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#30 - Personal Responsibility Vs. Systemic Realities

Today we’re closing season 3 with the ur-topic of personal finance: is your success in life ultimately a product of the amount of personal responsibility you exercise or the systemic barriers that surround you? To answer this question, we talk to two experts: Diana Elliott, a sociologist and researcher at Urban Institute who studies systemic barriers, and Charlotte Cowles, a journalist who writes about money for New York Magazine’s The Cut and New York Times and has interviewed hundreds of...


#29 - Actionable Financial Tips from Friends of The Fairer Cents

Though we usually focus on bigger picture topics like systemic issues within our economy that disproportionately affect women, this week we’re getting tactical, and sharing actionable tips that can improve your finances today, with a little help from some friends of the podcast. Be sure to check out the links here in the shownotes to find all of the awesome financial pros and content creators we heard from and referenced. Links from the show : Broke Millennial Takes on InvestingBeyond...


#28 – Microaggressions, Invisible Labor & Women’s Anger, with Gemma Hartley and Sarah Cooper

In the era of the #MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter and a torrent of books on the subject, it’s a time when women’s anger at the inequality built into our financial, economic and social systems is finally being heard. Or at least some women’s anger is. In this week’s episode, we’re talking with emotional labor expert and author Gemma Hartley, and comedian and author Sarah Cooper, about the moment women’s rage is having, the steps that most of us must still take to function in a...


#27 - Broadening the FIRE (“financial independence, retire early”) Conversation, with Vicki Robin

Today we’re finally tackling the topic that we suspect some of you initially came to The Fairer Cents expecting to hear about: early retirement, financial independence and the FIRE movement or community. But because it’s us, we’re not just going to say “here’s how to retire early, now go buy some Vanguard funds and off you go.” Instead, we’re talking about how to broaden the conversation around FIRE, namely how to diversify it so more people feel welcome. Because it’s not just white tech...


#26 - Being an Ally, Part 2: How White Women Can Advocate for Women of Color

Today’s show is the second of two parts focusing on how we can be the best possible financial allies to those around us. In part 2, we’re talking about how white women can do better about being allies to women of color, in particular by not being “white feminists TM.” That goes for in financial spaces, and just in general. Our guests are two women of color who've thought a lot about this: Kiona of How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch and Marivette Navarette of The Mujerista. Links from...


#25 - Achieving Creative Dreams

Today we’re celebrating something HUGE in The Fairer Cents family: the publication of Tanja’s book, Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way! But we’re not just talking about that today. Instead we’re talking about everything that goes into women achieving creative dreams, from the glory of the finished product to the misery and messiness that can go into getting there, and even what creativity is in the first place. Our guest today is Claire Zinnecker, and interior designer...


#24 - Being an Ally, Part 1: How Men Can Advocate for Women

Today’s show is the first of two parts focusing on how we can be the best possible financial allies to those around us, whether that’s online or offline. In part 1, we’re talking about male allies: why we need them, and how men can be them. Our guests are Cord Jefferson, TV writer and outspoken feminist extraordinaire, and personal finance bloggers Matt Lane of Optimize Your Life and Brian of Done By 40. They’re all incredible allies to women, and they get vulnerable with us about how they...


#23 - Live from Cents Positive: Women, Financial Independence and Changing the Conversation

This week we’re doing something we’ve never done before on the podcast: recording live! This episode was recorded live at the first Cents Positive retreat for women interested in financial independence (so you’ll notice that we talk about financial independence and early retirement a little more than usual), and included wide-ranging conversations on the origins of the podcast, why women need safe spaces for all things but especially money conversations, how money and emotion are...


#22 - Women & Financial Advocacy, with Gaby Dunn and Mary Beth Cahill

The economic and social system we live in affects so much about our financial lives as women. So how do we change that? A big part of it is advocating for other women (and ourselves), and so today we’re talking to two incredible women from different generations who do exactly that, but in very different ways: Mary Beth Cahill, former executive director of Emily’s List, as well as long-time chief of staff for Senator Ted Kennedy and campaign manager for John Kerry’s presidential run in...


#21 - What It Means to Be a Strong Woman, with Suze Orman

It’s 2019, and women are still being judged for jobs on whether we’re likable enough, whether we’re strong enough (but not too strong), and all the same old patriarchal bullshit. That’s why we’re kicking off the new year and the new podcast season with one of the strongest women we know of: personal finance author, TV personality and all-around unapologetic woman Suze Orman. She’s got a new book out, but we mostly don’t talk about that. Instead, we talk about her origin story, including...


