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Listen to new episodes of G&E show Now on the Cardone Zone.
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Listen to new episodes of G&E show Now on the Cardone Zone.




170: Podcast Announcement

G&E podcast moved to Cardone Zone. All episodes in one place. Go to


169: Holding Down The Fort

What does holding down the fort even mean? When your spouse is focused on business, or serving in the military, how do you hold down the fort? How do you keep things going at home in a stable way so that the family keeps moving forward with positive progress? Your home space is your sanctuary. The home is your foundation and needs to be in a stable, working order. Take the time to care about your surroundings. Get rid of clutter. Always remember that in building an empire you’re either...


168: When Personalities Collide

How do couples deal with one wanting to do something while the other doesn’t want to? How do two different personalities get along in the same house? Be honest. It’s important to go in the same direction as a couple. Be accommodating Be in exchange - give more than you take Say yes more Some issues you should not even mention because they will not be important a week later. If you have a disagreement you may feel like you’re not making progress but when you get it out you may notice...


167: Hitting Your Targets

Sometimes it takes long time to reach targets. Elena wants to feel good and win so when she can’t reach a goal because it’s really big and needs more than a week, she sets smaller targets along the way so she can keep winning. You don’t need to win all the time but you need to win more than you lose. You need targets to look forward to! So never lower your targets, but keep in mind there is nothing wrong with hitting smaller targets. I'm all about 10X, but not every goal has to be Mount...


166: Surviving The Slump

Feelings are overrated—they are just emotions and don’t mean anything. You have a hand but you are not a hand. It doesn't define who you are. Neither should your emotions. If you’re depressed, you’re probably rehashing the past. You are stuck in a sympathy band. We are better when we are looking towards the future. Sometimes when you reach one of your goals, there’s a vacuum after you accomplish it. You have to keep asking yourself what’s next, what’s out there.


165: Focus On Your Future

People who don’t go for more, who don’t go after new goals and dreams, get stuck in the past. We’ve all met this person. It’s the ex-high school quarterback who relives that state championship game 20 years later vicariously through his son. It’s the old man who talks about what life used to be 30, 40, and 50 years ago. It’s living in yesterdays. It’s all downhill in life when you start living your todays in yesterdays. Hungry people live for today and for the future. They aren’t sold that...


164: How to Get on the Same Page

If you didn’t know the G & E Show is in the top 15th on Itunes! How do you get on the same page and how do you stay on the same page as your partner? It’s a continual process—you have to write your goals down.Most people would agree that they should exercise and write their goals down but they don’t do it. If you really understood the importance of doing it, you would. What do you think marriage is? Is it having a lot of sex? Monogamy? You might think you can be better by yourself. Two...


163: Support Your Partner

If you want to have a great relationship, it starts with being supportive. Are you being a supportive partner? You need to have big goals together for your relationship to work long term. What are your goals, and have you talked with your partner about them?!


162: Impress Yourself

I expect great things from you this year. Most people will give up on their goals by February 15th. That’s not going to be you. This is your year to break out. You're going to become great. There are no excuses. No moaning. No groaning. No barriers and no obstacles. You need to impress yourself, not your mom and dad, your banker, or associates. Everybody has a different game. What can you put on your calendar this year that would impress you? If everyone was singularly focused on doing...


161: How to Set Goals that Stick

How do you set goals? How often do you write them down? Do they actually work? Goals are the food that you need to consume. That’s why it’s important to fertilize them everyday—you go to where your mind takes you. If you stay focused long enough, you’re going to get what you’re focused on. It’s not the law of attraction. It’s the law of action. With the year coming to an end, it’s typical for most people to make resolutions, to get pumped for what they will accomplish, and how big they are...


158: How to Think Big When You're Not

How to Think Big When You’re Not: The G&E Show—Successful people dream big and have immense goals. They are not “realistic.” They leave that to the masses who fight for leftovers. One of the questions posed in the 10X Rule asks: “How big are your goals and dreams?” The middle class is taught to be realistic and average, whereas the successful think in terms of how extensively they can spread themselves. It’s not about being average. It’s about being above average. The greatest regret of my...


157: Expand Your Empire

Everyone could use more friends. How do you gain more friends? Make your social media come alive! Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. are great ways to get known. In business, your biggest problem is obscurity. You are a business, by the way. The bigger your business, the bigger your empire. We’re building our empire through social media and you can too: #1 The first thing you need in social media is a commitment. Commit to a specific number of followers....


156: Who's In Your Posse

Who’s in your circle? Who’s hanging out in your empire? Empires get torn down from the inside. Your posse should never end, it should be like the ocean. The Atlantic comes in and out, and friends come and go; there’s a constant flow. If a toilet gets clogged, it gets backed up. Are you getting backed up in life by people? Are the 5 people you hang out with the most a sewer? When Grant was 25, his mom exiled him telling him that he wasn’t welcome anymore until he cleaned up his act. Do you...


155: Handling Disagreements

The commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell and President Donald Trump are involved in the controversy over whether football players should stand or kneel in protest during the national anthem. Grant’s view is that we live in America so if people don’t want to stand up they shouldn’t have to stand up. This isn’t the Soviet Union. Should the NFL make players to stand? Elena’s view is that football is not a political platform. In any relationship you’re going to have disagreements, but the...


154: Protecting the Empire

We were in Mandalay Bay during the mass shooting on Sunday night. The fact is, you’re surrounded by evil and bad things happen to good people—in Las Vegas and every other city on planet Earth. You have to be prepared for things that might happen. During times of crisis people look up to people who are calm and who are prepared and trained to lead. When you become an expert in something you become less nervous in it because your confidence grows. Four main points on how to protect your...


153: Defending Your Empire

Are you willing to fight for the people you love? Who’s on your team? How do you defend the ones you love? Here’s a quick list to keep in mind as you build your empire: 1. Decide who’s team you’re on 2. Commit to defending the people on your team 3. Defend at all costs and shut negative rumors down 4. The other person is either on your side or on the other side Just because you have a brother doesn’t mean they are on your team. If you can’t defend them, get rid of them. If you won’t...


151: How to Give Back

Every Wednesday at noon EST Elena and I do a show on marriage, relationships, and business. How can you run a company AND keep the spouse happy AND give attention to the kids? If it were easy, everyone would have massive success in every area of their life. It takes commitment to make it all work. Today on the show we talk about how to give back!


150: The Woman Behind The Man

What does a successful man look like, and what does a successful woman behind the man look like? A successful man will be hardworking, ethical, courageous, powerful, and ambitious. What’s behind a powerful woman that’s behind that man? A person willing to put someone else first. Understand you are a team and understand the role you play. To have confidence in yourself, no matter your role, is power. Look at the big picture and step outside of yourself. Powerful women flow power to their man....


147: The Three P's of Marriage

We’re talking about the business of marriage today, how you can make time for the kids and the biz. How do you do it all? Money helps. Production gets what you need because it allows you to buy the things you need so you can solve the problems and get back to the pleasure. 1. Pleasure—the things that you enjoy, the dinners, the time off, the rest. 2. Problems—the things that stop your pleasure, the pain, the undesirable things of life. 3. Production—the thing that helps you solve problems...


148: Don't Take Your Relationship For Granted

How do you keep things exciting and not put it on autopilot after 13 years of marriage? One big thing is to not start nagging your partner about how they don’t pay attention to you. This will only cause them to get defensive. When you run a business you have things to take care of urgent things—the fuse is getting low and it’s about to blow—and you can’t always put your attention on your spouse when they want it. Marriages need a system in place that will make the time to talk, so pull out...