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Freedom-focused conversations with highly-relatable and inspirational Freedom Forgers.

Freedom-focused conversations with highly-relatable and inspirational Freedom Forgers.
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Freedom-focused conversations with highly-relatable and inspirational Freedom Forgers.




The Science of Spirituality: Journaling and Tuning Into Your True Self For Business Success with Lexi D'Angelo

Lexi D’Angelo is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Life + Success Coach for leaders who are ready to live more and make more. She empowers her clients to ditch the guru strategies that are sucking their souls and instead, tune into their inner guidance and claim their unique magic so they can create fulfilling and sustainable success THEIR way—aka without sacrificing their purpose, passions, and priorities in the process. Lexi has created a highly effective modality...


Digital Life Mastered: Business Blinders, Choosing Simplicity and Channeling Monica Gellar with Dara Sklar

MEET DARA SKLAR... Realty Support was founded in Vancouver in 2005 by Dara Sklar. While searching MLS and the Internet to purchase a condo, Dara found that many Realtors’ websites were out of date, the listing presentation and photography was poor, and that her own Realtor was not interested in maintaining his website’s listings. The entrepreneur in Dara couldn’t resist this business idea. She began offering web and admin support services for Real Estate Agents on an as-needed...


Ending Entrepreneurial Poverty: Putting Profit First and Running a Business like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz

Mike mi-KAL-o-wits is the author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, and his newest release Clockwork. By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two companies - one to private equity and another to a Fortune 500. Today he is running his third multi-million dollar venture, Profit First Professionals. Mike is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the former business makeover specialist on MSNBC. Over the years, Mike has traveled the globe speaking with...


EP35: Stories With a Side of Scuba: From Shy Englishman to Chin Waggin' Digital Nomad with Luke Benjamin Thomas

This episode is a true full-circle moment for me as I appeared as Luke’s VERY FIRST guest on his podcast over two years ago. Take a listen. Having now sold all our stuff again, it’s interesting to observe how differently I felt about letting go the second time around. When we left Australia it was light and freeing. When we moved out of Zinnia’s first home in Canada, we felt a sadness and grief that we weren’t expecting. I never would have thought when Luke and I first chatted that I’d...


Ding Dong - Freedom Delivery: Growing a Business and Raising a Son One Grocery Delivery at a Time with Amy Parish Jackson

There are SO many roads to entrepreneurship and to quitting a nine to five situation. For me, my last job was working as a temp scanning documents. The work was mindless which was EXACTLY what I wanted. I was able to sit and listen to endless audiobooks and podcasts whilst I fed paper into a digital scanner, all the while building my entrepreneurial and online business knowledge bank. Amy went a different way that, arguably, is delivering her even MORE freedom. (There’s a pun there…wait...


Skin in the Game: Unapologetic Ambition, Service Over Scale and Action Over Inspiration with Heather Gray

I don’t know that a business name has ever resonated with me quite so much as that of Heather Gray’s Choose to Have it All. That’s the intention and action I’ve been coming to my life with for as long as I can remember. It seems from the outset to be such a simple concept. To choose. To have. It ALL! And yet, at least in my personal experience, maintaining this belief that “ALL” is even attainable to me has been met with so much resistance and doubt by the naysayers in my life. That’s...


The Ad Strategist: Grabbing Business by the Numbers and Saying Bye to Launches and Financial Goals with Amanda Bond

Get ready to think about online business differently. Because Amanda Bond is bringing the heat – and the numbers to prove it! Self-identifying as data-obsessed, there isn’t a spreadsheet or data tracking system Amanda has met and made her bitch. It’s through these numbers she’s been cultivating over the years that she’s made some pretty eye-opening and jaw-dropping observations about the way online business is typically approached. For instance, launching. She’s gonna be telling you to...


A Little Bit of Magic: Unpopular Decisions, Writing the Rules and Freedom From Convention with Cindy Devlin

Convention is SO 2000 and late! At least according to me and this week’s guest, Cindy Devlin. I’m always so inspired by people with her kind of outlook. The kind of person who looks at ALL things in life as an opportunity. Whether it be a divorce, parenting or being offered a trip to Portugal the next day, Cindy doesn’t let “I can’t” come into her mind and rule her decisions. Which, she’s found have often been unpopular. As a person who’s made a lot of unpopular decisions myself, I can...


The Story Finder: From Spanish to Business and all the Stories in Between with Kay Fabella

What’s your story? I ask as a GENUINELY interested party! This podcast is, if nothing else, a storytelling vehicle. A place where listeners can be inspired through the experiences and stories of others. I was recently reminded that evolutionarily, human beings have evolved to share, seek and appreciate story telling, a skill developed and passed down from generation to generation, from age to age. I mean, we’re STILL sharing and revelling in the stories of thousands of years ago. Of...


Mindset Mechanics & Mastery: The Pitfalls of Praise, Social Media and Meditation with Scott Jeffrey

This episode comes with a trigger warning. As in, you might be HELLA triggered…because I was. Not because I don’t agree with Scott was saying, because I do – and that’s why I was triggered. Scott’s 20-year-long study of the mind has helped him to further his journey through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. For those of us still getting a handle on Survival ( – financial survival, you feel me?!) some of the more advanced concepts we discuss can seem far-fetched, unrealistic, unfair or...