Bonus: Midterms and Our Money: Women in Politics and Why It Matters

We're days away from the midterm elections, and we have an unprecedented opportunity to elect more women than ever before. So let's talk about why that's important -- and why it's good for our money. Also on the show, Kara talked to Lily Herman, founder of Get Her Elected, about why women do and don't run, and what it will take to get more of us in office. Links mentioned in the show: Vox piece on representation of women around the world Legitimate rape spoof Washington Post piece on...


Bonus: Season 2 Wrap-Up

Today we’re reflecting back on season 2 of The Fairer Cents, and share a bunch about what’s to come in season 3, and even sooner than that! From our favorite episodes to this season to the tough moments, we dig into all of it. We give a preview of what’s coming in a few months (HOUSEHOLD NAMES, y’all!), and share our plans for in between the seasons. Be sure to stay subscribed so you don’t miss some of the special surprises we’ll be throwing at you this fall! We can’t wait to talk to you...


#20 - All the Single Ladies

Society puts a lot of pressure on all of us to couple up, but what about those women going it alone, either temporarily or long-term? Or going it alone with a child? That’s right. Today we’re discussing all the single ladies and their financial landscape. (And no discussion of single ladies is complete without some Beyonce references, though she’s done some more progressive, feminist work since that song came out.) Join Kara and Tanja as we talk to two single women, Canadian personal...


#19 - Invisible Disability

Some people face more challenges than others when it comes to earning money and navigating the work world, many for reasons that are apparent to all of us. And then there are those of us who look completely "normal" in the eyes of the world, but face struggles that others can't see that limit our ability to do even the most basic tasks. We're talking about invisible disability, a concept that's only starting to be recognized in our society, but which directly affects a billion people...


#18 - Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Part 2

We’re picking up where we left off last week in our two-part series, talking about women breaking into fields that have historically been male-dominated. Today we’re talking to two women scientists from across the pond – Dr. Jess Wade, a physicist in the U.K. who’s on a mission to tell the stories of women scientists in history by authoring Wikipedia pages about them, and Kim Tomy from South Africa, whose experience trying to climb the ranks in academia also has the history of Apartheid...


#17 - Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Part 1

Women have achieved gender parity in a large number of professions. (Whether they have parity in leadership is a whole nother question, but let’s not even get into that today.) But there are still plenty of them, from tech, to science to the outdoors industry, where the boys are still in charge for the most part. Today’s show is part 1 of a two-part series about women breaking into professions that are still male-dominated, whether that’s by working within the system, or going outside the...


#16 - Financial Feminism

Sometimes we take for granted on The Fairer Cents that everyone shares the same understanding of the term “feminism,” but of course that’s not true. So today we’re digging into the term a little bit – what it is, and what it most certainly is not. And then we go a step farther, coining a term that you can expect to hear a lot more around here: “Financial Feminism.” We bring the boys back (what up, T-Bone and Mark!) and hear a clip from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx Talk, as well as hearing...


#15 - Toxic Masculinity

We’re getting spicy today. (No really. Lots of spicy language in this one. Definitely don’t listen around kids or at work. For real.) Featuring Sam Donovan, a two-time “reality show loser,” and Kitty and Piggy from one of our favorite blogs, Bitches Get Riches, we’re not holding back as we dig into all the ways that traditional gender roles harm women AND MEN, especially the most extreme version of that: toxic masculinity.


#14 - The Economics of Motherhood

Today we’re taking on the first topic in which neither of us has a direct stake: motherhood! But recognizing that most women are not child-free by choice, as we both are, we wanted to take on this critically important issue that affects women and our money. We’re talking to Jamila Souffrant, creator of the Journey to Launch financial independence podcast, and Corina Frankie, founder of the Brand Besties event staffing service, about their experiences with maternity leave, taking time off,...


Bonus: Things We Disagree On

The question we (Kara and Tanja) get more than any other from listeners is: “Do you two agree on everything?” Because when we talk about money and feminism, we share views on a lot of things. But turns out, we don’t agree on everything! Not even close. And today we’re getting into just a few of the things we disagree about, some light and fluffy, and some big and heavy. From white feminism and the best ways to make political change happen to the British royals, join us in this bonus...