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Episode 167: Jason Jennings on Why It Is Important For Businesses to Put Systems in Place

After 166 episodes of The Game Changers Dale Dixon and Jason Jennings had never met in-person. That all changed on the eve of Jason’s departure on a three-week speaking, adventure and ‘poking his nose around tour of China, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong and Singapore. During their lunch together, Jason gave Dale a sneak preview of what he’d be sharing with the leadership of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


Episode 166: Where Pigs Do Fly: 5 Vital Customer Service Lessons from the Honey Baked Ham Store

When it was time to buy a holiday ham Jason headed to the Honey Baked Ham store in northern California. He knew it was an hour-long drive, knew the store would be mobbed, called ahead anyway and was blown away by 5 Star customer service that he received and that any business can copy.


Episode 165: Six Simple Steps for Getting a Job & Career with Any Company You Choose

Nick Stathis, the Director of, Portfolio Financial Group, in Queensland, Australia, and a former client, reached out to Jason and asked if he remembered teaching a session titled, “How to Get a Job with Any Company Your Choose.” This episode reveals the six steps for getting a job and a career with any company you choose. It’s a fact; 80% of jobs are never advertised! Why in the world would anyone spend all their time scanning job postings, filling out forms and submitting resumes only to,...


Episode 164: 3 Things You Don’t Need to Know but Probably Should

Dale Dixon, the host of, The Game Changers©, just attended a Tony Robbins fifteen-hour workshop. Ever wondered about what goers on? We’ll review it for you. Do you know what the letters in the word ‘fine’ stand for? Once you do you’ll permanently banish the word from your vocabulary and think twice before interacting with anyone who uses it. Do you ever hear buzzword phrases like, ‘aggregating leading-edge functionalities’ and wonder if you’re stupid because you have no idea of what...