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Welcome to the Financial Modelling Podcast where we discuss the latest trends in financial modelling. From AI and machine learning to automation and model auditing, this is your number one source for financial modelling news, tips and tricks with your host, Matthew Bernath.

Welcome to the Financial Modelling Podcast where we discuss the latest trends in financial modelling. From AI and machine learning to automation and model auditing, this is your number one source for financial modelling news, tips and tricks with your host, Matthew Bernath.
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Welcome to the Financial Modelling Podcast where we discuss the latest trends in financial modelling. From AI and machine learning to automation and model auditing, this is your number one source for financial modelling news, tips and tricks with your host, Matthew Bernath.






Managing Spreadsheet Risk

Spreadsheets are amazing tools - versatile and capable of many different jobs. Unfortunately, the same ease of usability and access means they can be a source of risk. How can companies effectively manage the risk of many spreadsheets and processes running throughout the organisation? ClusterSeven enables enterprises to understand, manage and monitor their key business applications that sit outside of IT’s control, such as Excel Spreadsheets. In this episode, I interview Alex Subba Row from...


Straight out of Ethiopia

Very few people decide to uproot their entire lives and start a new business on a different continent, but Sean Keough did just that! Join me through sometimes patchy audio quality as I chat to Sean about business in Ethiopia, a country averaging growth over 10% per annum over the past 10 years. Sean runs Ethiopia Investments Limited, a permanent capital vehicle focused on Ethiopia and is also an executive director of EQOS. EQOS Global is Ethiopia's first business process outsourcing (BPO)...


What does an Actuary do?

In this episode, we chat to Daniel Tenzer, Actuarial Manager at SNG Argen, about what an actuary actually does! He explains what actuaries study and how this enables them to perform company valuations and even data science. If you have thought about studying actuarial science, or are just interested in the profession, this episode is for you.


Online Finance Training with the Corporate Finance Institute

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is an online financial analyst training and certification organization with 160,000+ students from over 170 countries. CFI is the official provider of the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) designation, a program designed to help anyone become a "world-class financial analyst". The curriculum focuses on practical applications of accounting, finance, Excel, financial modeling, valuation, presentations, and business strategy. In this episode, I...


Interview with Stefanie Bourne on technical due diligence on infrastructure deals and data science

In this podcast, I chat to Stefanie Bourne, Business Director, Renewable Energy Project Development at DNV GL. DNV GL acts as a lender's technical advisor on a number of infrastructure projects, as well as providing a myriad of other services. We discuss wind power, project finance, due diligence and data science.


Unlocking the Dark Art of Financial Modelling

In this crossover episode, I chat to Andrew Ward from INFRACAST about financial modelling for infrastructure.


Financial Modelling and the Data We Need

In this podcast we interview Joey French, co-founder, President & CFO of Intrinio, a company based in Florida, USA. Intrinio provides access to a wealth of financial data through an API platform, including many SDKs to major programming languages, an Excel Add-In, and a Google Sheets add-on. In this episode, we discuss financial data and how Intrinio aims to provide clean financial data to businesses, developers and entrepreneurs.


Financial Modelling - Staying Abreast of Excel Developments

Adrian Miric is an Excel expert, financial modeller and trainer. In this episode, we discuss how important staying relevant with Microsoft Excel updates is, and how powerful these new tools are! Adrian also explains how he started his own consulting and training firm and some of his experiences in running his own business.


The Financial Modelling Innovation Awards

Every major project and deal is underpinned by a financial model. Models give insight and help drive value. As the world changes so models change to keep up and modellers have to develop new approaches and new solutions. These awards were created to recognise new ideas and innovators in the dynamic field of financial modelling.


What does privacy mean for you?

In this episode, we interview Russell Nel, a privacy expert who explains what privacy means to individuals and companies, and why privacy is a basic human right. We delve into the history of privacy as a human right and discuss what it means for both financial modelling and data science.


Standardising Infrastructure Finance Modelling

This episode sees Rickard Wärnelid, Mazars Infrastructure & Energy sector lead, discuss infrastructure finance and standardisation of these unique financial models. Rickard also elaborates on his path from a quantitative analyst to running Corality, a leading provider of infrastructure financial modelling training, to his current role at Mazars.


Export Credit Agency Finance

In this episode, we discuss how Export Credit Agencies support transaction around the world with Inal Henry. We delve into the details of export finance and how many projects rely on this support to obtain bank finance. We also investigate how this field may be changing in the future to support the export of technology.


Maths of Finance

In this episode, we get to the bottom of what maths of finance is all about! Cyprian Moloto, a quantitative risk analyst, explains how he uses maths every day in one of Africa's largest investment banks. From credit rating methodologies to machine learning - this episode dives into the details of this fascinating field!


Aviation Finance

Join us as we chat to Wouter du Preez, an aviation financier. Wouter discusses aircraft leasing and how finance works in the aviation sector. He also discusses how big data has an increasingly important role in aviation finance.


Modelling Inflation

In this episode, Alan Chown, Inflation Trader at Rand Merchant Bank, discusses how the inflation market works and how to model inflation in financial models. We discuss how countries and traders view inflation, and how to estimate this important assumption which can affect both revenue and costs!


Creating a Career from Financial Modelling

In this podcast, we chat to Colin Human, CEO of GoalFix Financial Modelling. Colin has been a financial modeller for 40 years, and also trains and lectures on financial modelling worldwide. Colin chats to us about his company, how he started financial modelling and what it is like to run a financial modelling firm. He also gives advice to those looking to start financial modelling or a small business.


The History of Financial Modelling

In this episode, we chat to Dave Theron - a South African financial modelling legend. Dave shares with us his financial modelling story, from using punched cards and running scenarios using mainframes, to his career as a lecturer and trainer. Dave is well known in the South African and global financial modelling world, having trained in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Namibia and South Africa. Join us as we travel back in time to the beginning of financial modelling.


Meetups and the Financial Modelling Community

In this episode, we chat to Danielle Stein Fairhurst from plum solutions. Danielle is an author, financial modeller and host of the Australian financial modelling meetups. She talks to us about modelling trends and how to learn from other financial modellers, as well as her latest book!


Modelling Infrastructure

The accurate financial modelling of infrastructure projects is critical to ensure they are properly banked and robust enough to handle any circumstances that may arise. Hear from Dario Musso, the Head of Infrastructure Finance at Rand Merchant Bank, as we discuss how infrastructure finance modelling has evolved and what role it plays in banking today.


The Future of Financial Modelling with Lance Rubin

Despite the fact that artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning are so widely discussed at the moment, Microsoft Excel remains one of the most commonly used tools in any finance department. Financial Modelling continues to be one of the top skills required for Finance professionals in today’s corporates, business or even government. What does all this innovation and disruption mean for financial modellers, or anyone working in finance? Hear from financial modelling expert,...