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Episode #17 - Insurance 101 for Franchisors

In this episode, Doug Groves and I talk about insurance, specifically, what types of business insurance are out there, the importance of finding a rep that knows your industry, and what role does insurance play in the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. Time Stamp Doug Groves Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:02:41 Get to know Get to know Doug Segment 2 00:16:17 Topic Segment – Insurance 101 for Franchisors Segment 3 00:38:19 Quickdraw Questions Topics discussed in this...


Episode #16 - Is Three-Party Franchising Right for Your System

In this episode, Brian Schnell and I talk about Three Party Franchising – that’s using master franchisees and area developers to grow your franchise system. Many people misuse these two terms, or use them interchangeably – Brian’s going to clear it all up for us. Time Stamp Brian Schnell Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:02:28 Get to know Brian Schnell Segment 2 00:23:53 Topic Segment - Is Three Party Franchising Right for Your System? Segment 3 01:00:51 Quickdraw...


Episode #15 - "Franchising Failure" - A Case Study

In this episode, Nancy Friedman is going to share with us her experiences as a franchisor and what she believes were the reasons for its ultimate failure. This is going to be a really good episode because we always hear about people telling us how they succeeded, but rarely do we get to hear from the other side of that coin. The episode is filled with great “take-aways” and is a must-listen for any emerging franchisor. Time Stamp Segment 1 02:54 Get to know Nancy Friedman BONUS:...


Episode #14 - Building a solid, emerging franchise model

In this episode, Pete Baldine talks to us about how to build a solid, emerging franchise model. It is a very broad topic, but the episode is filled with great “take-aways” and is a must-listen for any emerging franchisor. Time Stamp Segment 1 03:01 Get to know Pete Baldine Segment 2 33:58 Topic Segment – Building a solid emerging franchise model Segment 3 01:12:32 Quick-Draw Questions Topics discussed in this episode: Pete Baldine Moran Family of...


Episode #13 - The IFA - International Franchise Association

In this episode I speak with Paul Rocchio of the International Franchise Association, , as he discusses how the IFA is poised to be one of the most useful tools to all franchisors as they work to grow their franchise systems. Segment 1 Time Stamp Get to know Paul Rocchio 02:25 Segment 2 Topic Segment – IFA 23:05 Segment 3 Quick Draw 57:00 Topics discussed in this episode: Paul Rocchio International Franchise...


Episode #12 Why your FDD Sucks

Mike gave away most of the company secrets during this interview! I was blown away and you will be too. In this episode, Mike Drumm of Drumm Law in Denver, Colorado tells us why your company’s FDD might suck. He points out issues in an FDD’s content and style that could make or break an FDD’s ability to help you sell your concept to prospective franchisees. Time Stamps 00:00:42 Podner Introduction 00:02:45 Segment 1: Get to know Mike Drumm 00:26:30 Segment 2: Why Your FDD...


Episode #11 - Franchisee Training

My ponder today is Cordell Riley of Tortal Training and our topic today is Franchisee Training - the positive effects that a well-established training program can have on a franchise system. In this episode we talk about how any franchisor can design and create a franchisee training program that will maximize results to both the franchisees and the entire franchise system. Time Stamps 00:00:52 Podner Introduction 00:02:38 Segment 1: Get to know Cordell Riley 00:20:34 Segment 2: Topic...


Episode #10 - Psychographic Analysis for Franchisors

My ponder today is Rebecca Monet and our topic today is psychometric assessments – how profiling your franchisee candidates can help you Determine Compatibility and Predict Performance. That’s a mouthful for sure. But basically it means profiling your franchisee candidates in order to determine if they 1) fit into your franchise system’s corporate culture, and 2) if they will be more likely to be a top performer in your system. Time Stamps 00:02:33 Segment 1 - Get to know...


Episode #9 - Franchising as a Partnership

Timestamp: 0:00:41 Jim Richardson Introduction 0:03:15 Segment 1 - Get to know Jim Richardson 0:16:58 Bonus Segment: Franchising 101 0:40:00 Segment 2 - Franchising is a Partnership (Business/Branding) 1:05:44 Segment 3 - Quick Draw Questions Show Notes: Segment 1 – Get to know Jim Richardson Recorded on location at Jim Richardson’s house in Parker, Texas – just a few miles away from the famous Southfork Ranch (Who shot JR?) Born in Rockwell, Iowa Jim’s first real job was as a...


