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The podcast dedicated to family business. Providing interviews and insights to help your family business thrive.

The podcast dedicated to family business. Providing interviews and insights to help your family business thrive.
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The podcast dedicated to family business. Providing interviews and insights to help your family business thrive.




Ep. 34 - The Power of Conversation

Ian Marsh returns to the show for a second time following his previous discussion on episode 5 about the importance of communication. We build on that in this episode and discuss the fascinating topics he covers in his new book 'If it is so good to talk, why is it so hard?' We discuss why people put off important conversations, particularly with their families and what we can do to improve the conversations we are having. We ask what the benefits might be of daydreaming and whether it...


Ep. 33 - Culture, the HMG Paint Story

We first met Jonathan at the FBU Conference. We had a brief chat following his presentation and during that chat I cheekily asked for a full episode and I am really pleased to say that Jonathan has agreed to a full interview. In this chat we discuss the importance of culture, the positive impact this can have on the family business and also how every business should do more to improve their local community. Jonathan speaks passionately about the family business and his enthusiasm is...


Ep. 32 - Founder Succession

We speak with Elle Hansen, Miari Mickel and Jim Hutcheson about the particular challenges facing family business founders when it comes to succession planning. Elle and Jim work at Regeneration Partners in Dallas, Texas and Mairi is a Family Business Consultant with her own business based in Scotland. We all got together on a Friday morning in a basement flat in London to chat over a coffee about this subject matter. We look at the challenges facing founders and the fact that the...


Ep. 31 - The Great British Family Business Conference

Each year Paul Andrews of Family Business United holds a conference to celebrate family business in the UK. Russ takes his roaming mic to speak to some of the speakers and delegates at this years event. We speak to Paul about Family Business United, the conference and the other initiatives that he is involved in across the UK. We also speak to some of the fantastic speakers from the event and guests at the conference to find out what they have learned from the day. You can find out more...


Special Episode - International Women's Day

Thursday 8th March is International Women's Day and so I chat with Jo MacSween about her role with Women's Enterprise Scotland, Vistage and her own experiences in her families business, MacSween Haggis The hashtag for International Women's Day is #pressforprogress and we speak about what we can all be doing to help support this. There are loads of tips in here for budding female entrepreneurs You can find out more about Jo on LinkedIn On...


Ep. 30 - Financial Independence

Russ, is a Chartered Financial Planner and advises family business owners on how to achieve & maintain financial independence. Succession planning comes with many barriers and challenges and financial independence is one of them. In this episode we discuss why it is important and how to start your own journey towards financial independence. You can find out more about Russ on Linked In: Twitter: And Proposito...


Ep. 29 - The Psychology of Succession

Ever wondered why your Mum or Dad won't discuss succession? Are you a business owner but scared of what life outside the business may look like? This episode is for you! We speak with Dr Allie Taylor of OrangeKiwi, a consultancy business based in California. Allie has recently completed her PhD and used her dissertation as the basis for a white paper that looks at the character traits and behaviours of entrepreneurs who may struggle with business transitions. Allie explains these...


Ep. 28 - Mindfulness

In this interview with Martin Stepek we explore many of the challenges that families in business together face. The story of how Martin's father came to Scotland is one full of difficulty and tragedy and the challenges of his father's childhood stayed with him his entire life. Martin discusses the heartbreaking realities of having to wind up the business and the effect that had on the family, both positive and negative. Martin also discusses how he came across Mindfulness and the...


Ep.27 - Balancing Family and Non Family Management

Mark Bergman is a serial entrepreneur and invented HANDypaint whilst painting his basement. The initial inspiration was a coffee can and some duct tape! The business is now a $15m business based in Minnesota and Mark has appointed Jeff as the firms President as part of his succession plan. Mark's children work within the business and now effectively report into Jeff. We discuss how this works and what issues (if any) they encounter. We also discuss the culture that has been nurtured at...


Ep. 26 - Academic Research and how it can help Family Business

Josh Daspit is an Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University and has a passion for understanding the factors affecting family businesses ability to innovate. Josh explains how the research that is undertaken by academics such as him can be applied to family businesses and help them to thrive. We explore which differences family businesses display between those that can successfully innovate and those that can't. We also discuss where simplified or watered down versions of the...


