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3: Customer Relationship Management & Building Trust w/ Andrew Bondi

On this episode of The Future of Local Business, we were fortunate enough to get some time with Andrew Mondi, Owner and President at American Color Labs in Austin, Texas. He chatted with us about customer relationships, how to manage them, and what’s really important.


2: To Small Business Owners Who Need Help With Automated Tasks... w/ Dave Wachtendonk

You could make your time more efficient if you didn’t have to worry about sending that follow-up coupon. There seem to be hundreds of automated tasks that every small business owner needs to put in place these days to keep up with an evolving customer base. But honestly, what business owner do you know with that kind of time? Or what human, for that matter? Our latest guest is Dave Wachtendonk, VP of Product at Signpost. Dave joined the show to talk about why AI should be on the radar...


1: This Is the Best Time to Be a Small Business Owner . . . But Only if You Address These Problems w/ Stu Wall

Most of the stuff you buy is face-to-face with another business. That’s right: 92% of the consumer economy is local. And although most people wouldn’t guess it, the majority of those businesses are small businesses. Further, two-thirds of the local economy is service-based, and if your business falls in that category, we have good news: We think service-based businesses are less likely to be disrupted by eCommerce. In this episode Stu Wall, Founder and CEO of Signpost, talks about why...


Why You Should Listen to The Future of Local Business

We believe that local businesses who provide service can stay competitive with the Amazons of the world. Most transactions are face-to-face, and these "unAmazonable" services aren't going anywhere. This podcast is going to teach you how to utilize online engagement, even when your strength is your face-to-face branding.


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