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Welcome to the Financial Modelling Podcast where we discuss the latest trends in financial modelling. From AI and machine learning to automation and model auditing, this is your number one source for financial modelling news, tips and tricks with your host, Matthew Bernath.

Welcome to the Financial Modelling Podcast where we discuss the latest trends in financial modelling. From AI and machine learning to automation and model auditing, this is your number one source for financial modelling news, tips and tricks with your host, Matthew Bernath.


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Welcome to the Financial Modelling Podcast where we discuss the latest trends in financial modelling. From AI and machine learning to automation and model auditing, this is your number one source for financial modelling news, tips and tricks with your host, Matthew Bernath.






Charging for your financial models with Robin Waite

How should financial modellers charge for model building? In this episode, Robin Waite and I discuss how financial modellers can feel confident to bill for their models and discuss pricing with clients. Robin explains some pricing tactics and how to approach difficult billing conversations with potential customers. Robin Waite is a business coach and the Founder of The Fearless Business Accelerator


Storytelling using Financial Models

In this podcast, David Brown (Managing Partner at explains the principles to tell a convincing and effective story using a financial model. David is an experienced consultant and trainer specializing in Financial Modelling and is a Microsoft MVP. He is also an International Consultant to the World Bank. David runs both Live-Virtual and self-directed courses which you can check out on to prepare for your Financial Modeling Institute...


Understanding Nuances in Valuing Companies using Financial Models

In this podcast, David shares advice from his experience valuing hundreds of companies, businesses and major projects. We speak about the nuances in valuing startups and companies with intangible assets such as a loyal client following or a large social media presence. David runs his own company providing independent valuation services, strategic consulting, financial analysis, and financial modelling to a range of companies across multiple sectors. In commerce, he led functions such as...


Bringing Analytics Back to Central Finance Functions

Mike Newberry, Finance Practice Lead at Accelytics, is an expert in helping companies generate insight to guide C-Suite decision-making and drive business performance. In this episode, we talk about the challenges faced by finance divisions in moving away from manual tasks to performing analytics that guides business decision making.


Knowing your strengths as a financial modeller

In this podcast, Lauren Ayers takes us through the DISC profile to understand a person’s fears, motivators, values and behavioural style using 4 profile factors. Lauren is an Australian-based business consultant helping to bridge the gap that exists between the cultural and behavioural elements of people with the needs and goals of organisations.


Model libraries for financial modellers

Why do financial modellers not benefit from libraries of existing and audited VBA code or modelling techniques like data scientists do? In this podcast, Iain Morrow from Gridlines and I explore why, and Iain proposes Gridlines' innovative solution.


Defining your vision and purpose as a financial modeller

Bella Funck created the Personal Canvas to help individuals define their purpose, values, passion and vision. Why are you modelling? To help build more infrastructure such as schools and wind farms, to value your startup business or to perhaps raise capital to help your company grow? Bella takes us through the Personal Canvas, while Lance discusses how he found the canvas beneficial.


Season 4 Preview with Full Stack Modeller

In Season 4 of the Financial Modelling Podcast, we explore what makes good financial modellers great. The ability to tell a story. Being able to model legal nuances. Closing deals using the financial model as an effective negotiating tool. These are just some of the skills we reveal as what you need to know to become a financial modelling master. Season 4 of the Financial Modelling Podcast is sponsored by Full Stack Modeller.


FMP LIVE: The Power of Community

The final episode of the Financial Modelling Podcast Season 3 was recorded live as we came together from all four corners of the globe. How do we keep connection and community going when opportunities to meet face to face are limited? The host of the Financial Modelling Podcast, Matthew Bernath joins from Johannesburg, Virtual Meetup host and Financial Modeller, Danielle Stein Fairhurst in Sydney, are joined by Jordan Goldmeier from New York and Tea Kuseva from London.


Pushing Excel Boundaries with Data Analytics

Jordan Goldmeier is an internationally recognized analytics professional and data visualization expert. In this podcast, we chat about the use of Excel as a data analytics tool, what Microsoft tools data analysts should be focusing on, and his work helping managers communicate, challenge, and visualize data between teams.


Financial Modelling in the Cloud

In this podcast, I chat with Ian Bennett, Partner, Deals Modelling, PwC Australia about financial modelling in the cloud and other financial modelling innovations. Who will take the first step into a new financial modelling world?


Interview with keySkillset founder Tatiana Ufimtceva

Tatiana Ufimtceva from keySkillset has led a fascinating life, that has taken her from her hometown in Russia to New York where she founded the Excel training company. keySkillset gamifies training and recently was awarded a Financial Modelling Innovation Award for Education. The awards complemented their fresh, enjoyable and engaging approach to financial modelling training. In this interview we chat about the importance of education and bringing people together from across the globe.


Arixcel Excel Add-In Interview with Igor Popov

I've been addicted to Arixcel since I first saw it in January of 2016. Since then, I can't work in Excel without this simple, yet powerful add-in! From advanced formula interrogation, Arixcel has expanded its offering to include formula maps and workbook comparison functionality. In this podcast, I chat with Igor Popov, Arixcel creator, on why simpler is better.


Financial Modelling meets Data Analytics

In Episode 13 of Season 3, I discuss the intersection of financial modelling and data analytics with Neil Macdonald and Paul van Loon from Forecast. What is the role of data analytics in financial modelling, and how do these two key skills complement each other? This is a special Financial Modelling Summit edition of the podcast.


Introducing the Financial Modelling Summit

In this episode I catch up with Kenny Whitelaw-Jones from Season 3 sponsor, Gridlines. We discuss the current global pandemic, and how the Financial Modelling Summit was born.


The State of Data Analytics

In this episode, I chat to Craig Steward from Corinium Global Intelligence on the current state of data analytics, and how his business has transformed to offer digital events. We discuss the future of analytics and how the COVID-19 pandemic has put data analytics in the spotlight.


When being Contrarian becomes the Norm

In Episode 10, I catch up with Nathaniel Baker, host of The Contrarian Investor Podcast. We discuss how the markets seem to be behaving in a contrarian fashion these days, and what his forecast is for the market and economic trends. From globalisation to movie theatres, we discuss it all!


Coffee Break!

As most of us are isolating at home during this pandemic, and coffee shops around the world are closed, we still crave a good brew to fuel our financial modelling! Enter roasteries offering speciality coffee for home brewing. Whether you're drinking espresso, a cortado, a pour-over or a french press coffee as you tune in, hear some home brewing tips from Dario Scilipoti from BlueBird Coffee Roastery!


Update on the Global Excel Summit

Season 3 of the Financial Modelling Podcast focuses on the tools and technologies that make financial modellers' lives easier. It also looks at the Global Excel Summit which was due to happen in April 2020 but was postponed (with all other conferences) due to the global pandemic. In this episode, I catch up with co-founder Elena to hear the latest Summit news and how they are dealing with this unique situation.


Stopping Excel Errors with Excel Analyzer

Excel Analyzer gives users the power to clean, optimize and analyze Excel files and financial models. It is well known that virtually every Excel model contains errors, however, tools such as Excel Analyzer allow us to interrogate our models to ensure they are correct as possible. In this episode, I chat to podcast regular Lance Rubin and Excel Analyzer creator Maarten Bessems.