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If you’re a businesswoman who feels like you’re failing to gain the success that you work so hard to achieve then your in the right place. At The Feminine Business Chronicles podcast, we believe that you’re NOT a worker, you’re a Creator. Sacrificing yourself is the enemy. And that your powerful feminine nature is the key to succeeding personally and professionally. We share inspiration and stories of real feminine successful women who have stopped working and started creating. We’ll support you to flourish with ease and flow to receive the recognition and success you deserve too.


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If you’re a businesswoman who feels like you’re failing to gain the success that you work so hard to achieve then your in the right place. At The Feminine Business Chronicles podcast, we believe that you’re NOT a worker, you’re a Creator. Sacrificing yourself is the enemy. And that your powerful feminine nature is the key to succeeding personally and professionally. We share inspiration and stories of real feminine successful women who have stopped working and started creating. We’ll support you to flourish with ease and flow to receive the recognition and success you deserve too.




Episode 32: The Year Of Receiving With Ease, Flow, And Fun

Did you know that no matter what you do, you can’t stop the expansion of your business from being created❓ Let me explain what I mean… When I was 16 years old, I used birth control with my boyfriend, and I still became pregnant with my daughter, Danyell. A couple of years later, I used a different form of birth control and became pregnant with my son, Marc. Several years later, I used another form of birth control and became pregnant with my fourth child, Mitchel. Out of 5 children...


Episode 31: Release The Barriers To Your Luscious And Meaning-Filled Life With Dr. Karen Jones

Our lives, as women, have changed so much over the past 60 years. There was a time when our primary focus was on survival. We had to compromise ourselves in so many ways. From being married to a man who was abusive to becoming a sexual object to receiving the abundance and role we wanted. Eventually, we realized we could go after something we wanted “like a man” and accomplish what we wanted on our own. Although we’ve taken a massive step in the right direction, this leap has also come...


Episode 30: How to BioHack Your Body To Create A Flourishing Business With Ellen Barnard

Did you know that your hormones and diet could be holding you back from the energy and vitality you need to grow a flourishing and successful business? I didn't either. But today on The Feminine Business Chronicles my guest, Ellen Barnard will share her wisdom and research on how you can Biohack your hormones and nutrition to support you to flourish. With her research, she’s proven that by tracking your cycle and eating the proper nutrition during the different phases of the month you’ll...


Episode 29: Know What To do First So You Can Double Your Business with Dee Robinson

Right now, do you feel like your business is causing you to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and even lost? You think about all the to-do's that you know need to get done so you can serve more clients, but you don't know where to begin? I get you. Sweetie, I have been there. It's like walking into your house, and all you can see is clutter in every room. You don't know where to begin, so turn around, shut the door, and run away. Take heart. Your business doesn't need to overwhelm you. You...


Episode 28: Crack The Code And Multiply Your Wealth With Angela Anderson

Creating financial freedom is possible. I understand what it's like to worry about money, whether you have enough or not. When you look at your bank account and think to yourself, “what do I do with this money?” Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'm not sure if I should invest it, save it, or spend it?" Thoughts and feelings of overwhelm may flood your mind when you think about your money. Unfortunately, most of us women haven't been taught or shown how to be in an abundant,...


Episode 27: Flourishing In Business As A Woman And Mother With Brooke Price

Still today women face many judgment's from others (often other women) about what it means to be a "good mother" especially when you're a working mother creating a multiple 6 and 7 Figure Empire. At times it can feel as if we may never get ahead at the rate of the constant judgments that working fathers don't have. This week my guest, Brooke Price shares with you how, as a single momma, she's been able to create a successful business helping other women flourishing because her #1 driving...


Episode 26: Building A 6 and 7 Figure Business The Feminine Way with Umoh Luna

It doesn't take as much effort as you may think to grow a 6 figure a year business. Umoh and I are going to support you to change the way you look at and interact with your business so you can flourish like never before. Uplevel your life and business, we'll share with you how! Umoh Luna is passionate about empowering change-makers and putting money and power into the hands of people who want to make the world a better place. Her loves are dancing, the ocean, chocolate, and being a...


Episode 25: Become Wealthy By Having A Financial O.R.G.A.S.M.

Becoming wealthy can seem like a foreign language from many women. Yet, without understanding more about money and how to create wealth how're we ever going to create feminine financial freedom? Today my guest, Tarra Jackson a.k.a "Madam Money", is going to support you by teaching you the 4 financial languages so you can understand how you speak money so you can receive more financial abundance. Madam Money is the author of two financial best-selling books, “Financial Fornication” and “4...


Episode 24: Closing The Wage Gap For Businesswomen with M. Kim Saxton

I don’t know about you but when I grew up being a little girl looked different then it did for the boys around me. There are good things about being a girl like playing dress-up and makeup. Learning to cook and prepare meals. Being protected by some of the boys. Getting to be served first. Dates being paid for. There were also many not so good experiences. Like being told not to “make any waves.” “Don’t be so emotional.” “Be mindful of the rest of us.” And given much fewer expectations to...