Choosing Powerful Divorce: Conscious Uncoupling, Renting Freedom and Reiki for Self, Parenting and Kids with Gina Marie Cook

Who would have thought the words “powerful” and “divorce” could exist in the same sentence?! As a child of divorced parents and more than a decade of toxic resentment, anger and fighting, NOT ME! But this is JUST what Gina Marie and her ex-husband did. By identifying early that their relationship was no longer serving themselves, or their family, in the best possible way any longer, they were able to avoid (most) of the nastiness and make a decision FOR their kids. My impression of...


A Disruptive Woman: Pursuing Choice and Empowerment and Saying Goodbye to Control with Kelly Ruta

Grab your life-vests, shin pads, head gear and mouth guard and buckle up for a rollercoaster of relisations in this episode! With over 23 years experience working as a psychotherapist, it’s no wonder Kelly Ruta brings the meaty mindset marvels. We talk (it seems) EVERYTHING from business, motherhood and family relationships to ego, control, surrender and forgiveness. I was nodgasming and body spasming in pure, unwaivering agreement One of my BIGGEST takeaways was her reframe of seeking...


Mamapreneur Revolution: Blogging for Business and Postnatal Depression Therapy with Aby Moore

Can we talk about something real for a hot second? Postnatal depression. Yep, not the sexiest of topics, but one that needs SO much more air time. Fortunately, Aby was willing to share her experience in today’s episode. No, it’s not what the whole episode is about. But, I truly think, with the number of mamapreneurs that I’ve met online, that this issue is FAR more widely experienced than we know. I’m one of the people experiencing it…right…now. Adding a baby into my world. Shifted....


Awareness + Acceptance + Action: Books, Journaling, Labels and Gratitude with Susan Deans

After almost three years sharing regular #conversationslikenoother with Sue, I am so thrilled to finally bring one to the digital airwaves. Sue’s passion for improvement and understanding nature stood out to me from day one. As a prolific reader, I have always been inspired by the volume of information she consumes and, even more impressively, puts into action. Unlike so many self-development-interested people I meet, Sue has done the time both consuming and implementing the strategies,...


Left Brained Hippie: Intentionality, Privileged Freedom and the Real Issues Around Money with Shelsey Jarvis

I often feel that for every two steps forward I take with my money mindset, I am still taking one step back. Which IS progress, despite how challenging that step backward feels as I realise I’m doing it. The backwards steps are often sneakily disguised by my ego as advancement in other areas of my life. Take our desire to travel in an RV indefinitely. I kept pushing for that freality thinking it would >insert future paced feeling here< (i.e. make me...


An 11 Year Overnight Success: From $478,000 In Debt To An Audio Marketing Powerhouse with Ronsley Vaz

Seven years ago, whilst camping and rock climbing my way through the South East Queensland bushland of Australia, I was fortunate enough to share some deliciously prepared chicken with today’s guest. Even all those years ago, I was so impressed and in awe of Ronsley’s ability to generate a conversation and the ease with which he could envelope himself in the reality of your story. It’s of little surprise to me that he ended up turning that passion for conversation into, not only his...


From Good Girl to Witch: The Sacred Union, Grounding, Akashic Records and the 5th Dimension with Joanna Turner

After almost three solid months suffering from an intensely painful skin condition, I am so grateful to re-listen and be re-inspired by this episode with Joanna Turner. For most of my life I’ve had eczema come and go as it (seemingly) pleased. For the longest time, I felt it was something that needed to be controlled and my inability to do so was a huge source of self-resentment and failure. Joanna reminds me (as she does us all) that my skin is not something to hate, but to learn from...


You-Based Business: How Online Business is Uniquely to Introvert Entrepreneurs with Thea Orozco

It was so interesting to me to observe my own internal reaction to relistening to this episode. I found myself WANTING to be an introvert and to somehow prove how in tune with myself I was by committing to more quiet reflection time. Fortunately, I caught myself with the help of something Thea said during our #conversationlikenoother. She talked about guiding the introverted entrepreneurs she works with to build you-based business, where they tune in with the strategies and values that...


Learning to Listen: Tapping Into Your Body's Wisdom and Saying Goodbye to Ego with Deanne Vincent

Few people have more reason to distrust and dislike their body than Deanne, After multiple surgeries, she’d be forgiven for feeling resentment towards that which has challenged her most. And whilst she may have felt that resentment in the past, she now recognises the teacher her body was trying to be. The lessons it was trying to teach about various parts of her life have been numerous and, today, she listens with an open ear and open heart for the wisdom it tries to bestow. Often times,...


One Fierce Fatty: Recalibrating the Meaning of "Fat" and Questioning Healthism with Victoria Welsby

You may not know that when Rory and I first left Australia to pursue our digitally nomadic, online business dreams, we were running a health-based business. Our focus was solely around freeing ourselves from sugar which, at the time, was the popular “health-focused” way of eating. We also had a HUGE focus on mindset, with a particular focus on learning to love the body you’re in, right now, DESPITE what you may not like about it. I truly thought I had “figured out” this body positive...