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Running a Marketing Agency and Business Lessons with Sculpt CEO Josh Krakauer - The Formula #43

On this episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson sits down with Sculpt CEO Josh Krakauer. This podcast wouldn't have existed without some great advice from Josh over a year ago at a festival we were both attending so a big thank you for giving me the words of encouragement to get started. A great conversation about starting and running a business- How did Josh get started in business and entrepreneurship? How did he start Sculpt? What is his advice to others who want to start a startup? Josh...


Empowering Women and the Art of Burlesque with Cat Cantrill Live - The Formula #42

On this episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson sits down with Vitality Fitness and Dance founder, Cat Cantrill. Thank you to Beth McDougall for the introduction to Cat and for Cat being gracious enough to let us shoot this interview twice (mistakes were made in the first one on our part). This is our first video interview and we couldn't have asked for a better first guest in Cat Cantrill. So sit down and enjoy as Cat and Trevor dive into: -How Cat got started in dance -What is burlesque...


DARE-ing to Face Your Anxiety with Barry McDonagh - The Formula #41

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with DARE author Barry McDonagh. Trevor: I have personally had challenges with anxiety most of my life so it was great to sit down with Barry and go through his process of how he helps others overcome their anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, this interview is for you. On this interview Trevor and Barry discuss: Where did Barry’s interest in Anxiety Research come from, and how did he get started? What is D.A.R.E. and what...


Making Music and Becoming a Musician with Anthony D'Amato - The Formula #40

On this week's episode of The Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with singer and songwriter, Anthony D'Amato. Trevor and Anthony met at a fundraiser for EMBARC. EMBARC works with Burmese area refugees who have fled to the United States helping them find employment and accimilate into local culture. Some things discussed in this episode are: Anthony talks about how he got started in his music career, and who helped him along the way. How his previous jobs in the music industry...


Becoming a Rocket Scientist and Remaining Curious with Stephanie Osborn - The Formula #39

On this week's episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson and Stephanie Osborn sit down to discuss what inspired her to become a rocket scientist. Big thanks to Stephanie for chatting with us. On this episode we discuss: What led Stephanie to the Civilian Space Program? What drives her to learn and experience new things? What is a polymath? How does she recommend someone gets involved in the civilian space program? She shares one of the most interesting stories from her time on the...


An Interview with an Etch a Sketch Artist - #36

On this week's episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson sits down with Etch a Sketch artist, The Bearded Boarder. On this week's episode, we discuss: -What does it mean to be an Etch-a-sketch artist? -How did Tim discover his ability to do Etch-a-sketch art? -Creating a workspace -Working on an Etch-a-sketch on top of an Etch-a-sketch -Being inside the picture -Ways to overcome stress to get into your creative zone -How to get started with meditation -Experiencing being in the present...


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Dr. John McGrail - #35

On this week's episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson and Dr. John McGrail dive into the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Some topics discussed in this week's episode are: What is Hypnosis and how does it work? The effects of Hypnosis and Hypno-Therapy Can Hypnosis help us create and maintain new habits? Why did he want to write his book and what was his process of writing it? “The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation” by Dr. John McGrail Some...


Podcasting Lessons with Life Stylist Podcast Host, Luke Storey - #34

On this episode of the Formula podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with Luke Storey to discuss his journey starting the Life Stylist Podcast. Luke has a very interesting Instagram profile with all kinds of health and podcasting tips that caught Trevor's eye months ago, so he invited Luke to be a guest on the show. On this episode Trevor and Luke discuss: How Luke chose podcasting Favorite Podcasts - Hay House Podcasts - Metta Hour Podcast...


Lifestyle Design with Darrah Brustein And Tommy Breedlove #32

Previous guests, Darrah Brustien and Tommy Breedlove, join Trevor Carlson to talk lifestyle design. Some topics covered in this episodes: -What does lifestyle design mean? -Question the norms -Times when you do something even if it isn’t a “hell yes!” -Creating boundaries by saying yes and saying no -Turning it back to me and not the situation -How to stay so positive when someone is so negative to or around you? -Taking care of yourself -What does success mean for you? -Achieving results...


How to Achieve High Performance with Jairek Robbins - #31

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson has an in depth conversation with Jairek Robbins on high performance. Jairek is a performance coach, author of the book Live It!, keynote speaker, and co-creator of The Complete Guide to High Performance. I noticed a lot of Jairek’s posts on Instagram about performance and his course caught my intention so I invited him to be a guest on the show. After talking with him I’ve purchased the course myself and have been really happy with it...