Episode #8 – The Middle East Region - How to expand a franchise concept

Timestamp: 0:00:48 Yendy Khayat Introduction 0:02:58 Segment 1 - Get to know Yendy Khayat 0:20:02 Segment 2 - How to expand a franchise system into the Middle East region 0:51:40 Segment 3 - Quick Draw Questions In this episode of The Franchise Manual Podcast we speak with franchise consultant Yendy Khayat on the topic of how to expand a franchise system into the Middle East region. It is a complicated topic that would probably require 10 episodes in order to cover thoroughly. In...


Episode #7 - Canada - How to Expand your Franchise Concept

Timestamp: 0:00:50 Joseph Adler Introduction 0:03:50 Segment 1 - Get to know Joseph Adler 0:33:25 Segment 2 - How to expand a franchise system into Canada 1:11:07 Segment 3 - Quick Draw Questions In this episode of The Franchise Manual Podcast we speak with Canadian attorney Joseph Adler on the topic of how to expand a franchise system into Canada while avoiding the common pitfalls that hinder many franchisors. Segment 1: Get to know Joseph Adler In segment one of this episode we...


Episode #6 - Be the Best Franchisor

Podcast Segment Timestamps: 00:02:00 Get to know Doc Cohen 00:36:00 How to be the Best Franchisor 00:52:00 The Fun Questions Doc Cohen was an absolutely fantastic guest on The Franchise Manual Podcast. If you miss this podcast you will be missing one of the best ones yet. If you already know Mr. Cohen then I’ll bet that you will still learn something about him that you didn’t know in the “Get to know Doc Cohen” segment. If you didn’t already know Doc Cohen then you will definitely...


Episode #5 - Social Media for Franchisors

Timestamp: 00:00:48 Anthony Owen Introduction 00:02:19 Segment 1 - Getting to Know Anthony 00:20:43 Segment 2 - Social Media for Franchisors 00:51:00 Segment 3 - Quick Draw Questions Anthony Owen, president of Manalto Inc. talks with me about how franchisors, both big and small, can better manage the daunting task of social media. Obviously the topic of social media is much too vast to cover thoroughly in such a short period of time but you will find some really good takeaways in...


Episode #4 - Select a Franchise Brokers: How to

Podcast Segment Timestamps: 03:13 Segment 1 - Get to know Nick 28:20 Segment 2 - How to select a franchise broker 53:00 Segment 3 - The Speed Round This is a fantastic interview with Nick Gugliuzza of Empire Business Brokers. Nick has been in and around franchising for 35 years. He shares with us his knowledge and experience as he teaches franchisors what to look for in a franchise brokers, what to expect from a broker, and how a franchise broker can help any franchisor efficiently...


Episode #3 -Get to know Kit

This episode of The Franchise Manual includes an interview of the host, Kit Vinson, by Henry Lopez of Levante Business Group. In the interview several topics are covered such as how Kit co-founded FranMan Inc. with his brother, what Kit believes to be the keys to his success, and much more. Company websites mentioned in the podcast:


Episode #2 - Understanding Franchising

This podcast was inspired by a document written by Bob Gappa titled, "Understanding Franchising". In this document, Mr Gappa defines the nature of the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. In this podcast Bob really shines as he is deep within his element touching on topics such as the history of franchising, the purpose of a Brand, and of course, Peter Drucker. If you are a start-up franchisor then this podcast is a MUST - no question about it. If you work for an...


Episode #1 - Franchise Consultant: How to Select

"How to Pick a Franchise Consultant" is the subject of this podcast. Kit Vinson talks to Jerry Darnell, CEO of Jerry Darnell and Associates, and he asks the questions that every start-up franchisor has, "Do I need a franchise consultant, and if so, how do I pick one?" We also spend a little time learning all about the man behind the company. Jerry Darnell is a pretty interesting guy and it was a pleasure getting to know him better. This podcast is sponsored by FranMan Inc, FranMan,...