Episode 23: Create Success From Authenticity with Ginger Hansen

All too often women try to be what they think others want them to be. They get into careers and start businesses others want for them. I get it. I've been there too. Unfortunately, it's way too common. It can feel like you're living a lie because you're unable to be authentically you. When this happens we lose our power and become less than what we can be when we're being authentic. This can cause so much stress that eventually it can lead to physical illness, depression, and/or anxiety. I...


Episode 22: Big Decision Made Simple

Are you struggling with a big decision you need to make in your life? Often times instead of facing and making decisions we ignore them or let them torment us. We’re afraid to make the “wrong” decision so we don’t make any decision. Today I am going to support you to make any decision, big or small, with ease and flow. Because in order to create the life and business we want we have to be willing to make decisions. Make your decisions simpler by getting the support you need. Join me...


Episode 21: Get Unstuck and Start Becoming Unstoppable with Betsy Pake

If you have ever felt stuck or that your life just isn't moving forward as fast as you'd like then my guest, Betsy Pake will share with you some inspiration to assist you in moving forward fast. Betsy is a subconscious change expert known for creating such substantial shifts her clients say their lives have never been the same. With a focus in NLP and hypnotherapy, Betsy helps you expand the limits of your potential and finally step into the greatness you’ve only seen glimpses of...


Episode 20: Your Business Needs Orgasmic Pleasure to Flourish with Qing Zhou

What many businesswomen fail to understand is how valuable pleasure and play are for their personal and professional health. Pleasure and play are two of the most essential practices for creating success. Without allowing ourselves to enjoy sensual pleasures and joyful-surrendered play, we begin to build up stress to the point that it often leads to severe emotional challenges, such as anxiety, depression, and physical illness. Today my guest on The Feminine Business Chronicles podcast,...


Episode 19: The Art of Creating a Bigger and More Prosperous Business and Life with Steph Levine

Struggling with where you are in your life or business right now? If you're feeling unsatisfied. If you're feeling a call deep in your soul for something bigger. Steph Levine can help you begin to create a MasterPeace of your life and business. As a Visual Business & Life Coach, Artist, Certified Qoya Teacher, Professional Real Estate Consultant, and Founder and Creator of MasterPeace Embodiment Retreats, she will support and inspire you to create a bigger more prosperous life and business....


Episode 18: The Art of Creating Your Joyful Price-Point with Jenny Glick

There are still many women in professional businesses and careers who are afraid to ask for what they want so they're sorely undercharging for their services and products or are way underpaid in their careers. This is just not right! Because without financial abundance, we just can't serve and feel truly recognized and appreciated. I understand. I have been there and so has my guest, Jenny Glick. In this week's episode of The Feminine Business Chronicles, Jenny will share with you how she...


Episode 17: Communicating with Your Loved Ones In Times Of Change with Cielja Kieft

Now more than ever many of us are in very close quarters with our loved ones and family members and unfortunately, this can all lead to a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications. Of course, we all want to get along and communicate with love and yet most of us have never really been taught how to communicate especially in a way in which everyone can be heard and feel loved. So instead of becoming closer, we can often create more emotional distance. I get this. I too have been a bit...


Episode 16: Using Witchcraft In Your Business with Po-Hong Yu

I've found that most women want success and yet they think they have to work harder (more than a man) to get it. They most often misunderstand the magic and power they have within them to create which is unlike how men create. So instead of setting clear intentions and open themselves up to receive success, money, advancement, support, etc, they work more hours hoping to get ahead, compete, and earn more money. Yet as we are all aware rarely does this equate to true success and even if it...


Episode 15: Add more PLEASURE into your life and business with Violet Lange

Did you know that adding more pleasure into your life will fuel your life and business? It's completely true especially for women and today on The Feminine Business Chronicles podcast I have Violet Lange on to support you to reconnect with your pleasure. Violet is a love, dating, and relationship mentor who helps spiritual, successful women date like a Queen, attract their King, and feel Fabulously Feminine along the way. Violet has her MBA from Harvard, training from Coach Training...


Episode 14: How To Write Your Book with Joan S. Peck

This week I have a special guest, Joan S. Peck, who is an editor and author of short stories, spiritual books, and has a mystery book series called "The Death Card Series." She is also a contributing writer for Choices magazine and Chic Compass magazine, produced in Las Vegas and available world-wide. Her latest authoring is the Death Card Mystery Series. “To me, the fun of reading mystery books is to become so intrigued with the story it becomes impossible to put the book down. The fun of...


Episode 13: The Power OF Feminine Creation

Women have the power to see, believe, and receive anything, including money, recognition, and success in their business and life. The unfortunate reality is oftentimes women get wrapped up in Masculine Creation and completely forget about their own innate superpowers. No worries lovely, I have you covered. In today's episode, I will share will you the 3 main feminine secrets to remind you of your true feminine creative powers.