understand together what we're truly up against, and hear from...


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