Lessons on Public Speaking from Corey Poirier - #30

On this episode of the Formula podcast, Trevor Carlson and Corey Poirier sit down to discuss how he became "That Speaker Guy." Some topics covered by Corey and Trevor include: -Becoming “That Speaker Guy” -Where to start when you want to begin public speaking -Speakers to learn from -Learning from the approach -What does the process/preparation look like for giving a talk -The spider web method -We’re scared of the unknown -“I’m still here to talk about it.” -Why is public speaking so...


Living with Intention - Peter Awad and Tommy Breedlove #29

On this episode of The Formula Podcast, Peter Awad and Tommy Breedlove sit down with Trevor Carlson to discuss what it means to live with intention. Tommy and Peter were invited to be on the show for this episode because of their similarities when it comes to creating their lives in a fashion that helps them invest time into what is most important to them. I felt like this was a perfect episode to start 2018. In this episode, some topics we cover are: -Stop, pause, reflect, journal. -Be...


Startups, Communicating, and Partnerships with Talis Strub and Kaitlin Byers from Marry My City #28

On this episode of The Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with Kailtin and Talis, founder of In this episode Trevor, Kaitlin, and Talis discuss: -How they got their start? -When playing with a new idea you can get into analysis paralysis -Get lots of advice -Developing a pitch and why it’s important -Are we in this? -We all get comfortable in our everyday lives -What is Marry My City? -Adding to your gift registry -Importance of building your network -Workload…...


How Hobbies and Side Hustles Lead to Business Success - Scott Dix and Adrian Brambilla - #27

On this episode of The Formula Podcast, Adrian Bramilla and Scott Dix sit down with Trevor Carlson to discuss the impact of their hobbies and side hustles. I am fortunate enough to be able to see Scott and Adrian pretty regularly and learn a ton of amazing information on learning new skills. On this episode we discuss: -How dancing led to entrepreneurship -It’s one of those falling in a pile of shit, come out smelling like roses situations -Learning something in a short amount of time...


Starting Startups and Lessons from a Lifetime of Business - Brian Alvey and Trevor Carlson. #26

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Clipisode founder, Brian Alvey, and Trevor Carlson sit down to discuss Brian's lessons from a lifetime of entrepreneurship. Brian Alvey is a serial entrepreneur, programmer, designer and blogger. He grew up in Brooklyn and now lives in San Francisco where he is the CEO of Clipisode. He is best known for co-founding the blog publishing company Weblogs, Inc. with Jason Calacanis. As Alvey describes it, "Jason and I didn't invent blogging. We perfected...


Mat Winegarden - Why You Should Understand Your Customers

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with his good friend and mentor, Handrail's Mat Winegarden. Mat is brilliant when it comes to understanding a customer's journey through sales or using a product. He shares lessons from his career to leave you with some advice to level up your understanding of your customers. Mat and Trevor discuss: -How to discover customer's needs -The challenge phase… what is it? -What do you do when you don’t hear what you want to hear?...


The Formula #24 - Writing, Creativity, and Being an Artist with Whitney Freya

On this episode of The Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with artist Whitney Freya. Big shoutout to Casey Everts for the introduction to Whitney, love you man! Whitney and Trevor dive deep into a few topics including: -Advice for starting your own book -Challenges with writing a book -You need to have a level of conviction to write -When to know you are on the right path -Getting to understand your true self -Writer’s block does not need to exist at all -Get into your right brain...


The Formula #23 - Sales, Work-Life Balance, and Leveraging Social Media with Jesse Sheppard

This week on The Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with sales consultant and practitioner of work-life balance, Jesse Sheppard. Big thanks to previous guest, Michael Caraway, for the introduction to Jesse. Trevor and Jesse discuss: -How to achieve balance in your life -Building off of your why -How do you prioritize your values? -Integrity is not a value -Know what you’re willing to sacrifice -If it feels good now, it’s probably for the short game -Applying one thing to another...


The Formula #22 - Business Advice and Running Experiments w/ Chief Sumo at Sumo, Noah Kagan

On this episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson and Noah Kagan sit down for a quick chat about business, life, and running experiments. Trevor and Noah discuss: -Why most people are going to do whatever they want -Experts… Whatever the fuck that means -Why Noah's not a genius, he just does it -Why you should limit your time -Why do people get stuck in pre-validation? -We’re all gonna die -How to find your sweet spot -Prioritizing your work is essential -How to measure yourself -Make what’s...


The Formula #21 - Growing a Business with Art of's Derek Balsley

On this episode of The Formula, Trevor Carlson speaks with Derek Balsley about how starting a business with his wife, Jessica, in an industry he knew very little about turned out to become one of the most rewarding things he has ever done. Trevor and Derek discuss: -Best tip for starting your own business -Where to start… product or customer? -Working within an established business… is it good idea? -It all started with a blog -Facing your doubt -Advice for monetizing your content -Ideas...