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Episode #28 - Generating Franchisee Leads

My Podner in this episode is Red Boswell and he’s going to talk with us today about how to generate franchisee leads. This is one of the hottest topics with franchisors. This discussion will benefit both new and seasoned franchisors. Red is a unique character, and I mean that in a good way. This guy has been driven to make money ever since he was a kid. Starting in grade school when he was selling NFL pencils for a profit, into hos twenties when he build up a pet services franchise system...


Episode #27 - Franchising 101

My Podner in this episode is Rob Vinson and he’s going to talk with us today about Franchising 101 – Where to start when you backed into franchising by accident, and don’t know where to go. Rob has been a franchise attorney for 26 years. He was a partner at the prestigious law firm of Strasburger and Price, which is now Clark Hill after an April 2018 merger. Over 13 years he worked his way from associate up to partner. In 2001, he started his own law practice of Vinson Franchise Law and...


Episode #26 – CRM on STEROIDS

My Podner in this episode is Stan Friedman and he’s going to talk with us today about Customer Relationship Management software, or CRMs. Time Stamps Stan Friedman Intro 00:00:27 Segment 1 00:02:34 Get to know Stan Friedman Segment 2 00:23:32 Topic Segment – CRM – Customer Relationship Management Segment 3 01:07:51 Quickdraw Questions Topics Discussed in this Episode Stan Friedman FRM Solutions 404-936-8677 Skype - stanfriedman1 Kit...


Episode #25 - Franchisee Recruitment

My Podner in this episode is Art Coley and he’s going to talk with us today about how to develop a franchisee recruitment system that will attract higher quality franchisees to your system. Time Stamps Art Coley Intro 00:00:27 Segment 1 00:03:00 Get to know Art Coley Bonus Segment 00:19:40 Near business failure – Art’s “E-Myth” moment Segment 2 00:32:00 Topic Segment – Franchisee Recruitment System Segment 3 01:25:29 Quickdraw Questions Topics Discussed in this...


Episode #24 - Franchisee Compliance

My ponder on today’s show is Ms. Angela Angela Coté of Cultivate Advisors, and she is going to visit with us about Franchisee Compliance, or as she likes to call it, franchisee success. Angela cut her teeth really early on in the world of franchising as the daughter of Max Voisin, founder of M&M Food Market. If you are listening from the U.S., you may not have heard of M&M but if you are from Canada, with about 500 locations in its prime, M&M Food Market is a BIG deal. She worked on both...


Episode #23 - H-Tea-O Part 1

My Podner in this episode is Justin Howe and he’s the president of a brand-new franchise concept called H-Tea-O. Justin has agreed to let us do a series of episodes as we follow him through the process of franchising his business. This will be the first episode of that series. This interview is one of the best ones I have done so far, and I am really excited about it. Time Stamps Justin Howe Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:02:20 Get to know Justin Howe Segment 2 00:26:05 Topic Segment...


Episode #22 - Franchise Marketing Fund

Drue Townsend Show Notes My Podner in this episode is Ms. Drue Townsend and she’s going to share with us A LOT of what she has learned from managing the MARKETING FUND at FASTSIGNS International. The words “Marketing Fund” can create anxiety in many people and Ms. Drue will demystify the concept and teach you exactly what you need to know to make the most of your company’s marketing fund. Rob Vinson from Vinson Franchise Law joins the conversation to help us with some of the legal issues...


Episode #21 - Franchisee Onboarding and Training

My Podner in this episode is Robert Bilotti and he’s going to talk to us about franchisee onboarding and training. We will dive deep into “training theory” and then wrap it all up with a step-by-step discussion on how a new franchisor needs to set up a training program for franchisees. Time Stamps Rob Bilotti Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:02:31 Get to know Rob Bilotti Segment 2 00:18:55 Topic Segment – Franchisee Training and Onboarding Segment 3 01:14:03 Quickdraw...


Episode #20 - How to Work with a Franchise Broker Consultant

My Podner in this episode is Ms. Lori Kiser and she’s going to talk to us about how to best utilize a franchise broker consultant company. Everybody wants to know how to find the path to granting more franchises, and in this episode we definitely talk a lot about that. Time Stamp Lori Kiser Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:04:30 Get to know Lori Kiser Segment 2 00:24:19 Topic Segment – How to work with Franchise Broker Consultants Segment 3 00:57:15 Quickdraw Questions Topics...


Episode #19 - Managing You Franchise Agreements with the End in Mind

My Podner on this episode is Tom Spadea. Tom and I will discuss the benefits of properly managing the FDD and the Franchise Agreement, from the beginning, making sure to keep the end in mind. The "end" he speaks of is a possible acquisition by an investment company. What will they expect to see when they look at your franchisees contracts in your files? Time Stamp Tom Spadea Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:03:22 Get to know Tom Spadea Segment 2 00:24:40 Topic Segment – Managing Your...