Ep. 25 - Women in Family Business

Ernst and Young conducted some research into the role of women in family businesses to see if they were leading the way or lagging behind non family owned enterprises. In this episode we speak to Kim Harland of a not for profit, educational resource for family businesses based in Australia. She has produced an e-book based on the research and interviewed female leaders of family businesses from across the world. We discuss many issues and challenges around gender...


Ep. 24 - Conflict in the Family Business

Family business is in my blood. I grew up with the family businesses owned by my father and grandfather. And like you, I am a family business owner, as well as being a family business consultant for those wanting to resolve conflict. Leading my consulting business and being the manager of our family and coach for our family’s company, I have gained a lot of personal insights in every part of family firms. We discuss intuitive conflict resolution, what role structure can play in helping to...


Ep. 23 - Cara Mackay - Shed Life

It all started back in 1989 when a much less dishevelled Grant and John gave up fencing and landscaping for the Shedlife. Locals would come to John looking for something better than your average shed, something worth more than a neglected garden utility. Gillies and Mackay is now managed by Cara. Her goal is simple – to make her Dad (John) and Grant proud by building on the reputation they’ve worked so hard to achieve. We hear how she’ll do that in this episode. We also hear about Cara's...


Ep. 22 - Optimism

Leon Fear started his first small business whilst at school, buying and selling mountain bikes and bicycle components and selling them mail order and direct to the trade. Joining the family business at 19, Leon started in construction, working on-site tiling, fitting kitchens, painting and decorating and laying flooring before moving in to a short period in estate agency, property management and later in to property development. In this episode we speak about his Dad's incredible story...


Ep. 21 - Culture

Mitzi Perdue knows that every family business has a culture. The question is, does this culture come about by design or by default? The ones that come about by default rarely support keeping the family business in the family across the generations. So, what can a family do to develop and strengthen a culture that will support their deepest goals and values? Mitzi Perdue draws on the experience of her family of origin, the Henderson Estate Company which dates back to 1890 and was the...


Ep. 20 - Schweid and Sons, a $250m burger business!

In the late 1800s, Harry Schweid started selling high quality meats to butchers and restaurants in New York City’s Lower East Side. By the 1930s, his son Sam had his own business in Harlem, selling the best meat around. In 1978, Sam’s son David Schweid took his family’s long withstanding heritage in the meat purveyor industry and founded Schweid & Sons, a company that would focus on one product – ground beef. Today, that same passion, commitment and work ethic is carried on here at Schweid...


Ep. 19 - The Importance of Listening

Max Gosselin joined his Mum and Dad'd cheese business and started working on the most successful sales route in the firm, just before the busiest time of the year. It didn't start well. He was the first sales person in the businesses history to achieve negative sales figures in the run up to Christmas. Using determination and a thirst for learning he decided to learn as much as he could about sales and cheese and turned his fortunes around. He became the No1 sales person the following...


Ep. 18 - A Legacy Mindset

Vincent Valeri is a Certified Family Legacy Coach and uses his own experiences within his family business to help to prepare families for wealth transfer. Vincent shares his own story and how the experiences he had within his family business and how being given a Porsche for his 16th birthday has given him an analogy that he now uses with the families he works with. Vincent shares his story with a candid honesty and we speak about the poor statistics around the survival rates of family...


Ep. 17 - A succession Story: Littles Chauffeurs

We talk about their story and the successful transition from Heather's father to Heather. We also discuss Heather's relationship with the staff, who in many cases she has grown up with, and how her changing roles have impacted these. 'The Little’s story spans five decades – and two generations. As a family business, we benefit from being able to innovate and quickly adapt to the changing needs of our clients, ensuring we provide the very best service at all times. Indeed, that is what...


Motivational Maps

In this episode Mark shares his own family business story and how after he sold his family business he wanted to help other people to avoid the issues he faced in his business. One of the key tools that Mark uses with his coaching clients is 'Motivational Maps' we discuss this and my own motivational map! 'Through my own business learning curve, I discovered ‘Motivational Maps’, which have provided me with a valuable change management tool. Amongst other benefits, Motivational Maps...


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