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We invite experts in technology, commercial real estate, flexible work and human resources to dive into the forces that impact the human workplace experience and explore the dramatic changes that are shaping the future of work.

We invite experts in technology, commercial real estate, flexible work and human resources to dive into the forces that impact the human workplace experience and explore the dramatic changes that are shaping the future of work.


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We invite experts in technology, commercial real estate, flexible work and human resources to dive into the forces that impact the human workplace experience and explore the dramatic changes that are shaping the future of work.




The Four Types Of Procrastinators According To Experts, And How To Not Be One | Ali Schiller and Marissa Boisvert

What type of procrastinator are you? In this episode, Ali Schiller and Marissa Boisvert, expert accountability coaches and co-owners of Accountability Works, share the four types of procrastinators that exist, the reasons for each one and how to beat them in order to achieve your goals.


The Future Of Employee Benefits: Healthcare And Income Protection Will Take Center Stage | Kara Hoogensen

In this podcast episode, Kara Hoogensen, Senior VP of Specialty Benefits at Principal Financial Group, discusses how employee benefits are changing as companies adopt hybrid work models and tune into employee needs outside of the workplace.


Billion Dollar Loser: The Rise And Fall Of WeWork

In this podcast episode with Frank Cottle, author Reeves Wiedeman offers the inside story on his new book, 'Billion Dollar Loser', which focuses on the dramatic rise and spectacular fall of WeWork -- the much-hyped startup and its effervescent founder, Adam Neumann.


The Future Of Post-Pandemic Workplace Design | Bob Fox

Chairman and Principal of FOX Architects, Bob Fox dives in to the permanent changes covid19 will have on workplace design, the most important one being how workspaces will have to be designed to connect and bring people together to collaborate and interact rather than just for productivity and space efficiency.


Rethinking Space-as-a-Service and Challenging the Status Quo | Caleb Parker

Caleb Parker, CEO and founder of Bold, is an innovator in the space-as-a-service industry. In this episode, Caleb talks about the growing demand from building owners to bring more flexibility and hospitality into their offering, and why now is the time to think ‘Bold’ and challenge the workplace status quo.


Space for Creativity and the Future of Workplace Design | David Schwarz

David Schwarz, the founding partner at HUSH, specializes in designing brand experiences and spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and trust. In this episode, David breaks down the concept of experience design and how looking at an organization through different design lenses — like space, light, sound, and material — enables HUSH to craft an experience that positions the brand’s story in the real world, and resonates with its audience in an impactful and meaningful way.


Future Of Work: How Flexibility Is Disrupting CRE | Joe Brady

Location, Location, Location are no longer the most important words in CRE. Joe Brady, CEO of the Americas for the Instant Group, discusses what it means for CRE when work can happen anywhere, and why flexibility is fast becoming the new top priority for corporations and real estate companies everywhere.


Future of Work: The Importance of Having an Insider Risk Program in Place | Joe Payne

What are insider threats and is there something companies do to prevent data and information breaches? Joe Payne, CEO of Code42 Software talks about why organizations should have an insider risk program in place, the role of training in preventing breaches, and some red-flags companies should look out for.


Understanding the Role of Leaders in Creating Psychological Safety | Dr. Michelle McQuaid

Dr. Michelle McQuaid, Co-Founder of the Wellbeing Lab, talks about psychological safety, why it's now more important than ever, and why measuring wellbeing is key to success.


How High Impact Work with Flexibility Opens the Door for Inclusive Hiring Practices | Brea Starmer

Brea Starmer, Founder of Lions + Tigers, chats with Ceci Amador de San Jose about the importance of flexibility in high impact work. During the podcast, Ceci and Brea discuss how flexibility can improve diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as the organizational advantages of having a diverse workforce.


The Role of Coworking in Our Newly Adopted Work Anywhere Culture | Sam Marks

Sam Marks, founder and CEO of Coworker.com, chats with Alliance CEO Frank Cottle about the findings of their Future of Work Report. During this podcast episode, Sam discusses the shift they are seeing from open coworking to a hybrid mix of workspace offerings, and the value of workspace communities in our post-Covid landscape.


How to Shine at Your Brightest and Give People the Best of You | Jamie Shapiro

Jamie Shapiro, author of ‘Brilliant’, lives by the mantra “don't give people what's left of you, give people the best of you”. Connecting the dots between leadership and wellbeing, Jamie focuses on the importance of first looking after yourself to enable you to become a brilliant leader.


Flexibility, Choice, and Experience: The Hub Australia Approach | Brad Krauskopf

For Hub Australia’s Brad Krauskopf, running a flexible workspace business is about much more than meters squared. It’s about people and creating solutions that give them the choice and experience they need to run successful businesses.


Future Of Work: What CRE And The Office Sector Will Look Like Post-Pandemic | Steve Nson

Steve Nson from AnySizeDeals Week discusses how commercial real estate, specifically the office sector, will change because of the pandemic. From staggered shifts, to regional coworking spaces, the way people think about and use space is going to change.


A Conversation On Mental Health: Why Wellbeing Should be a Strategic Priority for Every Business | Faye McGuinness

The workplace can either help or harm our mental wellbeing. For many companies, support for mental health is a ‘tick in the box’ exercise - but it should be so much more. At mental health charity Mind, Faye McGuinness is working to make fundamental changes to the way companies approach wellbeing at work by making it “a boardroom issue” and a strategic priority.


Future of Work: How Coworking Spaces Are Destigmatizing Mental Health and Designing for Wellness | Laura Shook Guzman

Psychotherapist and coworking space founder, Laura Shook-Guzman, on why coworking spaces are uniquely positioned to normalize & destigmatize mental health and pave the way in designing for wellness.


The Future of Work Is about Change and Agility | Kate Lister

The Future Of Work is decentralized and fluid. Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, shares why the Future Of Work is about change and agility; specifically, an organization's ability to be agile in terms of place, people, and processes.


How to Embrace Change and Build Positive, Inclusive Workplaces | Brandt Brothers

What’s the secret to a positive organizational culture and a happy workforce? For Ralph and Rich Brandt from the RDR Group, it starts with learning how to be our best selves. This means adapting to change and embracing cultural and generational differences, so we can all enjoy a greater sense of inclusion and wellbeing both in the workplace, and in life.


Future of Work: The Legal Implications of a Remote Workforce | Tara Vasdani

Tara Vasdani, Principal Lawyer of Remote Law Canada, talks about some of the legal implications of hiring remote workers and digital nomads, as well as some of the things organizations and employees can do to protect themselves while working remotely.


The Future of Work Is Remote: Why Mental Health and Communication Are Key to Keep Teams Happy and Engaged | Laïla Von Alvensleben

Laïla von Alvensleben, remote work coach and head of culture & collaboration at MURAL, discusses the importance of visual communication and mental health to ensure remote team success.