Episode #18 - Franchise Development 101 (Sales)

My Podner on today’s show is Mike Pollock and he’s going to give us tips on how to build a franchise development system for your franchise. But it was more than just that because we also talked about how to take a warm lead through the process to close the deal. Time Stamp Mike Pollock Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:03:15 Get to know Get to know Mike Segment 2 00:22:10 Topic Segment – Franchise Development 101 (Sales) Segment 3 01:18:40 Quickdraw Questions Topics discussed in...


Episode #17 - Insurance 101 for Franchisors

In this episode, Doug Groves and I talk about insurance, specifically, what types of business insurance are out there, the importance of finding a rep that knows your industry, and what role does insurance play in the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. Time Stamp Doug Groves Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:02:41 Get to know Get to know Doug Segment 2 00:16:17 Topic Segment – Insurance 101 for Franchisors Segment 3 00:38:19 Quickdraw Questions Topics discussed in this...


Episode #16 - Is Three-Party Franchising Right for Your System

In this episode, Brian Schnell and I talk about Three Party Franchising – that’s using master franchisees and area developers to grow your franchise system. Many people misuse these two terms, or use them interchangeably – Brian’s going to clear it all up for us. Time Stamp Brian Schnell Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:02:28 Get to know Brian Schnell Segment 2 00:23:53 Topic Segment - Is Three Party Franchising Right for Your System? Segment 3 01:00:51 Quickdraw...


Episode #15 - "Franchising Failure" - A Case Study

In this episode, Nancy Friedman is going to share with us her experiences as a franchisor and what she believes were the reasons for its ultimate failure. This is going to be a really good episode because we always hear about people telling us how they succeeded, but rarely do we get to hear from the other side of that coin. The episode is filled with great “take-aways” and is a must-listen for any emerging franchisor. Time Stamp Segment 1 02:54 Get to know Nancy Friedman BONUS:...


Episode #14 - Building a solid, emerging franchise model

In this episode, Pete Baldine talks to us about how to build a solid, emerging franchise model. It is a very broad topic, but the episode is filled with great “take-aways” and is a must-listen for any emerging franchisor. Time Stamp Segment 1 03:01 Get to know Pete Baldine Segment 2 33:58 Topic Segment – Building a solid emerging franchise model Segment 3 01:12:32 Quick-Draw Questions Topics discussed in this episode: Pete Baldine Moran Family of...


Episode #13 - The IFA as a Tool

In this episode I speak with Paul Rocchio of the International Franchise Association, , as he discusses how the IFA is poised to be one of the most useful tools to all franchisors as they work to grow their franchise systems. Segment 1 Time Stamp Get to know Paul Rocchio 02:25 Segment 2 Topic Segment – IFA 23:05 Segment 3 Quick Draw 57:00 Topics discussed in this episode: Paul Rocchio International Franchise...


Episode #12 Why your FDD Sucks

Mike gave away most of the company secrets during this interview! I was blown away and you will be too. In this episode, Mike Drumm of Drumm Law in Denver, Colorado tells us why your company’s FDD might suck. He points out issues in an FDD’s content and style that could make or break an FDD’s ability to help you sell your concept to prospective franchisees. Time Stamps 00:00:42 Podner Introduction 00:02:45 Segment 1: Get to know Mike Drumm 00:26:30 Segment 2: Why Your FDD...


Episode #11 - Franchisee Training

My ponder today is Cordell Riley of Tortal Training and our topic today is Franchisee Training - the positive effects that a well-established training program can have on a franchise system. In this episode we talk about how any franchisor can design and create a franchisee training program that will maximize results to both the franchisees and the entire franchise system. Time Stamps 00:00:52 Podner Introduction 00:02:38 Segment 1: Get to know Cordell Riley 00:20:34 Segment 2: Topic...


Episode #10 - Psychographic Analysis for Franchisors

My ponder today is Rebecca Monet and our topic today is psychometric assessments – how profiling your franchisee candidates can help you Determine Compatibility and Predict Performance. That’s a mouthful for sure. But basically it means profiling your franchisee candidates in order to determine if they 1) fit into your franchise system’s corporate culture, and 2) if they will be more likely to be a top performer in your system. Time Stamps 00:02:33 Segment 1 - Get to know...


Episode #9 - Franchising as a Partnership

Timestamp: 0:00:41 Jim Richardson Introduction 0:03:15 Segment 1 - Get to know Jim Richardson 0:16:58 Bonus Segment: Franchising 101 0:40:00 Segment 2 - Franchising is a Partnership (Business/Branding) 1:05:44 Segment 3 - Quick Draw Questions Show Notes: Segment 1 – Get to know Jim Richardson Recorded on location at Jim Richardson’s house in Parker, Texas – just a few miles away from the famous Southfork Ranch (Who shot JR?) Born in Rockwell, Iowa Jim’s first real job was as a...