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Purpose-Driven Leadership in the Family Business

What are the ingredients of a strong company culture? In most cases, it is the result of hard work, consistency, and accountability; characteristics adopted by owners and employees alike. Family businesses are no exception. It might seem tempting to assume that family ownership would result in strong culture and a sense of purpose naturally, however, the reality is different. Dov Baron is a best-selling author, with 30 years of experience he has been twice cited by as one of the “Top...


The Science of Happiness In Family and Business

The quest to discover the secret to happiness has been one which has preoccupied mankind since the dawn of recorded time. Aristotle and the ancient Greeks discussed happiness at length, and the American founding fathers included “the pursuit of happiness” as an inalienable right in the Constitution. Today, anyone has access to self-help books with various instructions for finding happiness, and yet, is mankind, in fact, happier than it was before? One woman has made the topic of happiness...


Female Succession In Africa’s Family Businesses

The challenges of succession in a family owned business are as numerous as they are complex. From bridging the generation gap to walking the line between innovating and honouring tradition, succession is never simple even at the best of times. What it is like for women in Africa to deal with all that in a culture where it is often frowned upon for women to show drive and ambition deserves separate consideration. All too often, business-minded women are put in the impossible situation of...


The Eastern Adventures Of An Entrepreneurial Family

From the coastal town of Aabenraa in what is now Denmark, two young men, Heinrich Jessen and Jacob Jebsen, whose fathers and grandfathers were sea captains, set out on a trading expedition to the Far East in the late 1800’s. The two men who were also cousins proved very adept at bridging the cultures and establishing profitable trading partnerships, and in 1895, they went into business together. In 1909, they created Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg in Germany to facilitate trade between China and...


German Family Businesses Eye A Digital Future

Interview with Prof. Nadine Kammerlander, WHU Chair of Family Business, Germany. The challenges facing a family-owned business are wide-ranging; however, the Chair of Family Business sets out to become a thought leader by focusing on specific topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, governance, and succession. Through their research, Kammerlander and her team have come to discover that many conventionally held beliefs about family-owned businesses – such as that they lag in...


Saddleback Leather – Of Bags and Love

An Interview with Dave Munson, Founder of Saddleback Leather, United States of America. Texas-based husband and wife owners of Saddleback Leather, Dave and Suzette Munson, built their leather goods business by prioritising the highest quality for their products, treating employees and colleagues like family, and dreaming of expanding their business so they can increase their global philanthropic efforts. Saddleback Leather is an unquestionable runaway success. The business that started by...


KEF Holdings – The Adventures Of An Entrepreneurial Family

Faizal Kottikollon and Shabana Faizal have been on an unusual entrepreneurial journey for the past twenty years. It all began rather conventionally with Faizal studying engineering in India and the US before returning home where he met Shabana in 1992. Three years later while on holiday in Dubai, the young couple decided to put down roots and call it home. In 1997, Faizal opened a foundry called Emirates Techno Casting (ETC) in Sharjah to manufacture valves for the oil and gas industry, a...


Meet Europe's Fastest Growing Startup

Just a few years in existence, Germany’s Flixbus is already the poster child for a successful and global 21st century company. Enabled through technology, its three young founders took on the traditional long-distance transportation industry, which until 2013, was not open to private operators. When the government opened the market, Daniel Krauss, Jochen Engert, and André Schwämmlein launched Flixbus. Since they launched Flixbus as a low-cost booking solution for bus travel, it has served...


The Story of Guittard Chocolate Company - Of Innovation and Tradition

When Etienne Guittard left Tournus, France to join the California Gold Rush, he brought chocolate from his uncle’s factory as a means to barter for mining supplies. What he discovered was the miners and locals alike were willing to pay a premium for the delicious treat. He immediately saw the opportunity that was richer than panning for gold. He returned in 1868 and opened Guittard Chocolate on Sansome Street. Now 149 years later, the same enterprise still stands as a thriving family owned...


Are you being left behind in the Digital Age?

Ananthakrishnan (AK) Sankaranarayanan is a Global business strategist with proven expertise spanning “digital age” business strategies, processes, techniques and technology. He has helped several businesses across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa keep up with the rapidly changing digital world to propel revenues, growing market share. AK discusses with Tharawat Magazine the process of adapting to the digital world and why it’s never too late to undertake this journey.


We Print Your Money

Located in Dalton Massachusetts, Crane & Co. can trace its roots back to the American Revolutionary War, when their paper mill printed the very first colonial bank notes. After its official founding in 1801, the 19th Century saw the family business sign a contract with the government to produce the United States’ currency paper which they retain until today. Charlie Kittredge is a member of the sixth generation of the Crane family and currently, serves as the Chairman of the Board....


How 3D Printing is Transforming Traditional Manufacturing

Not long ago, it would have been easy to brush off 3D printing as a ‘neat party trick’ but not something that will find a place in commercial business processes. For Willem-Jan van Loon, 3D printing was love at first sight. Tharawat Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Van Loon to discuss his company, the emerging industry trends, and what the future of this technology could have in store in transforming the traditional manufacturing process.


Sustaining Family Culture and Preparing The Next Gen

In this podcast, we speak to Viscount Stormont, 16th generation member of his family legacy, about what it means to sustain a family culture over generations and how best to prepare the next generation to take on the challenges. He also shares how he is looking to contribute to the next gen community through the Scone Project initiative.


Digital Strategies

Tharawat Magazine Editors Ramia El Agamy and James Lee discuss the latest issue, which focuses on Digital Strategies. In this podcast, they share what it was like to speak to experts and owners who have digitised their companies and entrepreneurs who have built their enterprises around new technologies.


16 Generations of Family Legacy

On the border to the Scottish Highlands, stands Scone Palace. Today, a historic five-star tourism attraction, Scone’s history traces back at least to the 9th century claiming its fame for being the crowning-place of the Kings of Scots and home to the Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny. It was believed at the time that no king was allowed to reign over Scotland before being crowned at Scone upon the Stone of Scone. In this podcast, Tharawat Magazine speaks to Viscount...


Horizons: For Next Gens By Next Gens

Founded by Kydd Boyle and Richard Blackwell, both next gen members of their respective family businesses, Horizons is a self-described social enterprise built to inspire, educate and connect Next Gens who want to have a positive impact on the world in which they live. In this interview with Tharawat Magazine, founders Kydd and Richard share the stories of what inspired them to start such an enterprise and how next gen members can augment their visions through this forward-looking community.


Family Businesses in a Post-Brexit World

Tharawat Magazine editor Ramia El-Agamy travels to Scotland where she speaks with Dr. Claire Seaman of Queen Margaret University to talk about the state of Scottish family businesses as they navigate in a post-Brexit world.


How to Grow a Luxury Brand | Ole Lynggaard

Tharawat Magazine is in Switzerland at the prestigious Baselworld fair, a global luxury trade show, and visited Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, one of the largest fine jewellery workshops in Northern Europe. In this interview, company CEO Soren Lynggaard and his brother-in-law Michel Normann (COO) explains what leadership skills helped the family business grow from a local company into an internationally recognized luxury jewellery brand.


5 Things You Should Know Before Joining Your Family Business

Working for your family puts you in a very particular situation: it can potentially be very tricky but also very fulfilling. In this episode, Tharawat Magazine Editor-in-Chief shares some of the challenges you are likely to experience as she talks about the 5 things you should know before joining the family business.


The Origins Story You’ve Never Heard

Tharawat Magazine Editor James Lee speaks to Editor-in-Chief Ramia El Agamy as she shares how it all began - the origins story of Tharawat Magazine, the leading publication for family businesses.


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